Jeremiah Wright Trick

Bubba Clinton…Van Jones…Jimmy Carter…Al Gore…Walter Mondale…Jesse Jackson…Jeremiah Wright!

Arianna…Donahue…Charlie Rangel…Barry O…Chris Matthews…John Dingell… Janeane Garafalo!

Think Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire and just keep adding names as they pop into your head. I stopped at verse three-hundred-twenty-nine, but there’s nothing to keep you from going on with this little musical exercise, well, forever. If there’s one thing that might (remember, I said might) rival the sanctity of infanticide as a holy rite in the cult of “progressive” liberalism, it is the sacred art of playing the race card.

You didn’t vote for Obama last year?

They know why.

You did vote for The One, but have since become disenchanted with the course he’s charted for the nation?

They congratulate you for overcoming those unfortunate impulses of yours back in November, but clearly a certain, *ahem*, “issue” has since resurfaced.

You say you oppose Obamacare?

They’re onto your real problem. They know what you really oppose.

You don’t like the thought of rationed health-care, increased funding of infanticide, providing tax-payer funded health-care to illegal immigrants or plunging the nation even deeper down the path to financial oblivion in order to make all of this possible?

They know what you really don’t like here…and it has nothing to do with health care.

You want lower taxes and less government?

C’mon now, they know what you really want to see less of. 

You don’t like it when state-controlled schools instruct the little kiddies given over to them in praise and worship of The One?

And why would that be? Hmmm…

As always, they know the real answer here: You are, in fact, a racist.

So just shut up already about Obama, Obamacare, the Obama Youth, tax cuts, tax hikes, ever-increasing mountains of debt, rationed health-care, death panels, funding of infanticide, skyrocketing unemployment, rank negligence in the “all important” Afghan conflict, government takeovers of private businesses, and amnesty for illegal immigrants. You have no case to make on these or any other issues, at least not one that they’re going to allow.

They don’t wanna hear it, they won’t hear it, and they will do anything that they can to prevent you from saying it.

This is “progress”.

This is the “change” that Obama has brought to America.

The contemporary American Democrat party has become a one-trick donkey, perpetually using its one-size-fits-all weapon of suppression to bludgeon opposition into silence on every issue of this or any other day. The race card has become their universal solvent. It’s their out-punch.

As of late, it seems to be their only punch.

Pathetic and frustrating though this may be, it is in fact a very good thing. Beautiful, even. For us, anyway.

As we go about the business of pummeling the forces of “progressive” liberalism, we need not fear their one and only rhetorical weapon of significance. Their one trick isn’t playing anymore. Their out-punch is always telegraphed. Their favorite tool is totally spent.

This won’t stop them from using it, of course. They will continue. It’s all they know.

But nobody’s buying what they’re selling anymore. The gig is up.

The forces of imposed “progress” don’t yet seem to realize that their little one-trick donkey show is, for all practical purposes, over. It’s finished, but they just can’t let it go. The performance goes on, though the crowd has lost all interest and left the building.

Of course, this makes those of us in the crowd entirely racially motivated, but we knew that already. We’ve heard it all again and again…

…and it just doesn’t matter.

We will oppose Obamacare.

We will oppose tax increases.

We will oppose infanticide, amnesty for illegal immigrants, government takeovers of the private sector and the ceaseless, radical amplification of our national debt.

We will do so loudly, proudly and defiantly, all while effortlessly dodging that lame, gimpy little punch that you so desperately throw again and again.

It has no sting. You hit like a girl (or a Barney Frank).

We didn’t start this fire, but we sure can put it out.


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7 Responses

    1. Then why are you here? And if you would read the comments and honestly consider their validity or invalidity, you might come to a different conclusion, Natsha. Nothing is so wrong as preconceived correctness.

  1. The unfortunate result of the donks' cry of "Racism!" every time any question is raised about any of Duh-1's policies is that when real racism does occur (and yes, it still really does occur) it is as likely to be ignored by thinking people (also known as conservatives) as all the rest of the racism charges. That is truly a shame.

    And equally shameful is the racism so openly and defiantly displayed by those claiming to be "oppressed". It gives race-baiters all the opening they need to enrich their own coffers and keep the festering wounds of past practices oozing with their own brand of hate.

    1. Yessiree Carlos, the devaluation of the racism issue through its extreme abuse is a very sad thing. The whole "cry wolf" deal has had its way through this abuse and actual racists only benefit from this, which is an awful consequence.

      The left has empowered genuine racists in many ways…

      1. The worst part of it all is the Machiavellian designs of the race-baiters, that "the ends justify the means."

        And of course, the "means" with which to continue their extremely profitable abuse of their own people is the continued abuse of anyone in disagreement with them.

        In the meantime, those who really are racially motivated (on all sides of the issue) get free passes because the reality is much more acceptable in our society than the illusion.

  2. Our government panders to the 20 to 30 plus (?) illegal immigrants allowing them free subsidies from taxpayers in the US. California–a Sanctuary State has one of the worst records that currently languish under the immense burden of near bankruptcy, instead of –ATTRACTING–ICE to illegal business operations. Certain legislators in Sacramento, led by Gilbert Cedillo-D has authored a lame brain resolution condemning any interference in immigration enforcement. Congressman Brian Bilbray-R Calif. reminds Sen. Cedillo that this resolution breaks the laws of the Constitution. “He should look up the separation of powers section and this resolution is nothing more than political posturing.” Cedillo urges President Obama to declare an immediate moratorium on immigration policies and practices until a comprehensive reform of immigration is enacted. The resolution states " The State of California values all of its residents, whether they be citizens, legal residents, or undocumented immigrants, and strives to enable all residents to work and live free from discrimination, exploitation, and repressive federal immigration enforcement.” This man certainly has no love for the legal American worker and should be immediately discarded from office as his words are a form of treachery to the jobless people hurting.

