WTC 911 Liberty Statue

In the morning hours of September 11th, 2001, America changed.

For many of the nation’s people, the change was permanent. It was forever. For others, those of the perpetual “move on” mantra, the transformative events of that day were to be forgotten as quickly as possible.

They posed a unique sort of political problem that simply had to be overcome if their agenda was to be advanced.

As we mourn and remember on this anniversary of that tragic moment in America’s past, let us pray to the God whose perfect Word inspired the foundation of this, the greatest nation in human history. Let us pray to Him for guidance. Let us pray to Him for mercy. Let us thank Him for His grace.

And let us pray that we never forget.

May the God who raised American civilization to heights of success not previously known in all of His creation now empower and embolden His people to remember…and to fight.


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