Howdy All,

Nearly four months after the last post here, God has been very good to (and busy with) me, so there is a whole lot to report.

I will post much more in the way of detail in the next week or so, but, for now, here are the basics:

Full details regarding each of these items will be coming soon. I am very sorry for the lack of posts lately, but with all that’s been happening on these multiple fronts, I trust that you will understand. I am more thankful for your patience and prayers than you can know!

It’s been a wild, strange, and exciting ride over the last couple of years, and it looks like things are about to get really interesting.

I look forward to sharing with you all as much as possible as soon as possible. Thank you again for all of your encouragement, support, and especially your prayers.

Soli Deo Gloria…and let’s roll!


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