Evangelicals 4 Trump





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  1. Anyway you can't limit God. He used different peoples to judge Israel and when He got through with them, He turned around and passed Judgement on them(Rom. 11:33). Just make sure your Halo is polished up and get ready for the ride of your Life!

  2. We live in a fall'n world, you can't compare everybody to Jesus(try yourself) but we can pick from the best THEY have to offer and right now Trumps not one of them. When Satin comes in like a flood, I(God) will raise up a standard against him(Isa.59:19). He's raised up Alex Jones because there are no CHRISTIAN that can carry such a Cross. Just think Trump could get Saved and that would behind him(it works for anybody, right). The Church has fallen away, it's Apostate, it's a 501c3 government dept. Washington D.C. and every politician are NEW WORLD ORDER. Oh by the way Alex claims Jesus Christ and Him Crucified as his way of Salvation( it took awhile but we got him there(smiling). With The Love Of Our Lord Jesus Christ- Ty


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