Year after year (and especially in election years), we hear the same bold, clear warnings and moaning from a political class trying to keep us on board with their program for just one…more…election…

We hear it from the Left.

We hear it from the Right.

Both mouths of the two-headed dragon speak in harmony.

“Future generations are being sold out.”

“We are spending our children’s future away.”

“We are paying for our programs and the mirage of prosperity today with the unearned wealth of unborn generations.”

“Tomorrow’s children are being sold into economic bondage by the decisions we are making today.”

On and on it goes…year after year…election cycle after election cycle…decade after decade…and generation after generation.

And now here we are at the point where it has become normal to earn nothing on savings.


The emerging Orwellian State (aka “America”) in which we now live is enabled on every tangible level through what Scripture describes as an abominable economic foundation (see: Proverbs 11:1 and Fiat $lavery – We have been bought and paid for…with nothing.)

The ever-growing State, having fed upon the liberty of its subjects and been successfully expanded through the unlimited printing of currency used by the money-printing class to purchase and control everything (and everyone) beneath them for generations now, has finally entered the phase that we were all told was coming. The economic slavery of which so many warned (some sincerely; most disingenuously) is no longer “on the horizon” or “out there” awaiting future unborn generations.

It is here.

It is upon us.

Right now.

The bill for the multi-generational Welfare/Warfare State promoted and paraded about so successfully by the Two-Headed Dragon atop our contrived/controlled political system has now come due. Those born into a bondage brought about by proud, unrepentant Americans of generations past are now living under the dark cloud and increasing weight of that reality.

One glaring evidence of the tragic economic condition into which young (and young-ish) workers of today have been sold by their parents and grandparents is the present reality of near-zero, zero, and even negative interest rates on savings.

What was previously unthinkable – and is a tell-tale sign of an economic system that has flat-lined – is now rapidly becoming the norm throughout Europe and even in America.

Where generations of the past would preach much about the value of savings (a good approach, to be sure), their collective support of the Two Headed Dragon’s abominable economic system has now made it so that young workers of today will receive virtually, if not literally, nothing in the way of interest on whatever money they might store in a bank. In more and more places, we are actually being charged by financial institutions for the privilege of storing money with them.

This is insane.

And insane is just what we should have always expected from a system literally designed to enslave the masses to the money-printing elite, who have been given the power to create currency for themselves (and their “too big to fail” friends) effortlessly, out of thin air.

So long as those elites are allowed to use mountains of fictitious “money” to artificially prop up the values of assets like stocks and homes, those in the relatively comfortable position of holding such assets are happy to look the other way while those at the bottom are crushed by the also-rising prices of food and essentials. Truly, the love of money – even (and perhaps especially) fake money – is the root of all manner of evil.

So the next time you see one of those commonplace mass circulated emails harping on and on about how stupid and irresponsible and generally pathetic more recent generations are when compared to the “responsible and wise” generations that came before them, just remember: Pride makes liars, and the current generation has been sold into bondage by those “responsible and wise” predecessors in more ways than we could fit even into a long blog post here.

Recent generations are riddled with all sorts of rank approaches to economics (and everything else), to be sure. We have much to repent of and reform. Lord willing, that will happen.

In the meantime, while making no excuses for the bad behavior of anyone, we need to honestly assess the whole context here if we are to repent of past mistakes and avoid repeating those mistakes in the future. This makes honestly assessing the world crafted by the parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents of today essential. The path leading to where we are now stretches back for generations that have been largely defined by increasingly State-empowering idolatry and abandonment of Scripture.

State-controlled children’s education?


Perpetual (and ever expanding) Warfare State for the “conservatives”?


Perpetual (and ever-expanding) Welfare State for the “liberals”?

(…and for the “conservatives” too, of course, who overwhelmingly approve of Social Security, Medicare, and even things like Food Stamps to keep the poor from begging them for food.)


All of these things have been introduced, perpetuated, and bled for every advantage possible by generations past.

Now it’s time to pay…and pay we (and our children…and our grandchildren) will…through economic bondage.

We will pay to store what little (if anything) we can save so that those benefiting from the ongoing inflation of their asset values can go right on benefiting…and looking the other way…

But God is not looking away.

He is marking every action of every person and every institution.


Let us hope and pray that He will break this system’s proponents into a state of repentance through conviction, inspiring them to seek His will in all things (including economics) in practice, or that He will finally shatter this godless, dehumanizing system into a million pieces.

Judgment is coming, sooner or later, upon all such systems.

Lord willing, in this case mass repentance will come first.

Lord willing, those sold into slavery by their parents and grandparents in America will finally be freed through Gospel-fueled obedience to His perfect, life-giving Word on all things…including economics.


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