According to a CDC report cited earlier this week by CBS, 110 million Americans have an STD at any given moment. Since America is estimated to have a round 316-319 million people, that means that around 34% – or just over one third – of the entire population has a sexually transmitted disease.

How awesome is that?!

I mean, over a third of us are soooooo hip, cool, trendy, and progressive that we have an STD (or two or three) to prove it!

Are we on fire or what?

[Insert “U! S! A!” chant here]

I know, I know…pretty creepy and disgusting…but this is our reality. This is where our choices have led us. This is on us.

And lest we allow ourselves to think for one moment that the vast majority of these 110 million proud Americans are off-the-handle, wild-eyed, open heathens, we ought to get a grip and hold tight to the fact that the vast majority of these people are, in fact, open, professing Christians, many of whom attend church regularly, go to Bible studies, and vote Republican.

They do these things altogether because, like each and every one of us, they are sinners. They are slaves to sin just as all people are until and unless the Lord graciously gives them a truly new nature through the supernatural act of salvation. Until that happens by the grace of God, they will always freely choose sin over holiness in accordance with their nature. This is why we share and apply the Gospel – so that God might be glorified in our obedience and that these people might be saved.

For those who are Christians, great “progress” has been made in conforming their walk and witness to the world. Through generations of submission to State-controlled “education” and Corporate-driven pop-culture standards over and above the clear truths of Scripture, we have knowingly and quite happily raised generation after generation of professing Christian children who freely and quite happily pursue paths that are, in substance, identical to those advocated by the dying world around them.

We watch what the world watches, listen to what the world listens to, dress the way the world dresses, “date” the way the world dates, and pursue education, family, and career just as the world tells us such things are to be pursued. And we are proud. Above all else, we are a proud people.

It is in this proudly blind context that we then marvel at “how bad things have become”.

We moan. We cry. We berate younger generations for doing everything we set them up to do.

We take to talk radio and television to rail against “those evil people” who are “wrecking the country”.

“How could it come to this” in America?!

“Why is the younger generation so lost?”

Well, they’re so very lost because, mainly, professing Christian parents for generations now have more and more openly, happily, and persistently tossed Scripture right out the window when it comes to actually living life on a day-to-day, decision-by-decision basis.


 (The two graphics above are unedited copies of ObamaCare advocacy ads.)


Judgment begins with the Church…not the Democrats


For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:17)


So the next time we are tempted to wonder “how it came to this” in America, let’s start by looking at ourselves and seeking the Lord through repentance.

His judgment is all around us. Our culture is about to be crushed under the cumulative weight of our multi-generational rebellion, but He has graciously given us one more opportunity at this very moment.

But we are so very proud and so very inclined to look to anything but Truth and its Author for our salvation.


FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, and the Republican Party are far more interested in perpetuating core contributors to these profound problems than they are in removing them. (Think: Which secular “conservative” standard bearer actually advocates the removal of State-control from children’s education?).

Every pagan, secular system and perspective on this earth is striving mightily to distract us from the one and only true solution to this and every other catastrophic consequence of our rebellion against God. This is why, from secular perspectives, things like the Gospel and Great Commission have no place in political conversation, much less a position of primacy.

Think about that, Christian…and pray for repentance to come to this land, while there is yet time, beginning with His people.


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Soli Deo Gloria!

(The above graphics are unedited copies of ObamaCare advocacy ads.)

2 Responses

  1. Rush Limbaugh does not deserve to be maligned. As a regular listener he condemns all the secular ideology without coming across as a fire breathing Christian. He doesn’t even identify himself by Christianity, but he advances the views and with far greater success in his reach than angry sounding Christians like the tone expressed in this post.

    1. Rush is an unbeliever, and, as such it is to be expected that he would offer only man-centered "solutions" in place of the only solutions capable of actually saving anyone or any culture. As Christians, we are called to reject and correct such destructive approaches, first out of love for the Lord and then out of a love for the people (and cultures) who are heading toward oblivion as a result of their rebellion against the Lord.

      Unbelievers will never understand this until and unless they are supernaturally transformed by the grace of God through the Gospel. Only then can they too embrace the Great Commission to conform all behavior to the perfect nature of Christ as revealed in His Word. Until that conversion happens, they will hate and oppose the proposition of Christ as King in practice right here and now in America.

      Yet that is the truth that we are called to proclaim and apply faithfully, whether unbelievers get it or not.

      I hope that this clarification is helpful.

      Thanks for chiming in!


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