Easy Button Christianity…the Devil’s (and most Americans’) favorite kind.



If there’s one thing the Devil loves, it’s “easy Christianity”.

Fortunately for him, America loves it, too. Easy Christianity is our favorite kind of Christianity.

While there are many varied ideas as to exactly how the “easy” part is best applied to religion in America, the unifying theme of apathy- and laziness-enabling perversions of biblical Christianity is that they just don’t inspire us to do much, if anything, that is significantly challenging, costly, or uncomfortable.

We don’t feel any urge to identify, much less confront, our idols. We’d much rather focus on blaming others for the problems afflicting our lives and culture. We clearly see their idols, idolatry, and blasphemy against God, but seeking out our own cherished unbiblical constructs just isn’t very appealing at all.

We don’t test our habits, traditions, and values in light of Scripture.

We don’t tear down our enemy strongholds. (How can we tear down what we won’t even allow to be identified?)

But we do complain about the state of the culture and country.

A lot.


‘Cause it’s easy.

And fun, even.

Loudly and often, we ramble on and on about how awful things are and we wonder aloud as to how – oh, how! – could it possibly have gotten this bad in our beloved America? How could things have gotten so dark and bleak? And why are they seeming to get so much worse so quickly?

Of course most, if not all, of these questions are purely rhetorical. We don’t mean them seriously. We don’t want an answer. We just want to complain and pretend that we are serious “Christians” seeking serious answers when, in fact, we are anything but.

Why is our culture on a multi-generation path to Statism? Well, it’s on that path because we put it there.

And my “we”, I mean us – the professing Christian church. (See: Judgment begins with the Church…not the Democrats and Why is the beast of Socialism eating our children? Ask your pastor.)

Why are our children shoveled off to the State at the age of five for explicitly anti-Christian worldview training (aka “education”)?

Because we send them there. (See: Confronting our Satanic Approach to the Pursuit of Knowledge)

We have determined that Christ and Christianity are nice ornaments. They make us feel good in that role.

But as our Lord and the ruling standard in every area of our lives?


Are you kidding?!

No thank you.


We want a God who looks more like Santa than Jehovah, a Jesus who demands nothing in the way of obedience, and a gospel that is sequestered and neatly prevented from actually touching any area of life that we want protected from…God.

And what has our pursuit of this easy “Christian” religion gotten us?

Well, among other things, it has given us:

  • The easy expansion of the “gay rights” movement.
  • The easy domination of the Corporate State over the education and lives of the masses.
  • The easy economic enslavement of present and future generations through the abomination of fiat currency.
  • The easy expansion of Statist power and citizen enslavement through the Welfare State.
  • The easy expansion of Statist power and citizen control through perpetual war on both nations and abstract concepts (like “terrorism”).

Oh yeah, this religion has been all about making life easy…easy for the enemies of Christ, and very, very hard for actual, obedient Christians.

So what are the real-world, right now consequences of an easy religion masquerading as Christianity while dismissing the Nature of God as revealed in His Law and Word?

What is the price of disregarding His lordship in practice in the realms of politics, economics, government, law, art, or anything else?

At this point, the answer to that ought to be easy.


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