Obama Logo Pledging Kids

Apparently, some American parents didn’t get the Hope/Change/Messiah memo. Or, if they did, they didn’t believe it.

A tidal wave of protest has emerged in the wake of the White House’s announcement of a nationally televised address to the Obama Youth planned for September 8th. Millions of parents and scores of schools across the nation are simply opting out of the production, citing concerns over the indoctrination of America’s youth and the further development of a Barack Obama “cult of personality” through the use of targeted propaganda.

Of course, according to leading leftists like Congressman Charlie Rangel, we all know what the real reason for this opposition is:


Well, racism and stupidity.

What we clearly have here is a bunch of reactionary, right-wing (and therefore probably religious) nutjobs motivated by their hatred of others having their uneducated, unenlightened little heads ever-so-easily manipulated by the evil, anti-progress forces of talk radio, FOX News, and The Drudge Report.

It’s as though these people actually believe that they should have control over their children’s education.

The nerve!

The raw, racist, idiotic nerve!

What is it about these busy-body, hands-on parents, anyway?

This is the general view espoused by Obama and Obamacare advocates as they seek to undermine opposition to the planned Obama Youth address.

Yet this attempt at the derision and suppression of those who actively oppose The One has failed to stem the tide of anti-Obama sentiment building across the nation. Momentum against Obamacare and the planned Obama Youth address only seems to be building.

An AP report published today presented many of the criticisms aimed at the planned Tuesday event:

“As far as I am concerned, this is not civics education — it gives the appearance of creating a cult of personality,” said Oklahoma Republican state Sen. Steve Russell. “This is something you’d expect to see in North Korea or in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.”
Arizona state schools superintendent Tom Horne, a Republican, said lesson plans for teachers created by Obama’s Education Department “call for a worshipful rather than critical approach.”
The White House plans to release the speech online Monday so parents can read it. The president will deliver the speech at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va.
“I think it’s really unfortunate that politics has been brought into this,” White House deputy policy director Heather Higginbottom said in an interview with The Associated Press.
“It’s simply a plea to students to really take their learning seriously. Find out what they’re good at. Set goals. And take the school year seriously.”
She noted that President George H.W. Bush made a similar address to schools in 1991. Like Obama, Bush drew criticism, with Democrats accusing the Republican president of making the event into a campaign commercial.
Critics are particularly upset about lesson plans the administration created to accompany the speech. The lesson plans, available online, originally recommended having students “write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.”
The White House revised the plans Wednesday to say students could “write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals.”
“That was inartfully worded, and we corrected it,” Higginbottom said.

Of course, expecting a government owned, operated, fed and controlled institution to make an even-handed presentation on any subject related to the growth and power of government is inherently silly.

In a recent published commentary, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. elaborated on this fundamental problem facing an America choosing its slide into socialism:

One of the mantras we hear repeatedly these days is, “we don’t want socialism.”  While that sounds good (and conservative, and constitutional, and patriotic, etc.), it rings hollow when you consider the overwhelming majority of the people leading the charge have their children in what amounts to socialized education.  What’s the difference?  If you’re really against government-run, socialized programs, yank your kid off the yellow prison bus and just say no.

Another catchphrase I’ve heard a lot lately is, “this is a violation of the Tenth Amendment.”  Again, this is wonderful rhetoric.  I love the Constitution of the United States; especially the Tenth Amendment which protects the rights of States and individuals from overreaches by the Federal Government.  The amendment reads:  “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  Ironically, one of the “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States” is education!  That’s right, the Federal Government has absolutely no Constitutional right to involve itself in education.  The Department of Education is as unconstitutional as government-run healthcare.  However, few of the people shouting at these town hall meetings (or reporting on it on conservative talk radio and the internet) would stand up and call for the immediate abolishment of the D.O.E. (or any of the other federal departments that exist in clear violation of the tenth amendment).

As reported at WorldNetDaily.com, in what serves as a great individual example to us all, one Utah father told the Deseret News that his four children will be pulled from school rather than be subjected to the Obama Youth address.

“We will go on a picnic and read the Constitution – learn something useful,” he said.

Here we see just the sort of family-centered education that God intended…

…and just the sort that the Cult of Obama cannot tolerate.


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  1. This column is a parody right? If not I truly fear that this country is lost. Obama Youth? What is that exactly? Did you even listen to the speech? There is only one difference between Obama giving a speech to school children, and his predessors who did the same thing (Both Bushes, Reagan, Carter, FDR, etc..) and it isn't socialism. It's 'blackism" or fear of a black president. "Christian" my "donkey". There's nothing Chritian about the religious right. If Jesus came back you all would be the first ones in line with a hammer and nails to get the "socialist."

    1. Paul, the Democrats were just as viciously opposed when Bush I did this. They even held hearings! To claim that political opponents of a president could only oppose a president they don't like in doing something like this for racist reasons is as irrational as anyone refusing to let their kids hear an innocuous speech with good moral lessons in it just because the person delivering it is has a different political mindset.

  2. The speech said "Why is it important to listen to them" — i.e., why should you bother to listen to what politicians have to say, to drive home the point that mayors, governors and the president make decisions that affect them, so you should listen and weigh the things that they tell you. It did not say you must obey these people — it said listen to them, because when they speak, what they say affects you. Of course a conservative would read it that way, because groupthink and blindingly following the lead of an authority figures are hallmarks of the conservative mindset.

    It is absolutely amazing that the people who built such an insane cult of personality around a mediocrity like Ronald Reagan now act so judgemental of the left for liking Obama. Pot, meet kettle.

  3. Most people have not seen the original plans for the address but there was also a question asking why the students should listen to their president, their mayor and I think it also said governor. Anyway, it just pointed out elected officials and did not even say parents! That is truly the essence of this administration – that THEY will tell US what to do. I look at it like this, if I'm a supervisor, my job is to make it possible for those under me to do their jobs… I SERVE them, even though I'm in charge. This equates to the way Jesus showed us how to serve our fellow man. The mother actually serves the child, though the mother is in charge. This is also why, as a Christian nation, we don't need government to take our money with high taxes to provide bloated social programs. The programs in our country need to be severely cut back. Some people really need these programs and it is right to care for them but Welfare, Planned Parenthood and so many other things that are not really for the common good need to be curtailed. They aren't serving the people they are supposed to serve and the systems are being abused by both those who administer the programs and those who receive help unfairly. Christians are the ones who started hospitals and most of the charity programs, and Christians donate money and time through their churches and in other ways. We are supposed to care for and look after the poor. The bible told harvesters to leave 10% of the crop in the fields for the poor to glean, so the poor were also expected to work for their food. Wow! I've gotten into a whole 'nother subject. That's what happens in the Obama zone.

    1. wow, you are ignorant. guess you have lived a charmed life and never had a need for any goverment assistance or program, huh? guess you wont be using medicare when you are of age either, huh? i mean that would make you a socialist! or you just ass hypocrite to your personal resume?

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