Okay, so maybe it’s more of a big, bold, black ‘R’ in this case.

You know where this is going, and the fact that you know where it’s going is part of the problem. Everybody knows – everybody knows that the average American has been branded. Did you realize that you, being an American with a pulse, reading at a site called “Fire Breathing Christian”, have a roughly 92.4% chance of being the ‘R’ word?

It’s true. Sad and crazy, but true.

You’ve been branded with the dreaded ‘R’.




And above all else, of course, Racist.

Every protest of the “progressive” agenda is fundamentally fueled by pervasive racism in America, or so the Liberal Inquisition would have you believe. Any expression of even the slightest suspicion regarding President Obama, Obamacare, Obama pals like Charlie Rangel or ACORN is immediately tagged as racially motivated.

Just ask Jimmy Carter, former President and leader of the Democrat party.

Or Van Jones, former Communist Czar of [Expletive Deleted] Identification for the Obama administration.

Or nine out of ten given face-time on mainstream, pro-Statist media.

They’ll all give you essentially the same answer: You, my dear, confused, unenlightened little simpleton, are a racist.

Welcome to the happy land of “progressive” thought and speech!

Can you feel the hope?

Can you embrace the change?

Me neither.

So bring on the branding iron, Jimmy.  Just try and use it.

The Americans that you aim to mark for silence just aren’t buying it anymore. They’re not afraid. They’re fed up.

They’re gonna go right on praying, speaking, acting…and voting.

Now more than ever, thanks in no small part to you and your ridiculous little branding iron.


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