Are unending Rocky (and Rambo) sequels a sign of God’s judgment upon us?

Is that even a question?

Of course they are!

And yes, if you haven’t heard already, this is not a drill: New Rocky and Rambo flicks are in the works…again.

While there is no explicit mention of Rocky XII or Rambo: Thirteenth Blood, Part Deux in the book of Revelation or elsewhere in Scripture, we are shown again and again in the Word that Christ is both the source and object of all true, fruitful, vibrant human endeavors – including those taking place in the realm of the arts. So it should come as no surprise that a culture more and more open in its rejection of His life-giving Word would find its artistic endeavors becoming more and more Rocky.

But before we roll our eyes and shake our heads at the la-la land lunacy on display here, we need to remember that this whole ridiculous, redundant retread syndrome is mainly our fault.

When we as Christians surrender the arts to the enemy – an enemy defined by and enslaved to the utter irrationality and incoherence of rebellion against God – then we deserve another Rocky sequel. And another. And another.


The point here is that if Rambo IX: The Depends Years ever actually happens, it’s our fault. Oh, it’s Sylvester Stallone’s and whichever Hollywood Studio’s fault, too, but it’s our fault first for having ever allowed a “creative environment” conducive to such banal bilge to take hold in the first place.

Of all the things the Church has allowed to happen to the culture through our abandonment of the Great Commission, relentless Rambo and Rocky releases may not be the worst, but they are certainly among the most pathetic. They are the fruits of an apathetic Christianity that has abandoned the Great Commission mandate to confront, correct, and teach everyone to actively, lovingly strive to honor the Nature of Christ as revealed in His Word in every realm of His creation.

Until and unless we repent, take up that charge, and believe in Him who has called and equipped us for this mission, this world is doomed to ever increasing darkness…and endless Rocky/Rambo retreads.

The horror.


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