If you haven’t seen Honey Maid’s new commercial for graham crackers and Teddy Grahams, you might wanna check it out.

It may be just the latest in a loooooooooooooong line of corporate America sponsored pro-sin/anti-Christ propaganda, but it really is a gem – the kind of gem we can look forward to more and more of as we continue our transition into a land of open hostility to obedient Christians.

In another fine display of corporate America’s propensity to pervert the beautiful into the profane for profit, the new Honey Maid ad centers on the concept “wholesomeness”, sporting “this is wholesome” as the tagline mantra of its cause.

We are then treated to a variety of “couples”, many of whom are happily practicing a homosexual lifestyle, all presented in the most warm, loving, and beautiful contexts imaginable (as emotion-driven pagans define such things).

“This is wholesome,” we are told.

They are wholesome.

Homosexuality is wholesome.

Homosexuality is good.

And what must any opposing view then be?

Well, many bad things, of course…now including unwholesome, anti-wholesome, and the like.

That’s the point here. That’s the statement. And it is made in as compelling and convincing a manner as the massive budgets of well-funded corporations like Nabisco are able to provide.

It’s beautifully produced and well polished.

It’s powerful.

It’s a heart-, mind-, and worldview moving masterpiece.

Put another way, it is excellent and effective propaganda.

And it is largely funded by Christians.

Willfully and knowingly.


For profit.

Why else?

I’ve been chronicling the unfolding “Mark of the Beast” scenario here in America for a while now (See: Corporate “Mark of the Beast” Rollout Continues, American Pride and Romans 1 Cheeseburgers, and  A Mark of the Beast). Far and away the most frustrating aspect of the intensely anti-Christian environment emerging in America is that its rollout is being greatly supported by the investments of professing Christians.

But wait, it gets even better…

More often than not, these professing Christians are also self-described “conservatives” – you know: “pro-life”, “anti-homosexuality”, and all o’ that.

So how is it that professing Christians who also claim to be conservative are openly funding a huge portion of the very anti-Christ, culture-wrecking propaganda that they complain about so often and so loudly?

Well, in a word, the answer is: Idolatry.

More specifically, the idolatry of money or material wealth.

We’re all tempted to this, especially in America. We’ve been thoroughly trained and programmed to rely on money and material wealth as primary measurements of success, the basis upon we rest our sense of security in the present, and the chief factor in our planning for the future. Rather than using all of our God-loaned wealth as a tool like any other to advance Christ’s Kingdom in every way possible here and now in accordance with the Great Commission, we often yield to the temptation to view our wealth (and therefore our peace, joy, and security) as dependent upon the world and its Christ-less systems. In this, we have demonstrated our lack of faith in action.

[Tweet “We’ve been thoroughly programmed to view material wealth as our primary measurement of success.”]

One great and tragic irony flowing from this lack of faith is that many financially enabled professing Christians are now actively opposing the life-, family-, and civilization-moving work of the Great Commission by investing in corporations and business that are actively opposed to the God and Gospel of that Commission.

Where the “discipling of nations” and active obedience to the Lord that flows from the faithful proclamation and application of the Great Commission inherently leads to greater material prosperity, peace and joy for obedient Christians, the system presently promoted by the vast majority of American corporations is one of complete opposition to such Gospel-fueled peace and prosperity for the people of God. This world and its forces are aimed at the subjugation and persecution of obedient followers of Christ…and nowhere is that more plain than in 2014 America (though it is likely to be even more plain in 2015 America, until and unless the Lord graces His people here with repentance and restoration).

Money, business, work, economics, and all ethics related to any of the above have been separated from Christ in the minds of most professing Christians (and conservatives) in America…often by the very same corporate types now promoting the homo agenda.

This means that investing in a company waging war against obedient Christians is not really a biggie. If said investment pays a good dividend or results in a nice boost to one’s stock portfolio, it’s even touted as “responsible stewardship”.

Short term material profit trumps all. This Christ-less, corrupted version of “responsible stewardship” is then used by the enemy to fund and promote his “homosexuality is wholesome” message.

See what happens when we separate our conservatism from Christ?

Or our business practices?

The notion of associating the Gospel in detail with finances or financial advice or business practices is completely off the radar of most professing believers in America…which tells us much about why we are where we are as a culture.


Gospel Fueled Repentance, Reformation, and Restoration…of money, work, business and economics.


So what is our hope? What’s the solution?

The Gospel.

Faithful proclamation of the whole, undiluted, all-encompassing, life-defining Gospel of Jesus Christ is our only hope. It is the only thing capable of supernaturally opening the eyes and hearts of those who are enslaved to selfishness and sin.

The application of Gospel and Great Commission truth to right here and now can and will, Lord willing, do the very things that most professing Christians and conservatives so often claim to want with their lips but do so much to oppose in practice through their actions and investments.

When these folks stop investing in such companies as Nabisco, funding the very forces making life more and more hellish for actual, obedient Christians, we will know that God may well be moving His people to turn a corner and finally begin to move the land in a truly positive direction.

Until and unless He graces us with such repentance in action, the lives of actual, obedient Christians in America are going to be purposefully made harder and harder.

Persecution will grow in breadth and severity.

And that persecution will be largely funded by “Christian investors”.


When we place our conservatism, business practices, or pursuit of personal profit above Christ’s nature as revealed in His Word, we destroy any good thing about them and they become nothing better than tools for the destruction of anything that they touch…like, for example, our smoldering wreck of a culture.

May God grace His people with active repentance, biblical reformation, and a culture in which Christ-centered families and business are actively encouraged by every means made available to each and every one of us.

That sort of obedience – The Great Commission in action – can and, Lord willing, will bring presently unimaginable joy, peace, and prosperity to our dark and dying land…if only we will demonstrate true faith through obedience…all by His grace and for His glory.


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