Though far more Americans are aware of and talking about the under-inflation of Tom Brady’s footballs, an infinitely more important and impactful inflation-related issue has been building publicly for months (if not years) now, culminating in today’s announcement by the European Central Bank that they will begin a massive, multi-trillion Euro “quantitative easing” (aka “money printing”) program of their own.

While I’m as interested in the NFL playoffs as anyone (go ‘Hawks!), it sure would be cool if more folks would find a way to switch away from ESPN long enough to at least notice that they and their children are being economically raped and pillaged by a global gang of criminals operating on a scale and with a level of contempt not seen before in human history.

And no, I’m not exaggerating. It’s that bad. (See: Fiat $lavery: We have been bought and paid for…with nothing.)

At the same time, as Christians, we ought not be stressed or worried.



Actively striving to learn and apply biblical truth to the realm of economics while preparing ourselves (and others) accordingly?


But worried?


God has us right where He wants us and His people will be equipped and used perfectly even in this unprecedented looming economic storm.


The realm of economics is His. Completely. Never forget that…and never forget to apply that truth in your personal planning and when sharing thoughts with others.

Now back to the not-Tom Brady-related story:

As CNBC reported today in Open-ended European QE starts ‘with a bang’:

“European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi announced the launch of an open-ended, expanded monthly 60 billion euro ($70 billion) private and public bond-buying program on Thursday.

The long-anticipated introduction of euro zone government bond purchases, which could amount to as much as a trillion euros, will mean the ECB will join the U.S. Federal Reserve, Bank of England and Bank of Japan in launching a quantitative easing (QE) scheme.

The program will be open-ended, lasting until at least 2016, Draghi told reporters at his regular media conference on Thursday, and will start in March this year. The hope is that it will boost the region’s painfully low inflation rate, which came in at an annual minus 0.2 percent in December.”

Did you catch that? The inflation part, I mean.

More precisely, the “hope is that it will boost the region’s painfully low inflation rate” part.

We’ll come back to the i-word later, but for now let’s bask in the glow of the heartwarming reality that the Banksters in Europe are now entering the same general phase of looting and destruction charted by the privately managed American Federal Reserve some time ago.

In a nutshell: They are printing money…which is akin to printing power. And control.

They are printing tons of it.

Trillions of € to go with the trillions of $ deployed by the Fed in recent years.

And why?

To prop up (or inflate) asset bubbles.

Put another way, to preserve the illusion of stability and wealth. This makes economic numbers look good and makes self-absorbed and/or ignorant stock holders happy.

This artificial (aka “fake” or “rigged”) inflation of asset values is accomplished by banks funding the purchase of assets using newly minted “money”. In other words, the inflation of asset values is attained through the inflation of the money supply, which then produces…*drumroll*…inflation everywhere else.

And what does this mean for you and me at the bottom of this Ponzi Scheme pyramid?

Inflated grocery costs. Inflated utility costs. Inflated diaper costs. Inflated clothing costs.

With our dollars purposefully devalued through the currency inflation process, we lose. For a time, those at the top appear to win because their assets are being artificially inflated in a manner that causes them little worry (and even makes them quite happy most of the time), but those at the bottom immediately feel the pain of this theft.

And make no mistake, inflation is theft.

It is purposeful.

It is deceitful.

It is evil.

And we have been conditioned to embrace it as “normal” and now even good.

Conditioned by whom?

The State and Corporate systems that are literally owned by the people doing this to us.

That’s why it is perfectly reasonable and right to refer to the authors and managers of the fiat currency/inflation/slavery process as Banksters.

Obviously, we’re not talking here about the teller, cashier or branch manager at your local bank. They are cogs in a machine that is systematically grinding their future to bits just as surely as anyone else’s. We’re talking about the people atop the contrived and controlled system; the people riding the wildly unbiblical economic beast that is feeding on the lives and labor of the masses.

They are liars, thieves, and frauds.

They intentionally craft, deploy, and constantly expand a system of unbiblical economics designed to enslave and control everyone and everything beneath them.

They relentlessly strive to drive us from every biblical pursuit and priority possible as they make our lives more and more impossible to sustain without giving ourselves over completely to the State and Corporate owned world.

Who has the time for Bible studies, family devotionals, and serious home discipleship when one “good job” isn’t enough to even feed and clothe a family anymore?

You think this is accidental?

You think inflation “just happens”, like gravity or Rocky sequels?

Think again. (See: The slow boil and economic rape of the biblically illiterate.)

Think, read the Word, and pray for guidance in this calm before the pop of the inflated bubble and the economic hell to follow.

Pray that repentance and restoration will sweep the land before this storm comes, but, if it doesn’t, rest assured that the collapse and pain to come will be perfectly used for the glory of God and the benefit of His true people.

And remember always: The Gospel-fueled Great Commission is the only answer to this and every other man-made, man-centered crisis. Repentance and surrender to the King of creation is the only thing that can and will save us.


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