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55 Responses

  1. Jesus is a socialist. Socialism is not where “muh big goobermint controls everything.” If anyone who writes the articles here actually read the plethora of books written about socialist theory, he or she would know that socialism is a system in which workers own their own means of production. You call taxation “theft,” yet you cease to strike down the upper class who is only rich because they extract the surplus value created by the labour of the people who work for them.
    If I hire someone to work on a farm for me, and his labour produces $10, but I pay him $3, I have stolen $7 from him. This is the simplest explanation of how capitalism works.
    This is how almost all of the rich have acquired their wealth: extracting it from those who have created it. If you could get rich by working harder under capitalism, all of our upper class would be comprised of construction workers, carpenters, factory workers, et cetera. Instead, it is comprised of people in suits who will keep gaining money for simply “owning” property they do not maintain. Example: The Trump family. They don’t do anything to maintain their hotels, their workers do. And so they family at the top keeps making more and more money for doing little to no work other than paying some bills. THAT IS THEFT. TAXATION IS NOT. Taxation is reinvested into public infrastructure like roads, schools, and fire departments. It is returned to you. The wealth that the upper class steals is just spent on their mansions or hidden away in offshore bank accounts so they can avoid paying taxes but still use public roads, which is illegitimate. If you had to work hard under capitalism, and capitalism is a meritocracy, then we would have a 100% estate tax, so that you would have to work for every dollar you get. Instead, we live in a neo-feudal society like a monarchy where the rich’s children inherit wealth and property ownership without doing shit for it. This wealth is kept away from people like teachers who work much harder to deal with educating hundreds of people a day and still make around $30k.

    Do you think Jesus would support our military intervention in the Middle East that has resulted in the murder of uncountable deaths of women and children? No. Take Matthew 19:24: [Jesus said] ‘again I tell you – it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!’” Does that sound very capitalist of Jesus? You think he supports hoarding wealth which causes others to live on the streets, go homeless, and then be unable to get a job when no one will take an application with no address? Take Acts 4:32: “All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.” This is what communism looks like in practice. Take Luke 3:11: “John answered, ‘Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.’” It is not very Christian of a capitalist to hoard his wealth and buy mansions and luxurious cars while he could use his wealth to pay for someone else’s food. $1 billion – 1 thousand million dollars. You could pay that homeless person on the street $100,000 and tell him to buy a house and get a job, and it would the same as paying someone 1 cent if you had $10. Take John 2:14-15: “In the temple courts, [Jesus] found people selling cattle, sheep and doves, and others sitting at tables exchanging money.
    So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables.” Jesus does not appreciate that these people are hoarding their wealth, in this case, animals, and exchanging them for more money, when they could just redistribute them. Obviously they no longer need them if they are selling the animals. Jesus also wants us to pay our taxes (to help the people around us, not to bow down to an authority) evident in Matthew 22:17-21: “ell us, then, what you think. Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, or not?” But Jesus, aware of their malice, said, “Why put me to the test, you hypocrites? Show me the coin for the tax.” And they brought him a denarius. And Jesus said to them, “Whose likeness and inscription is this?” They said, “Caesar’s.” Then he said to them, “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Jesus is not a proponent of capitalism, get over it. To those who disagree, all I have to say is this: quit bootlicking for those that withhold what they do need need from you. They do not want to help you. According to the rich, you are a tool to sell your labour power to them. You create their wealth when you work for them, until they work for themselves. It all ends once we stop playing along with the oppressive system of capitalism.

    The state enforces capitalsim: they define private property, and the police enforce it. If you walk into the wrong piece of land, the police will prosecute you for trespassing. It’s God’s land, and not anyone else’s. Without the state, there wouldn’t be a way to enforce private property (I’m talking land, not personal property like your TV or your toothbrush), or else you would create your own state if you enforced it yourself, since it would be a law that it is yours.

    Again I say to you: stop relying on the state to enforce capitalism on the working class. Through the consistent denial of necessities like food and clothing to working people, the worker is forced to sell his labour power to someone, guaranteeing someone will win while all else lose. The system is rigged. If we stand up for our right to have control over our labour, we will seize the means of production and may progress to socialism.

