[5/16/15: As open hostility toward biblical Christianity in America continues to ramp up, and with the enforced culture-wide embrace of sexual perversion building momentum, this seems like a useful post to revisit.]

Okay, let’s see if we can connect the dots here:

  1. “Terror” is what the State and its tools tell us it is. It’s what ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the like (all purposefully funded and fueled by America and the West) inflict upon civilization when they do things like bomb a pizzeria or decapitate a journalist. Of course, when we – America – systematically mass murder and dismember 1,000,000 babies a year, each and every year, that is called “freedom” and “liberty”. When we drone-strike a wedding and kill innocent women and children, that’s called “collateral damage” in our grand and noble war against “terror”. And when we hype up US/West-funded ISIS and al-Qaeda as the basis upon which we must surrender individual freedom, liberty, and privacy to our elite masters (who, oddly enough, never surrender their privacy or freedom), that is called “patriotism” for the sake of “security”.
  2. “Terrorists” are whomever the State determines them to be. The term “terrorist” is not defined in practice in America as a person who does terrible and destructive things for the purpose of inspiring terror or fear in a population, however much the State and its many advocates may aim to manipulate minds through implication to the contrary. A “terrorist”, from the State’s actual (and operational) perspective, is anyone deemed to be a threat to the governing system of Corporate/Statist power in America. The elites who own our State and its systems routinely fund and deploy everything from ISIS and al-Qaeda to the NSA, IRS, TSA, and CIA as a means by which to control us through fear and intimidation…which is actual terrorism.
  3. Torturing loosely-defined “terrorists” is okay. Everything in our culture is aimed at promoting the supremacy of the American State in every realm of life. With a patriotism severed from submission to Christ, conservatives have become among the most complacent, compliant pro-Socialist drones in the land. After generations of State-controlled children’s “education” and Corporate-controlled pop-culture programming through film, television, radio, and other media, the default position for most self-described “conservative Christian Americans” is to support the torture of anyone that the American State deems fit for torture.
  4. Killing loosely-defined “terrorists” is okay. Same basic principle as Dot #3, only with lethal ramifications. Again, it is worth noting that these “patriotic” killings are vigorously pursued and defended while all around us on proud, public display is our systematic baby mass murdering and dismembering system of “freedom” and “liberty” advancing “clinics”. Residents of Nazi Germany in the 1940s had far greater cover to use in proclaiming their ignorance than we do in America. After generations of State and Corporate programming, we cheer and howl like rabid lemmings in favor of doing anything to chase after US-funded tools like ISIS while knowingly allowing mass baby murderers to operate for a profit here day in and day out.
  5. Those who do not submit to the Almighty American State deserve to be punished. This is now a basic presupposition of even most professing conservative Christians in America. The neglect and rank perversion of passages like Romans 13 is a prime example of how man-centered leadership from within the professing church has led America to the brink of totalitarianism through unchecked and unchallenged Statism.
  6. True Christians must be perceived – and eventually formally identified – as terrorists by the American State. The biblical requirement of faithful Christians to become and propagate disciples who actively seek to learn and do all that Christ has commanded, applying His lordship in practice in every realm of life, including law, government, politics, economics, sexuality, and everything else, inherently qualifies them as the primary and ultimate threat on this earth to the powers atop the modern Orwellian State in America (see: Dot #1). Already, there have been reports and discussions making it plain that adherents to biblical Christianity are a terroristic threat to this system. It is only a matter of time before this clearly telegraphed concept becomes more and more formally embraced and applied by those who own and operate the anti-Christian American State.
  7. True Christians will soon be targeted for torture and death by the powers that own and operate the American State. This is where even many who are compelled to agree with the first six points will do what professing Christians have been doing ’round these parts for well over 100 years: Deny plain reality and go on pretending. After all, that’s how professing Christians led the culture to this point in the first place. Why would it change now?

So how did we get here? How did America get to this most pathetic and desperate place?

The professing Christian church led us here…led us to the brink of the open slaughter of true, obedient believers.

More specifically, the pastors of professing churches have led us here.

In their blind, often unconscious devotion to the State (remember: they themselves have usually been thoroughly programmed by and for the State through State-controlled “education”), they have led their flocks and our culture to this place. (See: Why is the beast of Socialism eating our children? Ask your pastor.)

All of the cultural hell we are watching rise around us has been enabled and encouraged through the same single avenue by which all cultural rot and perversion is born. This has all come about through our proud rejection of the crystal clear, life-defining, and life-preserving Word of God as the actual (and detailed) standard for living life in every realm of God’s creation. Once we decided that anything could be separated from explicit connection to Christ as it’s life-giving, life-sustaining core, we were doomed.

We just don’t believe that God’s Word is binding here in this life on this world. God’s Word on government, law, economics and the like is for some other, ethereal, “out there” or yet-to-come Kingdom…not for here and now on His earth.

That one trick of the serpent just never seems to get old to us…we love it!

From the beginning, he has told us that explicit obedience and connection with God is not necessary to pursue true knowledge. Submission to God is actually a hindrance to such pursuits.

That’s the lie we keep buying and dying upon.

That’s the lie at the very foundation of our beloved State-controlled system of children’s “education” – a system actively defended by most professing pastors, openly cherished by most professing Christians, and…taken straight from the serpent’s tongue in Genesis 3 (and later repeated in the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto). (See: The Satanic approach to children’s education…as embraced by most professing Christians in America.)

All of these satanic (and cherished) systems are bought, paid for, and fueled through an equally satanic approach to economics. Our willing submission to a system that gives the power to craft “money” out of thin air to a few so that they might then own and control everyone and everything beneath them could not exist in a world where Christ’s people were faithfully standing for His Word on economics. What He has proclaimed to be an abomination (See: Proverbs 11:1), we call good and spend our very lives chasing after…just as our self-appointed masters have intended all along. (See: Fiat $lavery: We have been bought and paid for…with nothing.)

The economic screws of this abomination of a system have been tightening for a while now, and in increasingly public fashion. Corporate America’s open war on true Christianity is about as out of the closet as it can get , but economic persecution is not the endgame. It is but one piece; one thread in the noose aimed at choking out the last vestiges of true obedience to Christ as King in practice from the American landscape.

Christianity is the threat. It is ultimate terror to all godless systems and their defenders.

As such, it must be eliminated.

And unless His people rise and stand by His grace for His truth, it will be completely removed from this land, as it has been from so many other places and peoples in days gone by.


Connect the dots, Christian.

It’s time to wake up.

It’s time to stop pretending.

It’s time to stop imagining that it’ll “all just work itself out” and that we don’t actually have to give our everything for the cause of Christ. We absolutely do have to give our everything…and more…much, much more…which would be impossible were it not for the One that has placed us here and now for this task and the One who will lead us in this battle.

It’s time to go on offense.

It’s time to take up the sword of truth, the armor of faith, the banner of the Gospel, and the supernatural, life- and culture-saving Great Commission of Jesus Christ the King of Creation.

It’s time to take every thought captive, tear down every enemy stronghold, and apply His nature as revealed in His Word as the standard by which every ream of His creation and every area of life is to be understood and pursued.

It’s time to believe in practice.

When, by His grace, we do that, there is no State or system than can stand against us, including the very gates of hell itself (see: Matthew 16:18).


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