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Recent stories on “the horrors of public schools” (and there are always scores and scores of “recent stories” on this subject, aren’t there?) can be hard to stomach. Very hard to stomach, but not because of the particular details contained in any single incarnation of these never-ceasing, ever-increasing, seemingly omnipresent State-controlled “education” horror stories, but because people – particularly professing Christians – routinely claim to be “shocked” and “horrified” at [insert latest predictable abuse by the State-controlled education system here].

Honestly, when does it end? The tragically comical “surprise” on the part of supposed Christians, I mean?

Being “shocked” that Christ-dismissing State-controlled “education” facilities are dispensing with Christ-mocking, pro-Statist propaganda is like being “stunned” that strippers strip at strip clubs.

Repeat after me, Christian: Christ-dismissing, State-controlled (and therefore State-promoting) “education” systems are designed to attack the nature of Christ and promote the advance of a God-hating, secular super-state.

That’s just [insert best Shatner voice here] whattheydo! It’s what they were made for! It’s why they exist!

These “schools” are commissioned to wage war on God by doing everything that they can to separate children’s minds and understanding from the Word of God as the final authority in all things and the nature of God as the guiding light for fully and accurately understanding anything about everything in His creation.

Get it?!

Please, please get it!

The dismissal of Christ (which is a flagrant display of disdain, it should be noted) and promotion of the secular State is precisely what secular, State-controlled “schools” are designed to do, and until we as Christians at least recognize this incontrovertible fact, we as a people are doomed to sink further and further down into the pit in which we currently find ourselves – a pit that, to even a casual (and honest) observer, would seem to be on the verge of swallowing us up entirely and snuffing us out for good.

Judgment truly does begin with the church, and until the church truly repents, there is a roughly zero percent chance that recovery and restoration will come to our land…which is why it is so heart-rending to see the professing church in America doing so much to prop up the very beast that is aiming to eat its children and devour the last worthy bits of our culture.

It is in this context that I very much appreciated a column recently posted at American Vision. Earlier today, Dr. Joel McDurmon published a coherent, biblical response to Tim Challies‘ ridiculously incoherent and wildly unbiblical propaganda promoting the State-controlled “education” of children in an explicitly anti-Christ worldview as a somehow legitimate option for biblically obedient Christians.

It was very cool to see this particular response posted and I encourage you to have a gander at it by clicking here if you didn’t hit the earlier link already.

Sadly, in an age dominated by selfishness, shallowness, immaturity and emotionalism over true Christ-like selflessness, depth and loving fidelity to His explicitly clear Word, many regularly regurgitate retreaded versions of these remarkably lame Challies lines in order to rationalize their rebellion, divide in the name of unity, persecute the obedient, and generally defend the decision to feed their children to the beast (while encouraging others to at least consider doing the same). This article is an excellent response…not that those most needing to read it will bother (they’ve been “educated” to avoid such things, after all). Still, God is honored and His obedient people are encouraged by such solidly biblical, intellectually honest pieces as this.

The simple, sad truth is that most modern American church members (and, even more sadly, their “leaders”) today have been so thoroughly discipled by the state, enslaved to their emotions, and consecrated to this culture’s rebellion where the subject of children’s education is concerned, that they cannot even recognize, much less openly acknowledge this particular demonstration of rebellion as what the Word clearly proclaims it to be: Sin.

In Genesis 3, Satan introduced a “beautiful, shiny new” approach to the pursuit of knowledge (aka “education”). People bought it then and are still very much buying it now. This “beautiful” approach to the pursuit of knowledge that sets aside God as the essential core when it comes to rightly understanding math, art, literature, history, biology, or pretty much anything else in His creation has become the norm in American homes and families, including most professing Christian American homes and families. Several generations in, even the professing Christian subculture has been thoroughly corrupted and converted to the cause of Christ-mocking, State-controlled “education”…and it is that professing church that is most responsible for the ongoing parade of “horror stories” flowing from an “education system” that is…doing exactly what it was designed to do.

In corrective response to Satan’s sale and Adam’s embrace of this fundamental lie where the pursuit of knowledge is concerned, God has lovingly commanded (and equipped) His obedient people to reject the Satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge. He has done this in detail in the life-giving command contained in Deuteronomy 6 – a command repeated, confirmed, and elaborated upon in many ways throughout Scripture.

Genesis 3 represents the Satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge.

Deuteronomy 6 presents the God-honoring, Christ-centered approach to the same.

These views on children’s education – the Satanic and the God-honoring – are the only two available to anyone, anywhere, at any time in creation.

Sadly for many children growing up in professing churches in America, they are being defiantly served up to the Satanic version on a silver platter, often in the name of a phony “gospel in a bottle” approach that doesn’t require anything in practice beyond proclaimed intellectual ascent to a particular definition of the gospel itself. As its roots deepen, this false gospel-in-the-name-of-the-gospel ends up justifying all sorts of flagrant rebellion, as actual obedience in practice to the Word is more and more routinely trumped by emotionalism, appeals to personal preferences and traditions, and the selective application of self-serving “standards” that plainly contradict Scripture.

If only professing Christians could get 1% as emotionally worked up and indignant about their children being actively trained to conform with a Satanic Genesis 3 worldview as they do with obedient believers who call the Genesis 3 approach what it is (rebellion against God, aka “sin”), we might see many children spared such sacrifice upon the altar of secular “education” and many obedient Christian parents spared the grief of persecution from within the professing church.

May God continue to encourage His people and grace them with ongoing repentance, replacing their self-centered rebellion with loving obedience…even in the realm of children’s education. May they be inspired by grace to continually seek the Word and actively pursue ongoing reformation in its perfect light. Oh how children might benefit from such obedient (and hated/persecuted) parents!


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  1. We are a not a theocracy. We cannot have a faith based educational system unless you want to run a risk of that faith based education system being Catholic, Islamic or Hindu. You just assume it would be your certain brand of Christianity.

    1. We are commanded to repent and submit to Christ as King in practice and in detail. That's the Gospel. That's Christianity 101. Any spin or rationalization to the contrary is, by definition, anti-Christian…and that anti-Christian perspective just so happens to be the one taught in State-run temples of "education".


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