When Your Teen Wants To Have Sex In Your Home was lovingly published at – where else? – good ol’ HuffPo a little while back, and, since reading it, I’ve been wondering why it is that the folks who write these sorts of things aren’t, you know, in jail or something.

The article begins with, “It’s one thing to know your kids are having sex. It’s another thing for it to happen at your house, with your permission. High50’s Paula Greenspan reports on how to navigate this tricky topic.”

Tricky topic indeed.

But maybe not for the reasons most might tend to assume these days.

It seems as though the main “trick” undertaken by the eminently creepy Ms. Greenspan is her open advocacy of sexual activity between people currently understood to be children.

Again and again in her little info and advice piece, Greenspan dutifully avoids defining any hard line age under which sexual activity would be objectively improper and goes so far as to frequently plant seeds reminding us that there’s “no right age to begin allowing your child to have partners stay the night.” You see, while some may impose certain “arbitrary” age-related cutoffs, and many others may autopilot along the same lines, there isn’t necessarily any age at which we should be narrow-mindedly resolute in our refusal to accommodate “proper” requests for sexual activity from children.

This is a theme of Creeper Greenspan’s HuffPo promoted article:

In an ideal world, you’ll have been discussing sex and relationships with your kids for years so the subject won’t be new to the two of you.

But there’s a massive difference between having a theoretical chat about and actually giving them your blessing to do it, especially if they’re still quite young.

According to Suzanne Pearson, psychologist and director of Sharing Parenting, there’s no right age to begin allowing your child to have partners stay the night.

Creeper Greenspan just gets creepier from there in the subsection entitled, What about the partner’s parents?:

When young children ask to sleep over at a friend’s house, you’d probably call the friend’s parents to check it’s OK with them. However, when sex is involved with your older teens, you might want to think twice before picking up the phone.

It’s a grey area and a very difficult decision for parents to make.

Suzanne Pearson believes that by making that call behind your child’s back, you’re crossing a line. After all, just by asking your permission and involving you in the relationship, your child is showing trust in you. One phone call could break that trust.

“If you ring the partner’s parents you’re undermining your relationship with your son or daughter,” she says. “But if you really want to do it, make sure to ask for your child’s permission first.”

At least we got an “older teens” reference in there, but, even then, it included only a “might want to think twice” suggestion.

No such “might”-related wishy-washiness when it comes to “crossing the line” by “making that call behind your child’s back”, though. Nope. No might about that one.

In our Brave New Word-style Americana, parents seek the permission of children as to how to arrange for other children to come over and have sex.

As supposed “conservatives” and “Christians” continue to join with masses of HoffPo creepers and liberals in freely shipping their children off to the State for “education” in an explicitly anti-Christ worldview, this will only become much worse and more pervasive.

As Christians, we are most to blame for the Creeper Worldview taking root in America, and we are most responsible for leading the way in uprooting that child-sacrificing, culture-rotting scourge through our proclamation and application of the Gospel and Great Commission of Jesus Christ right here and right now…while we still have the chance, by nothing but the grace of God.

We can pretend and spin and rationalize all that we like, but there is no time or place in creation in which the Law of God is not governing reality. We can pursue another wave of man-centered “solutions” and culture-approved “answers”, but they will no more solve our building problems or save our smoldering culture than the last 10,000 man-centered ideas that preceded them.


Until and unless we repent and submit to the nature of God as revealed in His Word as our standard in all things here and now, we are (and should be) doomed.

We cannot break His Word; we can only break ourselves – and our children’s future – upon it.

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May God grace His people with repentance and restoration through the faithful proclamation and application of His Gospel-fueled Great Commission, while there is yet time, by His grace and for His glory.


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2 Responses

  1. Article sounds creepy, but it's naïve to assume that all people will wait until marriage to have sex. The best way to get a teen to do something is tell them not to do it hundreds of times (i.e. quoting scripture or telling them they will go to Hell all the time for not waiting until marriage). My parents told me bluntly that if you get a girl accidentally pregnant, they were not going to help raise the child. In addition, all of the slides of gross STD's in high school health class discouraged me from screwing any random woman who was willing to participate.

  2. The age of consent has consistently been going up. In many western countries any punishment was reserved for men with the wrong social connections who had sex with girls 11 or younger. The flogging wasn't happening if the man was powerful, richer than the girl, a slave owner or the 'master of the house' and she was a servant, or in general if he was higher up the social ladder. Do you have any documentation of all this flogging you are discussing, as I'd love to see it.

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