Is Ukraine worth sending our men and women to die overseas in a war against Russia?

While we may have – and probably should have – passionately held views on the horrible situation unfolding in Ukraine, it’s vital that those opinions be well informed. Passion and cluelessness are a very bad and very dangerous combo. The more serious the issue, the more important it is that we have well-founded reasons for believing what we believe, especially when the issue requires us to make life-or-death decisions. Since NATO directly joining a war against Russia would basically be the beginning of World War III, and World War III would have great potential to go nuclear, supporting such a plunge into such a war is a life and death decision on a massive scale that should preclude us from making or supporting such a decision casually.

So what should we make of the war in Ukraine?

More specifically, should we favor direct US or NATO involvement in that war?

If we’re going to allow ourselves to be led into World War III over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we should have a solid, well-researched understanding of what inspired the Russians to invade Ukraine. And if we’re going to understand what inspired Russia to invade Ukraine, we are going to have to understand at least five points:

  1. The nature and behavior of NATO. NATO is a military alliance formed in opposition to Moscow. This military alliance is US-dominated and has been expanding toward Moscow for decades. This expansion will be chronicled in detail below.

  2. Ukraine’s role as a tool of the US-led Globalist West. – Back in February of 2014, Paul Craig Roberts posted a helpful and to-the-point article simply titled Washington Destabilized Ukraine. The article is both prophetic and a very good history recap (as of 2014). I highly recommend checking it out while remembering that he wrote it over eight years ago.

  3. Ukraine’s identity as a deeply corrupt and “Nazified” state. – In 2021 Ukraine was ranked #120 out of 180 countries monitored for corruption by Transparency International. The country is also relatively loaded with outright Nazis and Nazi sympathizers, including the infamous Azov Battalion which is headquartered in Mariupol (which is why Russia has focused on Mariupol since the beginning of the war).

  4. Ukraine has waged a brutal war on pro-Russian regions since 2014. – After the US-orchestrated overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected (but intolerably Russia-friendly) President, protests erupted in pro-Russia regions of Ukraine. By April of 2014 the newly installed pro-Globalist/West government began to put the hammer down on these pro-Russian separatist regions. In December of 2021, after seven years of war on the pro-Russia region, Russia expressed concern that Ukraine had deployed half of its army (125,000 troops) against the separatists.

    Whatever we might think of it, this long Ukrainian war on these pro-Russian regions has killed many thousands of people and has been cited by Russia from the beginning of the war as a primary reason for invading.

  5. Ukraine is hosting US-funded bioweapon labs. – You may have heard of a certain US-funded bioweapon lab in China that produced a certain bug that somehow found its way into the world and caused trouble. It made some headlines, so you might recall what I’m talking about. Now consider how Russia might feel if it was to become aware of US-funded bioweapons labs operating in Ukraine. For more on this aspect of the story, I highly recommend Glenn Greenwald’s coverage, starting with this article in which he eviscerated the laughably moronic narratives attempting to spin this into a defensible position for the US while also exposing a key member of the Globalist Clown Show, Victoria Nuland (who will pop up again below).

The last four of these five points – the ones focusing on Ukraine as opposed to NATO – must be considered while constantly remembering that Ukraine directly borders Russia, and in a major way. The shared border between the two is massive (over 1,200 miles).

US citizens would be well-served to consider what it might be like to have a country like, let’s say China, advocate for Mexico to be included in a China-led military alliance created in direct opposition to Washington DC.

We might also take a moment to honestly ponder other worthwhile and instructive hypotheticals, like:

These are quite reasonable hypotheticals to compare with the real-world situation in which Russia finds itself.

Of the many laughably baseless bits of anti-Russia propaganda being spewed by the Globalist-controlled West’s politicians and media outlets, the most idiotic of them all has been that the Russian invasion was “unprovoked”.


When, after many decades of encroachment and open provocation of Russia through NATO expansion and other overtly illegal activities (some of which will be chronicled below), we arrive at a place where NATO threatens to incorporate a very large country directly on Russia’s border, we cannot be surprised that Russia would view this culmination of hostile, threatening behavior as an existential threat. And that’s before we even get to the bioweapon labs.

One thing we need to understand is that it is utterly reasonable for Russia to feel existentially threatened in this scenario.

We don’t have to agree with that assessment to understand it. We don’t have to agree with it to see it as reasonable. We might even completely disagree about the threat being that serious, much less existential, but we must admit that Russia’s perception of the threat as serious or even existential is not irrational or unreasonable. And we absolutely must seriously consider these things as mature, thinking, responsible adults if we are going to even consider allowing ourselves to support the Globalist-owned, Nazi-drenched side in what could easily become a nuclear World War III.

We can’t allow ourselves to be emotionally manipulated and played as ignorant lemmings to be led by the nose into supporting potentially a worldwide mega-war. Thinking these things through and treating all available facts seriously is not optional. It’s necessary.

So let’s roll through some simple, relevant points related to our five areas of concern,

starting with a timeline and context for the NATO military alliance’s long-running expansion toward Russia:

With that backdrop of anti-Moscow NATO expansion in mind, let’s roll through just a handful of key events from the past nine years of US-led manipulation and (ab)use of Ukraine as a tool of anti-Moscow aggression:

It’s interesting to see good ol’ Jen Psaki in the mix there, isn’t it? And right in the middle of an attempt to blame the Russians for the whole thing…classic!

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