    1. And who gets to define "hate"? You? What about my definition of hate? What if my definition directly contradicts yours?

      Put another way: Have you ever read "1984"?

  2. I will never read your blog but I wanted to let you know the harmful effect you are having. My father has been using your views to deny my Mother healthcare. She is suffering from MS and he can't keep a job to afford health insurance! Where is the heart of God in that?!?!

    1. So you "never read" what I actually write, yet you are convinced that you know enough about it to share what a "harmful effect" I am having. That pretty much says it all where your credibility is concerned…

  3. I think that prosperity is a state of blessed wholesomeness and a gift of our Creator, the one true God. As a country we went into deep debt fighting the evils of Fascism and Nazism. It was after WWII that our government in America placed tremendous focus on building up our resources. I don't think that was Satanic, just a sound need being addressed. What I think has created the truly evil culture of debasement and greed is the Rise of the Drug Culture. The god-like highs of hallucination and the lapse into beastial behavior that drug taking entices just opens the door to Satan. Next enter the Self as Idol: the Cult of Personality fueling a generation of hedonistic irreligious self-loving fools. I think our civic and state leaders turned toward drugs and celebrity, and the love of our Father became uncool. It's been about fifty years or so of a governing force separated from God leading a nation of many who mock the idea of Christ and his Word. Those of us who love Christ and hope for a return to God's Kingdom are immersed in the breath of the Devil, surrounded by his window displays rather than the glories of God's creation, and now are being forced to submit to the practices of a Satanic matrix. It is really, very truly, a world hating The Lord. I cringe every day and pray that the country I love as the one "under God" saves its soul.

  4. I think some of your comments are judgmental and serve your own benefit, rather than The FATHER.
    That is my opinion.
    Perhaps you are so busy between all your activities ya', don't have the time to give your posts the prayerful consideration ya' should.
    When ya' write words that come down to judging people — when ya' have no idea what ya' are writing about, it's time to slow down and reconsider.
    I guarantee ya' when ya' start judging someone, ya' have crossed the line.

  5. What kind of "preparing" should a Christian do?
    If a Christian is walking in faith … then won't The FATHER provide for all their needs?
    Should that Christian be hoarding food, clothing, guns & bullets, etc?
    What about another Christian saying, sorry neighbor, you had your time to prepare – this is for me and my family?
    Where does faith come in — where does faith leave?

    My answer is very simple.
    My CREATOR GOD, My LORD JESUS, My ADONAI, will provide for all of my needs … yesterday, today, tomorrow.
    To me HIS provision has always been perfect, will always be.
    My faith says, Yes LORD, when HE speaks.
    HE heals me; I wait upon HIM; I have HIS peace; I listen to HIS voice, HIS direction.
    What more "provision" do I need?

    1. Living by faith hardly means sitting idly by and waiting for God to literally do the very things He's lovingly and clearly commanded and equipped us to do. Faith – true faith – inherently inspires obedience. If we love Him, we will love and keep His commandments. If we love Him, we wuill strive to live by every word that proceeds from Him. "Seek first the Kingdom f God" and all necessary things will be provided by Him.

      To seek the Kingdom is do actively do what He has clearly commanded. It's not a passive thing. It's an active thing – and comprehensively so.

      The way we act in the realms of politics, law, economics, art, education and everything else is to be defined by loving obedience to Him.

      God has called and equipped His people to ACT in accordance with His revealed will in every area of life in every detail.

      That's the Gospel-fueled Great Commission in practice.

      1. Never suggested anyone — like me — should sit on my palms and just type, even if I was disabled and wasn't able to do anything else.
        You have youth and the ability to work in politics.
        Not everyone has that.
        Enjoy while you can.
        Suggest that what I am doing is what The FATHER has told me to do?
        I do not judge … it is not my place … I don't dare try to take it from HIM.
        GOD bless ya'

  6. Really enjoy the graphics that you use on your site – also liked hearing you on reconstructionist radio! Would love anyone who is also interested in advancing God's Kingdom through the arts to check out my site at! I'm a graphic artist and illustrator that creates a lot of cartoons and other stuff that helps to visually communicate His Truth for our World!

