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  1. It can't be just me……..?
    I wonder if Corrie Ten-Boom gave one ounce of worry over hiding Jews from the gas chambers, let alone going into one which she, her sister and their father did, which took the father fairly early on and then the sister who was quite frail, leaving Ms. Boom alone? Did Ms. Boom ever wonder over such actions deeming them against her Christian beliefs, as acts of subversion, or violence, or even disobedience to God and His Word?
    I know that the church is in a state of confusion as to what are supposed to be and what we are supposed to be doing. Which is evidenced in the apathy seen around the world. Now I must interject that I am in no way advocating an eye for an eye. But, and that is a big huge 'but', to look away, or stay away or not intervene, well, it is going to be a huge surprise when we stand at either the 'Bema Seat', or the Great White Throne and listen to the list of charges condemning our lack of either concern, intervention or care. We will be held account for what we didn't do. "He that knoweth to do…. and doeth it not" Be a doer and not just a hearer. And the courage to be the vessel unto honor by dying to self, laying the life down and being the gap stander is what God is looking for. Not milk toast, pasty, and above all, pathetic apathy.

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