By now many of us have heard at least part of the unfolding tale of the Nauglers, a family of 12 in southwestern Kentucky who choose to live an “off the grid” lifestyle of simplicity that includes, among other things, a family Facebook page (kinda funny, right?). One of many articles chronicling the recent arrest of the Naugler parents and State confiscation of their ten children provides details that should concern any liberty loving American Christian parent:

A homeschooling couple was arrested and had all 10 of their children taken by the state Thursday after a local sheriff acted on a tip about alleged poor living conditions at their 26-acre homestead where they live “off the grid.”

The Naugler family lives a “back to basics” lifestyle that few would choose, but it makes them happy, says a family friend. The couple has been married almost 20 years and are expecting their 11th child in four months. They have six dogs, two cats and a few farm animals on their “Blessed Little Homestead” in rural southwest Kentucky, according to their Facebook site.

As one might expect, “homeschooling” is a Naugler family attribute that is being regularly highlighted in articles like this one. In many ways, this is entirely appropriate and good. After all, they are apparently a homeschooling family.

Even so, many other articles and commentaries covering this story seem to paint the Naugler family as a dangerous oddity worthy of State-sponsored persecution based at least significantly on their identity as homeschoolers. If there’s one thing that we’re meant to know (or know more clearly) after reading those stories, it’s that homeschoolers are freakishly weird and very probably pose a real threat to the All-American system of systems that we’ve all been conditioned to adore and defend since…well, since we started State-controlled “school” at the age of five or so.


It is not my goal here to examine the Naugler situation in detail. That may well be the subject of a future post, but it is not the target I want to hit here and now. What I’d like to do at this point while this particular story is making the rounds is remind those of us who claim Christ as King of three undeniable truths:

  1. Christ is the essential source, object and core of the pursuit of knowledge (also known as “education”). (See: Deuteronomy 6:6-9; Proverbs 1:7)
  2. Christ has commanded that children be raised and educated with Him explicitly acknowledged as such in every educational pursuit. (See also: The Beginning of Learning: Christ as the Essential Core of Children’s Education.)
  3. Statists of all stripes – including American Statists – are inherently and essentially at war with the very concept of Christ as the essential core of all knowledge (and therefore all education). (See also: Government run “education”…and why we don’t know anything anymore.)

These fundamental truths explain why everyone from Hitler and Stalin to George Bush (either one), Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, [insert top-tier Republican “leader” here] and [insert top-tier Democrat “leader” here] are all about “strengthening” and “preserving” our overtly Marxist/Statist/anti-Christian approach to children’s education, rather than abolishing State control over children’s education in accordance with Scripture.

For well over 150 years now, we’ve allowed our “leaders” to place the powers and responsibilities of the God-ordained (and God-defined) Family and Church into the hands of the (also God-defined) State. Where God has crafted each of these three institutions and lovingly provided us with their obligations as well as their limitations in His Word, we have been led to a place of happy acceptance of State assumption of the powers and responsibilities of both Church and Family. This has made the American State our god in practice, and we’ve been led to this sad condition not primarily by “those evil liberals”, but first and foremost by the guiding hand of a professing Christian church that has abandoned the Word of God as the perfect, sufficient standard for law, civil government, and children’s education. (See also: Why is the beast of Socialism eating our children? Ask your pastor.)

It is no accident or coincidence that the serpent in Eden and our Pagan Right/Pagan Left “leaders” of today all agree that knowledge can indeed be rightly and profitably pursued apart from the Word of God. Until and unless we reject and repent of having ever embraced this satanic concept, we are doomed (and are dooming future generations) to continue our dark march into the arms of Statism. (See also: Redeeming Children’s Education: Confronting Our Satanic Approach to the Pursuit of Knowledge.)

When it comes to the subjects of truth, knowledge, the pursuit of knowledge and children’s education, we’ve been purposefully and systematically sold and immersed in the most destructive of lies.

The sooner we seek the Nature of God as revealed in His Word and submit to what we find so lovingly provided there, the sooner we will begin the otherwise impossible mission of securing a truly prosperous, peaceful and joyous future for our children, grandchildren and countless generations to come.

For those still struggling with the rhetoric and propaganda of an unbelieving (meaning: anti-Christian) world on the subject of children’s education, please consider reading Ten problems with the “salt and light” excuse for feeding children to the State and Ten answers to those “What about socialization?” questions from public school advocates.

May God grace His people with a zeal for His Nature, a reverence for His Word, and a burning desire to conform to His Nature as revealed in His Word on the vital life- and culture-shaping subject of children’s education.


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