ACORN Funded Prostitution Zone

The ACORN wars have gone guerilla on the right side (they’ve been operating that way on the left from the start). Earlier today, posted two shots of these lovely little painted ACORN PSAs as they were found in the Los Angeles area.

With the recent outbreak of “ACORN Funded Prostitution Zone” signs popping up in, on and around L.A., it looks like area residents will be treated to some visual reminders of the sorts of activities promoted by ACORN not just in their home town, but from coast to coast all across the nation.

ACORN Prost 2

Perhaps if one of these could be placed near ABC News HQ so that Charlie Gibson might get a glimpse, he might finally begin to ask a question or two.

Then again, maybe not.

Okay, probably not.

It should be noted that the signs inaccurately reflect the nature of ACORN’s actual prostitution problem in that they do not mention that the organization is now well known for its promotion of child prostitution.

It’s hard to imagine the garden variety leftist voter caring much about garden variety prostitution these days, at least not beyond the fact that most of ’em would be all for its legalization. But child prostitution, well, we’ll see…

The jury is still out on that one. So far, there are a whole lot of ACORN defenders clinging to hope, change and the eternally valid race card.

So while we wait to see if leftists will ever turn on ACORN en mass over its widespread support for child prostitution, let’s just kick back and enjoy the view.

After all, never before has a PSA been this useful.


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  1. Maybe one of those can be stenciled on a trash can at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Because he was such a pusher for the organization for so long in the Chicago sewer, it would seem fitting to me…

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