Are Americans free?

Or are we not?

Do Americans have privacy?

Or do we not?

Do Americans actually own land privately? (See: “property tax”/rent-to-the-State)

Or do we not?

Do Americans live in anything resembling a “free market”?

Or is the money printed out of thin air by a very few used to own and control everything and everyone else…including every “free market”?

Do Americans even want to know, much less deal honestly with, these questions?

Put another way…are Americans brave?

Or are we cowards?

In an article titled Americans’ Cellphones Targeted in Secret U.S. Spy Program, published by the Wall Street Journal this week, we learn (though at this point cannot really be surprised) that, “The Justice Department is scooping up data from thousands of mobile phones through devices deployed on airplanes that mimic cellphone towers, a high-tech hunt for criminal suspects that is snagging a large number of innocent Americans, according to people familiar with the operations.”

Now before we even go on with this – not that there’s any suspense as to where it’s going – how many of you reading this will, at your next prompting, dutifully rise, place your hand over your heart, and sing about “the land of the free and the home of the brave” in which you imagine yourself to live in spite of every one of the thousands of reports like this that you’ve read and heard about?

Be honest.

I was in that camp not long ago myself. And happily so. I’d add something like, “so don’t feel too bad” in there if that was the right thing to do, but it isn’t.

We should feel bad about such past and present failings as those that enable and perpetuate the growth of this Orwellian American Security State to the point that we are now virtually assured of our children growing up in a state of perpetual 1984.

We should be embarrassed.

We should be ashamed.

We should be disgusted with what we’ve done, both passively and actively, to personally enable this pathetic, destructive, increasingly tyrannical political culture to come to be.

We should be broken.

And we should repent.

But we, as good, patriotic, conservative Americans, have been conditioned against all of those things, particularly repentance. (See: Why Americans Don’t Do Repentance)

Repentance is for liberals. Or Muslims. Or gays.

Not for conservative, Bible-reading, church-going Americans…

…which is precisely why we have this Orwellian Nightmare building around us and our children’s future. We have this nightmare (and the much worse nightmare to come) because the professing church has paved the way.

Once self-described “good, Christian” Americans were convinced that they could separate their children from an explicitly Christ-centered education as lovingly commanded in Scripture and instead feed them to a State-controlled “education” system committed to the Satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge (see: Genesis 3), then those parents consecrated their children’s generation to the next cultural step – or plunge – down.

Once these same “good conservative folks” were convinced that they could put their patriotism, their conservatism, or America itself before all else as their guide, they became just another flavor of idolater. With State icons like the flag, the Founding Fathers, and the Constitution becoming “untouchables” and the standards by which Christ, Scripture, and Christianity were to be measured (rather than the other way around), they led this land to precisely the tyrannical turn that we are experiencing now.

Once we surrendered clear biblical concepts of money, work, currency, and economics in exchange for the abomination of Monopoly Money economics by which the money-printing class literally buys and controls (and practically owns) everyone and every thing beneath them through the power given by the “money” that they craft out of thin air, we consigned ourselves and our children to increasing servitude and slavery.

Once churches largely agreed with and either passively or actively enabled this worldview, then the cultural wreckage we witness now became an inevitable stop on the path down to much worse things and much greater tyranny.

By the grace of God alone, there is still much to be thankful for here in America. There are still many relative freedoms left, but they are shrinking, dying, and being murdered by the minute. The emerging American State is growing in power by leaps and bounds and, though every secular source and “expert” will tell or steer or encourage you to believe anything but the truth, the truth is that the only hope that we have for America is that the Gospel-fueled Great Commission of Jesus Christ might be taken up by His faithful people and applied to every realm of His creation…right here and now.

So when the NSA spies on you here in “the land of the free”, are the good patriotic folks protecting your freedom and liberty by unlawfully monitoring and striving to control your every move more likely to hear you clearly proclaim the Gospel to a stranger…or are they more likely to hear you regurgitate some Orwellian line about you living in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”?


Do you sound to them like a compliant, pacified American drone, more passionate about football or Hollywood products than you are about true freedom and liberty?

Or do you sound to them like a threat to the Orwellian systems control that are even now desperately trying to strangle the last freedom from this land and its people?

Privacy is for masters. Transparency is for slaves.

Privacy is for the NSA. Transparency is for you and for me.

Is this tolerable to you?

Is this trajectory acceptable for you to leave to your children and grandchildren?

Is it all okay as long as we just pretend and sing about our “American freedom” and “American liberty”?

Or might we instead seek and strive and give everything for true freedom and true liberty through the Gospel and Great Commission, just as Christ the King has so lovingly commanded and faithfully equipped us to do right here and right now?


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