On the heels of yesterday’s report of an Obamacare advocate chomping down on an Obamacare opponent, there’s been a peculiar yet interesting defense offered by many on behalf of the hungry socialist’s approach to advancing his cause.

In an intriguing display of rationalization and convoluted political pragmatism, a good many Obamacare zealots have made the case that the urgent need for healthcare in the aftermath of a pro-Obama zombie attack actually strengthens the case for additional government involvement in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, any Obamacare opponents using existing government programs to cope with the effects of such an assault are said to have revealed themselves to be total and complete hypocrites in the process, or so the zombie logic goes.

The argument flows something like this:

1) Pro-Obamacare zombie bites off Obamacare opponent’s finger.

2) Obamacare opponent then seeks medical attention using an existing government program.

3) Pro-Obamacare zombie says, “Aha! See! Aren’t you glad you have that government program in place to help stitch you up after I just tried to eat you?”

4) Pro-Obamacare zombie basks in the glow of scoring multiple victories for the glorious cause of national socialism.

So, by biting into and severing the finger of an Obamacare opponent, an Obamacare advocate can both advance the cause of socialism on numerous fronts and satisfy his inherent urge to consume and eliminate all opposition.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what pro-socialistic activism is all about.


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  1. Thank you fire-breather, if I may call you that, thank you for your amen on my blog and the Kudos. I think you write very well and I percieve that you're open minded…

    Your blogs are very informative on what is going on Capitol Hill. My take is that the President's refom bill will cost a lot's of money and I don't know if we can afford it truly and honestly…

    I don't see any sharp nails or broken glass in what you write even if you use an interesting dramatical format. But in reading you first blog and my first impression is this…

    I like to remember the story of a king who was just a king and someday he passed a new law that if anyone did not do something which was outrageous…

    They brought him a subject who broke the law and needed to be hanged for the offense to the king. But his advisors took him aside and told him, "It's your mother…!"

    And beset with grief he would not leave his own poor mother to disgrace he said, "I'll pay the penalty for her…!" And so this peculiar President, with out precedent has took it upon himself to face the disgrace…

    Of all the penalty for what he has enacted, then to see the Mothers of this country, the poor, the widow and the orphans face this disgrace of being turned shameful for the medical attention they need…which I think

    is expensive, but basic humane to deal with the predicament of being sick and having not the money they need to be admitted to hospital care…

    Yes its expensive, but will our money mean anything if we don't decency in country to take care of our needy?…

    Thankx. Good Evening…


    1. I am very happy and honored to have made your acquaintance and you are more than welcome to call me fire-breather if you like! Your blog was definitely amen-worthy and I greatly appreciate your taking the time to head on over here and make your thoughts known.

      I also greatly appreciate the kind and encouraging words in your post. Those are just the sorts of things that help a new blogger like yours truly to get and keep things rolling in the right direction.

      The situation in Washington is indeed unfortunate, but God is good and in complete control.

      I look forward to further discussions and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!



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