Okay, is two enough?

Are two unnecessarily imported seeds for possible (and I do mean possible, not inevitable) Ebola pandemic in America enough?

Assuming that we manage, by the grace of God, to contain the New York City and Dallas events and hold them to a total of four infected people, can we please stop playing Russian Roulette now?

Can we please stop at two empty chambers and not go on to a third?

Pretty please?

Last week I wrote Of course Ebola is airborne. It flies in from Africa all the time. Since that post, the weird, wacky, and unraveling world that is modern day Americana seems to have only gotten more strange.

The most flagrant sign-of-the-moment of our culture’s having been “given over” to insanity, a la Romans 1, comes by way of the still ongoing flights from Ebola-ravaged regions into America, where folks who are likely to have been in contact with the virus are still not even quarantined before being allowed in.

Will Ebola seed #2 in New York City change this? So far, it’s not looking good…

At any rate, before getting much deeper into this particular man-made “airborne” aspect of the Ebola problem, let’s start by getting some basic facts down:

It was tempting to assume that, after importing the first case of Ebola in America by way of direct flight from the region most afflicted by the level 4 viral bio-hazard, we would have then at least learned better late than never that it is a pretty bad idea to ignore the basic protocols of quarantine when dealing with any serious disease outbreak, much less the high-octane plague of Ebola.

Yeah, that would be a tempting thought to have, particularly for a sane, balanced, rational person who simply desires for this serious threat to be treated…well…seriously.

Not out of hysteria. Not out of fear. Not out of a thirst for drama. But merely out of a calm, cool-headed, reasonable desire for serious things to be taken and treated seriously. You know, like adults used to do.

I’m as down as anyone on fear, fear-mongering, drama-queening, or any similar approach to this or any other subject, the fact that some are aiming to take this serious matter seriously strikes me as a very odd  – and very telling – thing to mock.

As has been chronicled and elaborated on here in previous posts, everything from the Ebola virus to the wicked leadership that has (and continues to) enable it is a clear sign of the judgment of God upon a culture. Plague (hello Ebola), drought (hello California), wicked leadership (hello Republican/Democrat leaders of the open border religion of globalism), and the sword of an enemy (hello ISIS) being raised up against a people have been well chronicled as common tools used by a sovereign God to punish prideful and rebellious people.

So are we any closer to repentance?

Are two rounds of Russian Roulette enough?

Or are we bent on suicide…as all Christ-dismissing cultures are?


The folks most responsible for all of this are those within the church. They have abandoned the Gospel and Great Commission, and in their neglect the culture has rotted around them – around us.

Lord willing, His people will repent, reform, and restore this culture, one supernatural salvation at a time through the Gospel and Great Commission in action.

‘Til that happens, look for more of the same…including Ebola Airways bringing in seed #3…


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