  7. SAB,
    Because I know how you need your pilot lit on this topic, so I'd like to humbly provide a few resources, in your effort to persuade the masses to support #NeverPublicSchools.
    Charles Francis Potter, signer of the Humanist Manifesto and author of Humanism: A New Religion, wrote, “So Humanism is not simply another denomination of Protestant Christianity; it is not a creed; nor is it a cult. It is a new type of religion altogether.”1 Potter also directed attention to the battleground where the humanist religion dominates – the public school system. Potter said, “Education is the most powerful ally of Humanism, and every American public school is a school of Humanism. What can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour once a week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?”2
    humanist author John Dunphy says:

    . . . a viable alternative to [Christianity] must be sought. That alternative is humanism. I am convinced that the battle for humankind's future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as the proselytizers of a new faith: a religion of humanity that recognizes and respects the spark of what theologians call divinity in every human being. These teachers must embody the same selfless dedication as the most rabid fundamentalist preachers, for they will be ministers of another sort, utilizing a classroom instead of a pulpit to convey humanist values in whatever subject they teach, regardless of the educational level . . . . The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and the new . . .. the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of humanism . . .

    * The preface to the humanist book Humanist Ethic says:

    . . . a large majority of the educators of America and of the western world are humanist in their outlook. The faculties of American colleges and universities are predominantly humanist, and a majority of the teachers who go out from their studies in the colleges to responsibilities in primary and secondary schools are basically humanist, no matter that many maintain a nominal attachment to church or synagogue for good personal or social or practical reasons..

  8. Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thank you for my t shirt, I received it today and I love it! Iam dangerous for we homeschool our 13 year old and we live in California where it is really getting tougher to have any rights over our kids! The school district here is a daily battle. Please pray for the few of us families that are left battleing these dark forces other wise known as the public schools. God Bless you and your family and I will be ordering a few more shirts because there awesome! In His Name..
    Shannon Brown

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support, Shannon! God is good!

      I'm so glad that you like the shirt.

      Keep fighting the good fight, and thank you for your efforts to raise your very blessed 13-year old. 🙂

      Soli Deo gloria!


  9. Please stop referring to Social Security as an entitlement. I paid into it for many years. It was NOT given to me by the government (It was forced upon me BY the government who didn't ask before they took my money). I have no problem getting rid of entitlements such as welfare, food stamps, etc. which ARE entitlements. But, I will not give up my Social Security until I get my money back.

    1. Socialist Security is theft from workers of today to pay for the "benefits" paid to those who were stolen from and lied to in the past. Whatever you were forced to pay into Socialist Security was money STOLEN from you. That was THEFT.

      The only way the Socialist Security scam can continue is through the theft and distribution of stolen money.

      The money that was stolen from you has been long spent by the liars and thieves who stole it.

      As terrible as the theft and lies perpetrated upon you and others in the past may have been, that past theft and deceit in no way entitles you, me, or anyone to else excuse, perpetuate and personally benefit from ongoing Socialist Security theft going on today – a theft undertaken every day in order to prop up a Ponzi Scheme scam that we all know cannot last and will ultimately crash hard on the heads of some working generation who was stolen from throughout their working lives.

      Whatever you (and I) paid into Socialist Security is GONE.

      It was STOLEN.

      It was not set aside somewhere to somehow be paid back to you later. It was STOLEN and spent by the thieves who stole it.

      This is really important to get down: Any money being paid out by the Socialist Security scam today is money that is being stolen from workers of today. Just because the State is doing one's theft for them does not make the theft any less wrong, and one is not entitled to a slice of what's stolen from someone today just because they were stolen from in the past.

      Supporting the theft from others today so that we can "get back" something stolen from us in the past is fundamentally wrong.

      Thus, schemes like Socialist Security are hated and condemned by God…and until/unless we repent and turn away from such lawlessness and evil, we will continue to get the downward spiraling culture we deserve.

