It’s been an interesting week in many ways that I look forward to sharing soon (probably next week). Just hours ago, a wonderful couple that I know had a baby boy, adding a bit of the best sort of news to an already amazing week and a half.

I look forward to getting into a hard core posting groove again very soon. For tonight I thought I’d share a little something on the topic of family in contemporary American culture.

Dr. Voddie Baucham has presented a nifty little poem that captures the sentiment of our age on this subject, entitled Put the Baby in the Beemer:

Put the baby in the Beemer, Mommy has to go to work.

Careful now; try not to wake her. Grab her shoes; put on her shirt.

Put the baby in the Beemer. Daddy’s ‘Benz has no car seat.

Mommy can’t be late this morning. She has a deadline she must meet.

Put the baby in the Beemer. Drive her quickly down the road.

Kiss her sweetly, say you’ll miss her. Then chop-chop, you’ve got to go.

Put the baby in the Beemer. Let her take herself to school.

She’s got a driver’s license and rides with parents aren’t too cool.

Put the baby in the Beemer. Let her go off on a date.

She’ll be careful and we’ve taught her not to come back home too late.

Put the baby in the Beemer. Off to college she must go.

At Christmas time we’ll see her. Maybe this year there’ll be snow.

Put the baby in the Beemer. This is what mom did with me.

“She’ll be fine at daycare, honey. Just you trust me, wait and see.”

Put the baby in the Beemer, I’ll get that promotion soon.

Then we’ll get a bigger Beemer, ‘cause baby takes up too much room.


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