As we watch a heartland suburb simmer, boil, and erupt into violence between angry mobs of largely State-subsidized dependents and heavily militarized, State-subsidized “police”, it becomes harder and harder to go on pretending…but that doesn’t stop us from trying.

We want to imagine that we are a “basically good” people who have only been led astray by bad or incompetent leaders when we have, in fact, freely chosen every major step taken on our long, multi-generational march into darkness. Oh sure, we’ve been nudged, conned, spun, and propagandized along the way, but even so, we have made the Big Choices with our eyes at least mostly open, and we are now responsible for the consequences.

For all the talk of our being a “God fearing people” with “Christian principles” and campaigns to preserve “In God We Trust” slogans and Ten Commandments plaques cited as evidence of this good and true nature, our personal contempt for the very God we claim to love with our lips (and plaques and slogans) couldn’t be more plain.

Ask any “good conservative” (much less any evil liberal) whether they think the First Commandment ought to actually be obeyed by America, and they will most likely have to stop, pause, and wonder.


Because they’ve never even thought about it.

They’ve never even thought about obeying.

They’ve never even thought about application.


“Conservative” America’s God and Bible Props


Oh, they know they want plaques, statues, posters and such of the First Commandment (along with the other nine, whatever they say) to be slapped into school rooms and in front of court houses across the land, as if their mere presence will somehow magically sanctify institutions and ways of life that are, in and of themselves, fundamentally opposed to the very commands written on the plaques, statues, and posters in question. (See: Prancing Ponies, Bible Belt Satanists, and America’s Proud Rebellion.)

We in America – and I’m talking first and foremost about the “good, conservative” professing Christian folks on the right (of which I am one) – are a people who have little interest in the God of Christianity or His Word as anything more than props used to validate and justify our pride, arrogance, and self-referential worldviews in action.

Not since the Israelites murmured and rebelled in the wake of their literal, physical, multi-miracle accompanied deliverance from bondage in Egypt has there been a people more tragically comedic and ridiculous in their rebellion.

So what is it exactly that we are we seeing approach us as we watch St. Louis (and who knows where else) tip towards anarchy and/or martial law? What exactly is it that are we feeling creep upon us as the US military engages US-inspired ISIS in Iraq…while the US southern border is intentionally left wide open to ongoing invasion? What, pray tell, are we sensing swirl around us as the satanic insanity of Monopoly Money economics has trillions and trillions of dollars created out of thin air to prop up the American financial Ponzi Scheme Pyramid for just…a…little…longer?

There’s a word for this thing that we’re seeing, feeling, and sensing.

The word is “insanity”.

We are a land and a people of insanity.

We have been “given over” under the judgment of God. We have been given over to madness. (See: Romans 1)

This madness is the natural (if often subconscious) goal and destination of our own freely chosen, freely embraced, and freely practiced desires.

In our self-centered insanity, we have fundamentally corrupted every good thing given us. Our approaches to business, family, economics, work, security, medicine, politics and even the preservation of life itself have become exactly what the Word of God warned us they must become when they are severed from explicit connection to Christ as their live-giving and life-preserving core.

These awful truths are not at all hard to see…if we will only look:

Only when we are sufficiently broken under the weight of our rebellion will we be able to see, much less appreciate, the gravity of our situation, and only God can grace us with that brokenness.

While He has not yet chosen to do so, we who are truly His are to embrace a Spirit of appropriate concern without entertaining the faithless spirit of fear or despair that can become so tempting and will indeed come to captivate many of those around us in this critical time. We who have been purposefully placed right here and now in the middle of this incredible super-storm of unfolding rebellion have been tasked with an incredible mission, and we have been perfectly equipped to complete that mission.

We are here to live for His glory, knowing that only a path centered on Him can ever lead to true peace, joy, and prosperity here or anywhere else in His creation.

To that end, we should strive to proclaim and apply His whole, undiluted Gospel, trusting in its supernatural power to accomplish exactly what He wills.

The beautiful, life-giving command to “repent , believe, and be saved”…that is the only hope for America…one supernatural salvation and individual act of obedience at a time.


We should strive to call others and remind ourselves daily of the need to repent of having ever used God and His Word as a lucky rabbit’s foot to be rubbed in times of crisis and then discarded.

Out of true, Christ-centered love, we should call our friends, family, politicians, and business-people to repent and submit to Scripture in matters of economics, work, business, education, and family life.

We’ve been called and equipped to hold high the life-defining, world-shaking Gospel, faithfully proclaiming the truth of Christ so that others might be saved as we have, while there is still time.

The Gospel is all that we have…and it is all that we need. The Great Commission is ours to pursue, ours to enjoy, and ours to revere for all of the perfect eternity to come.

So let’s get to it – with boldness, joy, and confidence – all by His grace and for His glory.


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