      Thanks for chiming in and thank you for considering these things. I know that the words are hard, but we need to be confronted with the THEFT that is going on here so that, by God's grace, we might repent of rationalizing and enabling the very systems that purposefully make us slaves.

      1. Not stolen from us. We live in a representative republic. Our great-grandparents or grandparents elected the Congress that signed Social Security into law. Throughout the years, we have continued to elect other representatives to the House and Senators who have approved increases to the payroll tax. Don't want to sound snarky, but were you sleeping through Civics class?

        1. The fact that some people feel entitled to steal from others using the coercive power of the State doesn't remove the element of theft from the equation, Sue. It's funny (and sad, but not at all surprising) how State-run civics "classes" tend to skip over the fundamental problems with State-run social programs.

          Electing someone to steal on one's behalf or calling the theft something other than theft in no way changes the fact that the wealth of some is being taken by coercive force (through the power of the State) so that others can have some of the loot sprinkled their way via State-run programs.

          You should examine your presuppositions on this.

    2. James Lane- Social Security is a tax, just like any other tax. Your employer pays part and you pay the other part. Do you expect to get back what you paid in income taxes?

  10. Mammon is the god of America, Greed is it's idolatry, and violence and sex its entertainment. Could you please do an article about the "root" of many evils….the love of "money" – unrigheous mammon….filth lucre

      1. I looked at it briefly and it lost me when it said there will be a NEED for mobile devices to implement the transactions…

  11. I think your wrong about Trump, I heard him say that he would make America great by restoring God and his People, not condemning as most of our politicians DO! They allow the removal of GOD from our everyday life! You seem to put on a show about repentance just like the rabbis did during Jesus's time. HE CONDEMNED THEM FOR THE BIG SHOW! You also sound more like the so-called righteous jews who attacked Jesus, Paul, Peter and all of his followers! Only GOD knows what is in Trump's heart (I doubt you do!) and he saying things, others wouldn't dare to quote like John the Baptist or Moses would have and they were not politically correct either! TRUMP / CRUZ not perfect but better than the rest!

    1. Bill, Donald Trump utterly rejects even the most basic (and essential) components of biblical Christianity, as he's made plain again and again. This means that whatever "god" he's imagining in his head (likely a version of himself), it is not the one true God of biblical Christianity, which means that his god cannot lead us anywhere but deeper into pride, darkness, and ruin.

      1. This is an easy one – Trump is Trump – he is into finding himself – and really just beginning frankly. He is like a little kid with bazillions of dollars so he has paid to have his little kid voice spread nationally. If he grows up over the next years that would be great. If he actually got saved, that would be great (NOTE: NO mention of the Lord Jesus Christ – the starting point).

        Referencing Carly's appearance – and then trying to recover during the debate – how pathetic!! Referencing the Fox moderator's menstrual cycle as the cause of her behavior…. I don't have words for the that.

      2. However, I don't see that Bush's God or Walker's God is any different than Trump's God. Slightly more refined in persona – that is it.

  12. E-verify, which proponents of want to use to keep "illegal immigrants" (strangers of whom we are supposed to be hospitable too, according to scripture) out and keep track of who is where in this country, fit's nicely into the description of the Mark of the Beast. Trump wants to incorporate this into is "illegal immigration" plan. The conservatives are so blinded by their own fears of "illegals" that they are about to embrace the mark of the beast. We must all flee from the trappings of the labels of Liberalism, and Conservatism, which have become Idols in the hearts of believers.

  13. Hi again…more observations about our current state…how about iphones as an Idol? It is a graven image, contains silver and gold, we "devote" endless time to it. Another interesting tidbit, Apple, the iphone creator, symbol is an apple with a bite out of it (tree of knowledge) www = 666 in hebrew, google chrome has 666 in it as well…What do you think of all these?

    1. Whilst the Bible calls us to be 'Wise as serpents and harmless as doves' I think we need to be careful not to drag in to our New Christian life the taboos and superstitions of our old heathen ways. Let's not see bogeymen around every corner or under every rock. The entire universe is comprised of mathematical equations. It is just too easy to create conspiracies from any number of calculations. When it comes to the iPhone it is not what it is made of but its ability to link us to the rest of the world that causes those who guard it as fiercely as many do. And that is the key issue staring people in the face. The longing to belong, to be loved, to be wanted to know there is someone out there who cares. Well, those of us who have accepted the Lord Jesus as their saviour have all those assurances and more. So, concentrate on your personal walk with God and let Him deal with the nasties.

