So Greece is bankrupt.

Really bankrupt.

Western Banksters are railing (and licking their chops). The Greek people are in despair. The Greek economy is in shambles. Most Greek young adults are unemployed and have such grim prospects that they are leaving the country when they can. And the Euro-zone is on the brink…of something…probably something big.

The whole fiat-currency system of fictional money whipped up out of thin air by a self-appointed elite class in order to control everyone and everything beneath them is taking on serious water before our eyes.

Yet Americans seem to barely notice, much less care or prepare. They’re roughly 1,000,000,000 times more interested in Tom Brady’s footballs and Fifty Shades of Grey. Or maybe their preferred distraction is the controlled, contrived political theater of Hillary Clinton and/or [insert fave Republican here]’s building presidential prospects. Whatever the case and whichever the preferred diversion, the same goal has once again been achieved by the system of systems in which we are immersed: Most Americans have yet again been distracted from the real and most significant maneuverings of their enemies by way of deflective entertainment, be it political, sport, or pop-culture flavored.

For all of the talk and political posturing each election cycle, American are now incredibly comfortable with the notion of a bankrupt nation.

Even so-called conservative Christians in America are overwhelmingly in favor of continuing Social Security, Medicare, perpetual war, Medicaid, Food Stamps, unemployment benefits, public schools, and on and on and on.

And the most conservative of them tend to be overwhelmingly in favor of the ongoing money-print-a-palooza aimed at shoring up the value of their homes and stocks.

So long as their home values and their stock values are being inflated by printing more and more and more trillions of dollars, then print away!

To (economic) hell with future generations!

To (economic) hell with those struggling at the bottom right now!

Perpetual war must continue…the Welfare State must expand…home and stock asset bubbles must be maintained, so…

Keep! On! Printing!


So it is that home values, stock values, and the welfare state are all allowed to continue for just a little while longer through the purposeful fiction of fiat currency economics.

So what then is the difference between a bankrupt Greece and a bankrupt America?

Well, the biggest difference is that America’s fiat currency is, for the moment (and that moment is fading quickly), the global standard of fiat currencies. It is the fake money that people like most, for now.

So when we want to grow the State and wage perpetual war while also artificially inflating the values of things like homes and stocks, we just print more “money” to do it.

And we keep on printing it.

We print and print and print…and inflate and inflate and inflate…

Then we wage war anywhere we want, we expand the Welfare State any way we want, and we artificially prop up the house and stock value bubbles so that the comfortable can stay comfortable for a bit longer.

Of course, this inflation also causes the poor folks struggling harder and harder at the bottom to have the price of their cheese, milk, bread, and many other essentials go up, up, up, too, but, as we noted earlier: Who cares?!

To economic hell with ’em!

Let them go get a second/third job. Or maybe Food Stamps. Or maybe both. And if they dare to biblically critique this ungodly arrangement, just call ’em slackers and “excuse making ” parasites. Yep, that’s the new “American Christian” way…for many, it seems.

We have a delusion to prop up here! We have an illusion to maintain!

And our ruling elites in America have the one tool with which to keep this mirage going for just a little while longer: The world standard in fake money.

Greece is not so fortunate.

Or maybe Greece is the more fortunate one after all, since the sooner one faces (or is forced to face) the economic realities conveyed to us by God in His perfect Word, the better.

The sooner conviction and repentance comes, the better.

In this sense, America is truly in the worst of all possible places.

Our ability to cruelly continue to inflate assets bubbles and empower an overtly godless group of elites and system of economics more and longer than any other nation on earth truly does seem to place us in the most precarious of positions.

As such, our economic fall, when it comes, will likely be harder and more devastating than any other.

Barring repentance, restoration, and active submission to Christ the King in the realm of economics here in America, we will soon be far worse off than Greece.

A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is his delight. When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom. The integrity of the upright guides them, but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them. Riches do not profit in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death. ~ Proverbs 11:1-4


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  1. As they often say in sermons, what would the personal application to knowing fiat currency is a violation of God's Word. This is a very big and somewhat arbitrary idea…how or what is the personal application to be made here? What does the individual Christian do as a response to the message? Or is this only something the group can really take on (like a whole church community)?

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