Just when we thought that all was lost and the world was spinning hopelessly out of control, the powers that be have given us exactly what we need to save the day: A lawyer!

And not just any lawyer, but a particularly virulent strain of the lawyer virus: Apolitical operative”.

With that noted, please excuse me while I pause in writing this post to make a quick run to stock up even more on food, supplies, guns, gloves, respirators, and HazMat suits…

…okay, I’m back.

Thank you for your patience.

Now back to the story:

As ZeroHedge posted earlier today in response to CNN reporting that Obama will name Ron Klain as Ebola Czar,

“Forget medical experience, what the USA needs to combat the worst Ebola pandemic ever is “an American lawyer and political operative best known for serving as Chief of Staff to two Vice Presidents – Al Gore (1995–1999) and Joseph Biden (2009–2011).” Gotta wonder how Tom Frieden feels about this…”

To be fair, are some of the skill sets usually at the disposal of a well connected politico like Mr. Klain useful in a situation such as this? Sure. Managing people and communications is very important…but both of those concepts tend to mean very different things to different people.

In the context of the hyper-Orwellian Obama Administration, like the hyper-Orwellian Bush Administration before it, one cannot help but be suspicious as to what this latest (of many) Obama Czars has in mind where “helping America” is concerned.

How do President Obama and Czar-in-waiting Klain understand and apply their understanding of the concepts of “managing people” and “managing communication”?

Well, call me crazy, but we might just have a few hints toward the answer to that question based on President Obama’s understanding and use of things as: The CDC, NSA, TSA, IRS, and any number of other gigantic systems and organizations dedicated to the “management” of people and information.

Does the still ongoing Ebola Airways program from Africa to America maybe tell us a little something?

Does the mind-blowing incompetence of the CDC mean anything here?

The unfolding judgment of God upon America via wicked (and wickedly incompetent) leadership just gets weirder, wackier, and more comically depressing by the moment…but only when and if we forget that even these things are completely purposeful, and will work to the ultimate glory of God and the ultimate benefit of His people.

So hang in there! Try not to laugh and/or cry too hard as Ron rides onto television screens across America and tries to credibly pretend to save the day.

Don’t let the idiocy of it all distract you. We have a mission. A Great Commission. We are right where and when our King wants us.

We are called and equipped by our King to demonstrate true faith over fear. We are to prepare for what is coming faithfully, responsibly and with confidence.

So while Czar Ron is doing his comically tragic little thing, let’s not neglect to do our supernaturally wonderful, God-glorifying thing. Let’s seize this and every opportunity to faithfully proclaim the Lordship of Christ over everyone and everything everywhere in His creation, including right here and right now…all by His grace and for His glory.


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Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. Thank God I found you online "accidently"! You are a hoot! You tell the whole Truth .. and I am grateful there are folk out there like you!

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