      1. A personal walk in loving submission the true Lord (as opposed to all of the phonies there) will inherently, by His grace, inspire His people to move away from self-centered, culturally disengaged navel-gazing and instead to obey His command to take *every* thought captive to Him (2 Corinthians 10:5)

        This Christ-centered approach to life requires confronting and correcting first ourselves and then all with whom we interact through the Gospel-fueled Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

        In opposition to this Gospel-fueled approach to life, unbiblical pietism has become one of the most damaging and defining marks of the false Christianity that has come to captivate America and the West.
        The one true God (as opposed to the counterfeits that people like to make up in their minds) has chosen to “deal with the nasties” and advance His Kingdom through His people by placing His Spirit within them and commanding/equipping them to proclaim and apply the Gospel-fueled Great Commission throughout His creation. That’s the beautiful reality of things.

        The “boogeymen”, counterfeit Christs and counterfeit Christianities, along with every other form of rebellion against Christ the King, are all ultimately destined to be conquered and swept aside by the power of God through His Spirit-filled people, all by His grace and all for His glory.

  14. Hi again, I would love an article on how the ruling on citizens united, which created the "personhood" of a corporation, and money as "speech"…isn't this what an antichrist would do, trying to mimic God, by creating a "person" and "speech"? Can you please as a Christian Person, speak out against the foolishness of this. A corporation is not a "person" only God can create a "person" and "speech" is only what comes out of a "persons" mouth. The supreme court, by speaking their "Word" created a "person" out of the thin air, thus, imitating God. You are doing a great job on this sight, but only skimming the surface…

    1. Hello Marcus,

      So sorry for the delayed response. I am VERY thankful for your interest in these particular issues and hope to get a more thorough response (and even some posts) along these lines finished soon. I just wanted to chime in here in the meantime to let you know that I greatly appreciate your thoughts and interest in these things.

      Thank you again!

      In His grip,


    2. Thank you very much for responding, and I look forward to your future articles dealing with those things mentioned…

  15. Hi, I've posted a number of times, even under a couple of different names as not to seem like a nuisance…but I would really like an article about how we neglect the biblical law of Jubilee and how this is the perfect solution to our debt crisis. Also how about how in our current system we use unfair weights and measurements when the credit system is involved with poor people and they have to pay more for a loan then someone with "good" credit. Are we not called to be neither debtors or lenders? I think you do a great job with talking about issues other Christians won't, but please more about the things related to the root of all evil…Mammon (Usury, unfair balances, storing up of treasures, etc…this is the Elephant in the room)

  16. Hi, good work on this site. Can you write an article on how in order for our "free market" system to be successful, people have to be materialistic…Also can you talk about how God said in REV, that I will bring ruin to those ruining the earth?

  17. On the occasions when I have shared articles from your site on Facebook I have mostly received comments about the appearance of the site.

    It is very loud and cluttered with WAY too much in the sidebars.

    My intent in sharing this is not to be critical, but too encourage you into investigating a more reader-friendly content focused design with no clutter in the sidebars.

    This comment is meant for you, not the public. Feel free to delete it after reading it. I won't be offended.

    Just trying to help.

    If this is not helpful, feel free to delete and ignore.


    1. Thank you, Jon, for the feedback. It really is much appreciated!

      I will be looking into removing one of the two sidebars soon. I've been on the fence in that regard from the beginning for the reasons you mentioned here, so your note is indeed helpful.

      It may be a week or two before I have the time to make that tweak, and eventually I hope to find a WordPress layout that better suits what I'm doing here, but, in the meantime, thank you for your patience and support!

