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Somebody on the international advance team forgot to dispense the Kool-Aid, and for the first time in my life, I am proud of the IOC.

In what the Associated Press called, “one of the most shocking defeats ever handed down by the International Olympic Committee”, the city of Chicago was eliminated in the first round of votes cast to decide the host of the 2016 Olympics. “Even Tokyo, which had trailed throughout the race, did better — eliminated after Chicago in the second round,” the story continued.

Apparently, ACORN just didn’t have enough time to mobilize.

But who can blame them for their lack of concern heading into the big vote? This one was in the bag because The One was personally and presidentially on the case.

If only we could say the same about the war in Afghanistan, our imploding economy, skyrocketing unemployment or the Iranian nuclear threat.

Barack Hussein Obama, no doubt buoyed by the songs of praise emanating from his many disciples back home across the Atlantic, had made a special (“sacrificial”, as his wife Michelle would describe it) trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, in order to secure his hometown’s rightful place as the crowned location for the 2016 games. Current wars, pending wars, economic catastrophes and growing masses of out-of-work Americans could wait.

This was really important.

He even brought The Teleprompter, so you know he was serious.

The messiah came, the messiah spoke, and a worshipful Statist media proclaimed the messiah’s pending victory. Natalie Morales, reporting for the benefit of MSNBC’s nine viewers, provided a fine example of just the sort of unbiased, well-balanced and utterly professional coverage we’ve all come to expect from that fine organization:

“A lot of confidence here from the Chicago delegation, uh, particularly after the president and first lady made such a passionate and emotional appeal to the IOC voters here.  It really seems at this point, uhh, if I’m quoting a couple of sports writers that I talked to that is really Chicago’s to lose now that the president has spoken and the first lady made such a lasting impression here.

Oh, it was crazy.  We — in the press we were all standing there waiting to see if the president and first lady would even walk by us! But he kind of got stuck behind a wall as, uh, the IOC pretty much rushed him. Everybody seemed to really want their picture with the president, shaking hands; and of course the IOC voters trying to appear somewhat impartial but you could tell that they, too felt the rock star power there that the president and first lady were exuding.”

Enter: Reality, expressed here in the form of an actual, out-of-ACORN’s-control, vote.

CNN anchor Tony Harris provided that network’s dozens of viewers with another fine display of impartial, professional journalism as he chronicled the unfolding formality of Chicagoland’s coronation:

Harris:  Let’s take you to Copenhagen right now where we’re about to get an announcement of the first city out.  Let’s have a listen.  Let’s have a listen.

IOC Announcer:  Books given, 95.  Participants, 94.  Abstention, nil.  Void, nil.  Valid ballots, 94.  The city of Chicago, having obtained the least number of votes, will not participate in the next round.

Harris:  Chicago is out?  Chicago is out?  Madrid is still in?  Tokyo is still in?  Wait a minute, Chicago is out?

You see, for Harris, Morales, ACORN and Oprah, this simply could not happen. It had to be a mistake. Maybe a joke.

Yeah, that had to be it. This was all just a prank. Obviously a racist prank, but a prank nonetheless.

After all, The One had spoken.

He had addressed them directly.

There, in Copenhagen!

He and Michelle “sacrificed” for this. They blew off entire wars and the American economic crisis.

While this slap across the messiah’s face was not the joke CNN or MSNBC might have hoped for, the punch-line came through loud and clear:

The One is now Number Two.

Obama’s hopey, dopey, changey hollowness and breathtaking naïveté have combined with his untested, gargantuan ego to form a persona that is distinctly pathetic even by the standards applied to politicians. He came, he saw, and he got the gong.

Hadn’t he apologized for America enough to win some good will with these people?

Hadn’t he demonstrated that America has nothing unique and good to offer the world?

Hadn’t he made it perfectly clear to the entire world community that America is nothing special at all, save for the many profound evils of her past and present?

With such a compelling case already in place, the teleprompted presentation in Copenhagen shouldn’t have even been necessary.  Yet he offered it up anyway. Yes ladies and gentlemen, The Obama was willing to sacrifice that much for Chicagoland Olympics.

And right after doing so, he got the first boot out of the competition.

What’s The One to do with that?

It’s enough to give a messiah-wannabe a whole new complex.

And this one fits like a glove.

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  1. I can't help but think this is a combination of Duh-1 apologizing continuously for the evil that is America (validating all the other tin horn dictators' belief about our country) and as a payback for all the skanky "gifts" he's showered on other chiefs of state.

    With any luck his tail-tucked-between-his-legs-as-he-slithers-off look will be commonplace in D.C. for 3 more years.

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