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  1. Patreo or PayPal? I was heading for Patreo with a $100 / month level of support in mind, but the NSFW graphics caught me by surprise. I need a place to park a portion of my tithe, but is that the best channel?

    • Howdy RJR fan,

      First off, thank you for considering supporting FBC that way and thank you for giving voice to that very good question/concern.

      I had to log in to the Patreon site to see what you meant by "NSFW graphics", and yes, that sort of project is disconcerting. Patreon is definitely not a site that is being run by Christ-honoring standards (not yet, anyway).

      I was led to use Patreon after seeing the way that it seemed to work so well for Christian webcomic artist Adam Ford. After some research and comparing Patreon with similar services, I went with Patreon. I definitely don't condone all of the projects funded through the service and have kept the PayPal links operating for those who would rather go another route. PayPal offers an option for recurring monthly support and I'm more than happy to honor any of the rewards offered for various levels of Patreon support to anyone choosing the PayPal route instead. I will try to note that soon at the FBC site.

      Whatever you decide, thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words as we try to get this thing a-rollin'.

      If you have any other ideas or come across a more biblically grounded business providing services similar to Patreon, please let me know.

      Thanks again and have a good one!

      In His grip,


  2. Haha so your god apparently created the entire universe but can’t supply you with enough money to keep your blog going?

    Gotta ask wealthier theocrats, eh? This is what you want to change the world with.


    • The blog is rolling along quite nicely, actually, all by God's grace. Thank you for your concern, though.

      Of course, ultimate thanks goes to the sovereign Lord who by His grace and through His people moves to support things like even this little blog. Honestly, I'm amazed at the support and encouragement that the Lord has provided through His people already, and that God-given support has only increased over recent months.

      His will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven, and He has chosen the end (ultimate conformity of creation to Christ) as well as the means (including His faithful people acting according to His will by His grace in accordance with His Great Commission) by which this will happen. There is nothing that any pretender or wannabe rebel can do to stop it.

      Soli Deo gloria!

  3. Any plans to come out with automobile stickers of your shark logo w/every knee shall bow, or guns don’t kill people. Love them both. How much would it cost for a first run?