      In His grip,


  18. Hey! How about the mandate from Jesus to Love our enemies? can you talk about why war is wrong and how the early christians abstained from that and condemned it…

  19. I would like to see a pertinent article on the "root of all evil" – the love of money…and how this is leading us down the wrong path quicker then anything. Also you need to address the troublesome yoke of Usury (interest). Jesus said to loan money without thought of return…and their are numerous other examples of forbidding of Usury…Can you PLEASE write about this…it truly is the Elephant in the room..

  20. HI! can you write an article how we here in the USA especially have another maser, Mammon…also can you make the connection between, like it states in Rev "for it was your Merchants, who were the great men of the earth, and by their sorcery, mislead all nations" – how they have sold us on a lifestyle, a materialistic on, based on the idolatry of greed and covetness, relating to all these holidays and birthdays which have pagan roots?

  21. have you posted an article on how to prepare for the coming financial collapse? I believe its coming soon.

    1. I hope to dive into some preparedness pieces soon, and have written a lot along those lines for the upcoming book, Fiat Slavery. The book has been delayed because I am trying to focus more on the blog (while also working full time in an office in Nashville).

      I definitely believe that we need to be preparing however we can right now.

    1. Howdy Mike,

      First off, I agree completely and share your frustration with some of the ads that Google assigns to the slots I've provided through its AdSense system. I have written to them about this and hope that there will be some way of better filtering ads for their appropriateness.

      If you or anyone else has any other suggestions for addressing this ad issue, please do let me know.

      Thank you for bringing light to this important subject, Mike!

      In His grip,


      1. Howdy Scott, The Hard Truth answer is to not take the advertising money and pay the fees to have the site. Understanding that bills must be paid, we really can trust our Lord with all of it. I am a psalmist for the Lord and prior to me having a greater understanding of the "Christian" music industry, I went on a KLOVE YouTube video and before I got to watch a song That I was trying to learn, I had to sit through 1:30 of advertising showing two men getting married in the front of a "church" and Beyonce showing her assets and singing about them and a movie trailer that seduces the hearts of men into murder, adultery, fornication, lying, and all sorts of evils.

        Yes, the answer is to reject the money for ads and trust the Lord with the resources that He gives us. I spend hours a day in research. I share with everyone that cares to know. I do not get paid for it. I could put everything on a website and have a forum or a blog, to try to get more exposure to the many hard hitting truths that I discover and share, But at the end of the day, truth is not valued in our culture. We are the very small remnant that seek and to serve our Lord and Great God Jesus Christ who went through more than hell for our salvation. Time is short. I am grievously sorrowful over the rejection of Truth in this generation, while knowing that we are literally about to enter the final 3 &1/2 years of great trouble that is to come upon all of the earth. We will not be able to partake in the monetary system for very much longer (if we choose to believe the Word of God and trust that the sufferings we shall face are not worthy to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed in us on the great day of redemption!!!).

        I have a soap box of hard truth that I share with anyone interested in knowing exactly how many prophecies have already been fulfilled to the word and are being set up on the grand stage for those prophecies yet to come.

        The Word of the Lord is to be held in the highest of regard in all things pertaining to this life and the life to come.

        I have AdBlock which I use, so I don't see the vast majority of the ads on any site now. But it does not generate any revenue for the sites that depend on the clicks.

        All that from a simple ad question. But you know how we are, we just have to share:)))

        1. Howdy!
          We have to make a decision, don't we, when we decide to follow The LORD.
          It is not easy … if we do it right.
          Of course, we could be milk-toast, easy come (easy go) believers, but that ain't HIS way.
          Doing it HIS way, as you and SAB, both seem to be trying to do — ya' need righteous encouragement.
          Keep going on the narrow path, the narrowest path in front of ya'.
          It's hard, I know.
          But HE is always there, HIS eyes always watching, HIS hands always ready to pick us up over & over, HIS feet right there keeping us from stumbling, HIS storms giving us a respite in beauty, always blessing us if we know where to look & always close by, HIS Word precious truth.
          All we have to do is avail ourselves of HIM … ADONAI.

          1. God has indeed called and equipped His people to actively pursue and apply His revealed will in every area of life, all by His grace and all for His glory.

            What an incalculable, awesome blessing!

            Woohoo! 🙂

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