As a confirmed sci-fi geek since…well…basically conception, I’ve always loved things like the original Star Trek.

Those gloriously cheesy Styrofoam sets, the over-the-top sound effects, the under-the-bottom visual effects, and [insert Shatner voice here] the…most…hyper…dramatic…dialogue…ever! [end Shatner voice now, please]

What’s not to love, right?! (Please either agree or just humor me and play along.)

All of these potentially show destroying ingredients somehow managed to come together in the most beautiful, powerful, and impactful way with Trek because it sailed over the bar that must be conquered in order for any fiction to be good fiction. That bar is the willing suspension of disbelief.

The willing suspension of disbelief must be attained for fiction to work. Viewers (or readers) of a work of fiction must be able and willing to dive deep into the realm of fantasy and imagination if fiction is to work. They have to be willing to set aside their normal standard of critical examination and enjoy the fantasy that is unfolding before their eyes.

Good fiction does this. Good fantasy requires it. Our good and gracious God has given us both the desire to create fantastic settings and great works of drama, as well as the ability to suspend disbelief in pursuit of enjoying and understanding the themes, messages, and insights on display on those works of fiction.

Of course, all of these concepts have been corrupted by man, sometimes toward much darker ends than others…


Birds of Prey in Fiction


One of my favorite repeated bits of drama in Star Trek, both in the original series and in the early movies based around the same crew, comes when an enemy ship called a Bird of Prey “de-cloaks”.

For those of you sad, sad creatures who have no idea as to what I am referring with all o’ this “Bird of Prey” and “de-cloaking” gibberish, allow me to explain:

In the Star Trek universe, there are bad guys, including Klingons and Romulans, both of whom have a variety of ship types (just as nations here on earth have naval vessel types – think: aircraft carriers, destroyers, and missile cruisers, for example).

One shared ship type between the Klingons and Romulans is the Bird of Prey. These two bad guy fleets each include versions of the Bird of Prey, and the thing that most distinguishes these ships is their ability to conceal themselves from detection through the use of some high-tech wizardry known as a cloaking device.

Birds of Prey are made to stalk undetected, waiting for the most opportune moment to pounce on a completely unexpecting victim and destroy ’em, quick and easy like. Bad guys tend to be into that sort of thing, so it all makes perfect sense. That’s just how they roll (or float, or fly, or whatever).

All o’ that said, this means that Captain Kirk, Spock and the gang have to be aware that there are these enemy ships out there, potentially lurking right around the proverbial corner waiting to blast ’em to bits.

But, as we learned in Star Trek III, there are two key weaknesses that come along with using these diabolical cloaking devices:

1. First, their use doesn’t always completely obscure the ship in question. There will sometimes be a feint distortion or slight trace of their being there, if you know where to look and what to look for.

2. And secondly, the cloaking devices used so much energy that the bad guys couldn’t power up their weapons at the same time that their ship was cloaked.

Now that we have explained all of the necessary (and pretty cool, I think) overlapping parts between the beautiful fictional fantasy world of Star Trek and our present day reality right here on God’s earth, let’s see what we can see…


Birds of Prey in Reality


For generations now, a great and powerful malevolent force has been at work in America. Until recently, it has remained cloaked largely through its successful use of three tools:

…which leads us rather neatly to where we are right now in America.

Wanna see the real world equivalent of a Bird of Prey de-cloaking about two inches from the tip of your nose, with it’s weapons powering up and ready to roll?

Check this out:

How’s that for a de-cloaking monster?

We have seen the distortions of our cloaked enemy for some time now. We’ve been encouraged by others to ignore or dismiss these distortions as insignificant, but we have seen them.

We have watched the distortions grow and grow until even the most purposefully obtuse and apathetic among us have to admit that there is something profoundly troubling afoot. Well, now we know…our apathy and denial is being forced into retreat at the unfolding reality of the ultimate Bird of Prey uncloaking right in front of us.

The groundwork has been laid and 100+ years of cloaked and semi-cloaked activity has paved the way. Now it is time to destroy.

That [begin Shatner voice] is ourreality…right…now! [end Shatner voice]

Past generations of Americans have faced nothing like this.

This is not “just another cycle”, be it economic, political, or any other sort.

This is endgame.

So let’s act accordingly while we still have the opportunity to actually do something, okay?


May God inspire us in this dark hour to repent, believe, and actively build our everything upon Him right here and right now, all by His grace, for His glory, and most certainly for our benefit.

That message of hope and action is one I aim to detail in the coming book, Fiat Slavery: The Economics of Hell (and America). Lord willing, it’ll be out in September or October. Prayers for that work to be completed in the most God-glorifying and Church-encouraging manner possible would be much appreciated.

Soli Deo Gloria…and let’s roll!


© 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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Thank you!

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