“No justice, no peace!”

In America, this means, “Do what we want or we will burn, pillage, and destroy.”

It is the threat of lawlessness…offered under cover of justice.

And it serves as a nice summary of just where American culture is when it comes to law, order, and peace.

As we’ve touched on more than a few times here, America’s rebellion against the law and justice of God begins “at the top” with her open rejection of His crystal clear command to prohibit the open public worship of false gods in the land. The American ideal begins with and champions precisely the opposite view: We are all about the freedom to worship any god we like, thank you very much.

So it is that the one and only foundation of true law, order, peace, and prosperity – the exclusive nature of the one true God Himself – is both cast aside and openly mocked as the exclusive personal foundation upon which law (or anything else) must be built.

Here we are now, in 2014, basking in the glow of that chosen path.

St. Louis suburbs are burning, stores are being looted, people are being physically assaulted, and our highest elected leader is telling us that we have to “better understand” these looting, torching, and assaulting folks.

And in a very real sense, he is right. We do need to understand them better.

We need to understand our role in making them into what they are now.

We need to understand that the first and most responsible group for all of this unfolding carnage is not the Democrats, the liberals, or the [inserts favorite secular group to hate on here]…it is the professing church of Jesus Christ in America. We are the first and most to blame for the burning, looting, and pain, and until we repent of our role here, there is little hope for any kind of meaningful, lasting turnaround in the land.

We need to understand the Republican and Democrat harmony in this whole operation.

We need to understand the purposeful, systematic enslavement of masses into an animalistic mode of life that serves the purpose of further empowering the ever-growing State.

We need to notice that the same folks proposing Statist solutions and ways of “understanding” the angry mobs are the same folks who have purposefully created these mobs in the first place.

The Welfare State and the Prison/Police/”Security” State are both wildly unbiblical…and the favored tools of the secular liberal/Democrat and “conservative”/Republican mindsets with which we’ve been programmed to play our role in the contrived political theater unfolding around us. The drive to make us slaves dependent on the State for sustenance from the Democrat/Left and slaves dependent on the State for security from the Republican/Right represent two wings of the same vile dragon – a dragon that is now on the verge of finishing off and enslaving the last bits of meaningful resistance so that it might then swing into a more aggressive stance against its most hated (and feared) enemy: The true Church of Jesus Christ the King.


The dragon has programmed us thoroughly for this day and the coming march into Statism. We’ve been freely, happily feeding him our children to be “educated” in his worldview for generations now, and that multi-generational rebellion has cemented the assumption of man’s autonomy in all matters as the guiding principle of our dark and dying culture.

One foundational “truth” that we are programmed to embrace and champion from childhood on in this culture is that we are free to do whatever we like. We decide what is right for us. Our desires are King. Our emotions are King.

Put another way: We are King.

That’s the American way.

The thought of Scripture as the actual basis for law in practice is the one legal concept upon which both leftists and “conservatives” (including most professing Christians) can completely agree…because they’ve been programmed to embrace the same self-centered worldview.

Thus, the thought of God’s law as truth here and now makes us squirm, squeal, kick, and revolt…kind of like other lawless folks in Missouri right about now.

We simply will not have it.

We will not have Christ the King to rule over us in practice.

And so our land burns…for the sake of justice.


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