    Why wouldn't certain legislators want health care for foreign labor, because they have an over abundance of illegal immigrant families to financially support? Our own government is so absorbed in protecting every other countries border? They remain unconcerned to our poor replica border fence that should have been a two-tier periphery, with border patrol surveillance lanes in between, as originally planned by Rep. Duncan Hunter. Every time a good enforcement plan is written, it’s methodically cut to pieces by pro-illegal worker politicians and open border fanatics. Though we spend billions on our armed forces in foreign lands, the rich countries in Europe just forward token troops and little money: while our nation is literary falling apart at the seams–or its rivets?

    Any moment now I expect to hear of yet another collapsing ailing city bridge, deteriorating waterworks, the underground pipes and eroding highway. Our cities are already exhibiting inward decay, but years of neglect by the very people who’s supposed to protect us do nothing? I have reiterated watch "The Crumbling of America" on the History (International) channel in the next few weeks and learn? This is where your tax dollars should be going? We must not allow the Administration as in previous times keep sending our precious tax dollars to other countries. These politicians are deaf, dumb and intentionally blind to the rigors our industrial nation is going through. Not just Democrats, but the Republicans have had their sticky fingers in the bad apple–SPECIAL INTEREST–barrel, where money is plentiful. It's like they are intentionally trying to turn our magnificent country into a third world nation, while making other cheap labor countries, on an even par with our sovereign society as US wages tumble? Then Again the Council of Foreign Relations have been amplifying its agenda of free movement of cheap labor through North America for years?

    Most of these other lands have been at each others throats for centuries, so why do we expect any metamorphism into something any different? Only change can come from within, not by our nation expending billions of dollars, American lives? We must build our own borders fences, tall and strong and meant to keep out drug dealers, criminal aliens, terrorists and the never ending tracks of illegal aliens. Our politician’s noses are involved in too much foreign policy, while our aging infrastructure implodes. Trillions of dollars are spirited out the country, while we gain little in return. Washington–MUST–start giving back to the jobless American worker by placing a 5 year moratorium on all immigration, even legal? The next politicians should deliver us from any new sinister path to citizenship or better referred to as BLANKET AMNESTY? Follow the "Rule of Law" and not twist it into something else for their own convenience, as it will come back to haunt them at the voting booth. Unless ACORN steps-in with another fed contract and handles sign-ups for the ballot box? In that case will still see absentee ballots for the deceased people, pets and anybody who has learned that you need no government picture ID to sign on to vote.

    The 1986 immigration reform bill dismally failed last time and all we inherited was 5 million illegal immigrants that still keep on coming with their impoverished hands out. Anti-Illegal immigrant forces are growing in numbers to stop another travesty. They acknowledge it could end up costing billions, perhaps even trillions of dollars. Nationwide we have seen the advent of closing hospitals and emergency rooms that have been submerged everyday by swarms by penniless foreigners and their families. Yes! We need health care reform. Americans are dying, going bankrupt , falling under the spell of debt collectors. The special interest lobbyists are causing mass hysteria by lying to the people. Many insurance companies are under this bombardment in television, radio and mass media. Their Status quo wants no change to their profits or high flying CEO's making millions of dollars. on patients backs? I want health care reform, for the sake of my step daughter who died of Cancer, because the insurers said it was a pre-existing condition and they couldn't continue to insure her?

    It has become an enigma–THAT THE EMPLOYERS WHO HIRE THEM-LEAVE THE MAJORITY OF SICK PEOPLE ON THE STEPS OF EMERGENCY ROOMS. SO THAT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY ENDS THERE? THEY DRIVE AWAY WITH A CLEAR CONSCIOUS? THEN IS LEFT FOR THE TAXPAYERS CHECK BOOK TO PAY THE BILL? THOSE EMPLOYERS SHOULD BE HUNTED DOWN AND HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVERY CENT. We have already been warned by the census bureau of overpopulation in the not too distant future. WE now have a very unique deterrent called E-Verify, that is a part of the SAVE ACT and our lawmakers should stop procrastinating and make it permanent for every worker? Washington knows their walking on quicksand, if the try to under fund or spirit away E-Verify this time around? The corrupting influences from the special interest lobby, have failed to induce many lawmakers to table E-Verify. In our future it could have many other uses other than extracting unauthorized labor from the workplace. Once fully installed it could check state drivers license applicants, insurance, school and higher education registrations and hospital admittances.
    Americans have been unknowingly paying taxes to underwrite subsidies for the illegal population for decades. This is the biggest draw to American jobs, because the employers who hire them are sentient that taxpayers will foot the bills for education, health food stamps, housing and other government benefit consignments that even as citizens are denied. Keep the phone calls coming at 202-224-3121 LOOK FOR ANSWERS AT NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & OVERPOPULATION AT CAPSWEB? These websites can identity politicians who actually work for the American people and others whose immigration grading level is unsatisfactory to stay in office? Have you heard about any large ICE raids lately? ICE got the order to cease and desist from the motley Democratic leadership. They are also using their influence to either weaken the federal training program 287 G that gives local police federal right to hold for questioning suspicious individual’s immigration status and to rescind the no-match-letter capability in determining a person’s right to work?

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