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What is Pomosexuality?

Just look around. It’s everywhere.

The consequences of postmodernism’s collision with sexuality are smoldering all around us.

All in the name of American pride, freedom, and liberty, of course.

In Sex and the Singularly Abused Girl, Eric Holmberg of The Apologetics Group provides some excellent insight into the plague of pomosexuality and its religiously ignored roots:

Imagine a conspiracy within the tobacco industry to glamorize smoking while simultaneously suppressing any linkage between the use of cigarettes and lung cancer, emphysema, COPD and other chronic lung diseases. Vast sums of money are spent on advertising, attempting to make smoking appear fun, satisfying, progressive and chic—never dangerous or stupid. Campaign contributions ensure that an obfuscating cloud of tobacco “smoke” (along with mirrors) settles over the political process. Schools and studies are endowed; rabbits tested and chased; science spun and every exception to the harder-and-harder-to-ignore rules is trumpeted from the housetops.

And millions of people, directly or indirectly, suffer and die.

Obviously, there’s no need to imagine it. This very thing happened in America and lasted for decades…until the tragic costs of believing a lie and normalizing something that is contrary to human flourishing simply became impossible to ignore.

Despite man’s best efforts to do what feels good and right in his own eyes, truth in the end will triumph. Or to put it another way: we don’t just break the laws of nature and nature’s God. They break us.

It’s my deep belief and fear—shared by millions of others who worship and serve this God—that precisely the same thing is happening with the growing movement to cast-off scripture and multiplied centuries of Western (read: Christian) tradition and instead normalize homosexuality or more broadly (because this is truly the endgame) pomosexuality. We are once again suppressing facts, ignoring history, cherry-picking data points, embracing groupthink, and allowing ourselves to be seduced by mavens of spin and self-serving agendas.

The article is loaded with important and helpful information. In it, Holmberg chronicles the abuse-laden pomosexual conversion stories of pop-culture notables from Rosie O’Donnell and Chastity Bono to Margaret Cho and Melissa Etheridge.

With every obvious dot considered and connected, the “I was born this way” line used to argue legitimacy for every pomosexual perversion under the sun is revealed to be what it has been from the start: A life- and culture-destroying lie.



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2 Responses

  1. I'm surprised that no one has figured it out.

    1. Why dumb down a culture to the point that people can no longer read? Simple: if they can READ, then can read a Bible, and if they can read a Bible, they might just be led to the God who inspired it.
    2. if you destroy the last Christian nation (America), then you can insert your own perverse culture (Gog/Magog's humanism) into the vacuum, because nature abhors a vacuum, be that vacuum physical or spiritual. If a vacuum occurs, something will always rush in to fill it.
    3, A little historical research tells us that even Africa, which is rapidly reverting to its heathen roots, once had a thriving Christian culture. say what you will about colonialism, the colonial nations were by and large Christian influenced: Spain, France, England, etc. Were there abuses? Of course there were abuses, anytime you have sinful men in a culture, there will be abuses. if you weigh the good against the evil though, Africa was MUCH better under colonial rule than it is now in its present state. Likewise, the Middle East and India. When England ruled those areas, they prospered [i]because a Christian country was guiding their leadership[/i]. Now India is starving because they're back to worshiping Hindu gods of stone. Palestine is in turmoil because there are no British soldiers to keep order, just Islam which is a caricature of OT Judaism and satanic. Israel hobbles along because now that they're independent, they've adopted a Judaized humanism. Israel supports abortion AND homosexuality, which Western Christians claim to abhor. Rah rah Israel and to the devil with the dead babies and the poofter battalions of Israeli soldiers; Gawd protects Israel no matter what. Well guess what….it ain't so.

    1. How do you define “better”? Many nations, including China, India, and the Middle East, thrived according to worldly standards without influence from England. By “thrived”, I mean that they were wealthy and innovative. The reason those countries are suffering now is that they have been overcome by demonic ideologies. In China, it is things like communism and the disposing of baby girls. In India, it is the horrible caste system.

      I think it’s important to be careful when you say that having countries like England presiding over the colonies made the colonies thrive. It makes it sound like you think that because white people were involved, those colonies did will. I understand that that isn’t what you meant. But I wanted to let you know that somebody might take it that way 😉

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