For many of us, this isn’t even real anymore. It just can’t be. The steep and increasingly speedy decline of the America Idol is something that most Americans understandably have a hard time fully acknowledging, much less addressing in any meaningful way.

The fall that we are personally experiencing doesn’t seem real or even possible to many of the minds that have for generations been programmed to believe that America is exceptional to the point of absurdity. Where once, centuries ago, there was a sense here that all of our blessings were directly linked to the one true God of Scripture and that without our persistent seeking of and subjugation to Him, all would be lost, now we have replaced fidelity to Him with fidelity to America. Over the course of the American centuries, we have made ourselves into an imaginary god, and we have made the God of Scripture into an accompanying prop or ornament.

We have replaced His Word as the gold standard in law with our word – the Constitution.

We have replaced His Commandments, beginning with the crystal clear condemnation of allowing the open worship of false gods in the land, with our “most cherished American virtues”, chief among them being the promotion of the “freedom” to worship any false god one chooses. (See: Openly Reject God’s First Commandment? YES! WE! CAN!)

We have done these and many other terrible, culture-dooming things because we have first replaced God Himself as the gold standard for law giver in practice. Where once many in America began with God in order to propose or understand law, economic policies and the like, now in America – especially in most professing Christian circles – the beginning point for law is of man (the Constitution), by man (the Founding Fathers) and for man (the “American Dream” or “American Way” of liberty and freedom…as defined by, you guessed it: man). Where once all things were tested by Scripture, now Scripture is tested and vetted by American tradition, patriotism, and pragmatism.

So here we are, watching the fruits of multigenerational rebellion begin to finally, fully bloom before our eyes, and what do we want to do most?

Close ’em, of course.

We want to close our eyes.

We want to pretend.

We don’t want to see, and, once we have seen, we want to pretend that we haven’t.


Because, above all else, we desperately hope to preserve the illusion that we are somehow, some way, not responsible.

We close our eyes and avoid acknowledging truth because we want to pretend that we can avoid responsibility.

But God is not fooled by this, and, truth be told, neither are most people, including even those who are doing the pretending. While there are certainly some whose hearts and minds have been hardened to the point of total blindness, many of even the most ardent pretenders actually do know what is happening and, to a great extent, why it is happening. And as the headlines continue to more and more vividly chronicle the fall of the America Idol each month, week, and day, pretending gets harder and harder to do.

Today’s headlines provide us with two more interesting (and convicting) points of reference as we chart the death of a culture – our culture – in rebellion against the Creator and Ruler of all:

“It’s official: America is now No. 2.”

That’s the headline of today’s article chronicling China’s surpassing the United States as the world’s largest economy.

While the numbers involved in such calculations as those determining the ranking of economies are inherently flawed due to the comically ethereal nature of fiat currency systems, the bottom line is that America is apparently no longer the king of the Monopoly Money/fiat slavery states. The emergence of China into the top slot has been foreseen for a while now, but the practical reality of it being a done deal should tell us all something about where the anti-Christian globalist interests controlling the Central Bank-run economies of the world have taken and will continue to take America. (Hint: downward.) Our self-subjugation to a Monopoly Money economic construct that literally allows a few elites to craft “money” effortlessly out of thin air so that they can control and effectively own everyone who does not have this power will inevitably lead to our increasingly literal, increasingly horrific enslavement. (See: Fiat $lavery: We have been bought and paid for…with nothing.)

That enslavement should come as no surprise to any of us, as it has been the goal of these explicitly unbiblical economic systems from the beginning. God hates fiat currency (see: Proverbs 11:1) and we should too, for His glory and our personal, practical benefit. But even now we look the other way and pretend as chains are being forged ’round our necks and the limbs of future generations of Americans.

In another article just published by, US Birth Rate Hits All-Time Low, we learn that “The U.S. birth rate reached an all-time low in 2013, as the number of babies born in the country declined for the sixth straight year since the peak in 2007, a new report finds.” The piece goes on to point out that:

“In 2013, there were 3.93 million babies born in the U.S., down less than 1 percent from 2012, and down 9 percent from 2007, when a record-breaking 4.32 million babies were born in the U.S.”

This is particularly noteworthy in light of the fact that, in the name of American-style (aka “unbiblical”) “freedom” and “liberty”, we freely choose to massacre and dismember around 1,000,000 of our own babies each and every year. That’s roughly 20% of the babies given us by God to care for.

We are responsible for those children – both the ones we murder and the ones we don’t.

We murder about 1,000,000 of them each year and we send most of the 4,000,000 or so who that we allow to live on to the State for explicitly anti-Christian worldview training. (See: The Satanic approach to children’s education…as embraced by most professing Christians in America.) And then we dare to wonder why things just keep getting worse here generation after generation.

We are responsible for this. We are responsible for the murder and the satanic instruction of youth in the name of “America”, “liberty”, “and “patriotism”. We are responsible for allowing the State to become a god here in the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA.

Just as we are responsible for our fiat slavery enabling fiat currency.


And who is most responsible in that broad, all-inclusive “we” camp?

We Christians.

We are most to blame for all of it. (See: Judgment begins with the Church…not the Democrats.)

Until and unless God graces us with brokenness, repentance, and the desire to faithfully lead the culture to the same place, all is (and should be) lost.

Game over.

But, by His grace, the game is not over.

He has indeed called and equipped His people perfectly for the task at hand right here and right now in America and beyond. He has faithfully preserved His chosen remnant and He will see them through on their Gospel-fueled mission – the Great Commission to make disciples of the nations and teach them to do all that He has commanded (see: Matthew 28).

So while the world would have us to pretend, and most would understandably play along, we, of all people, ought never even entertain the notion of such apathetic self delusion.

Reality is, for us, the most amazing, fantastic, and incredible of all possibilities.

We are here now in the ultimate battle for the highest stakes and we have been given the greatest of missions by the all-powerful Sovereign of creation!

What opportunity!

What purpose!

What grace!

We have been given the task of advancing His Kingdom all by His grace, for His glory, and to our (and our children’s) eternal benefit!

Let the enemies rely on lies, bad fiction, and self-delusion if they must (and yeah, they must).

As for we who are His, let us seize this and every moment for Him. Let’s proclaim and apply His nature as revealed in His Word in every physical corner and immaterial realm of His creation until every enemy stronghold is crushed and every thought is brought captive to Christ the King.

If the very gates of hell cannot prevail against us, what chance do the likes of Planned Parenthood, Public “Schools”, and The Federal Reserve have?

From a biblical perspective, they are practically dead already…all we need do is act faithfully now to play a role in making that happen right here and now in the time He has given us.

Soli Deo Gloria…and let’s roll!


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  1. this is the second time this week I've read an article like this.

    y'all just don't go back far enough. The problems you mention are the SYMPTOMS, not the cause.

    yeah, "'mericuns" have abandoned the foundational premise of God as Lawgiver.

    But that's because the church did so, about 325 A.D.

    So, what we're seeing is not a RECENT development — it's the fruit of nearly 2000 years of the CHURCH's lackadaisical, ignorant and rebellious behavior.

    and if those to whom righteousness was entrusted fail so utterly miserably, what ELSE can the end result be???

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