So where does the wildly unbiblical and culture-enslaving practice of black magic fiat currency economics ultimately and invariably lead?

To State dependence for the masses and civilizational control for the elites who own and operate said State, that’s where. (See: Fiat $lavery: We have been bought and paid for…with nothing.)

At the end of the day, all of the economic insanity driving all of the broader cultural insanity boiling up all around us isn’t hard to understand. It isn’t hard to grasp. It’s very, very simple.

You don’t need to be “a professional” economist.

You don’t need to be a professional anything.

You just need to have two or more brain cells to rub together and the will to make a spark.

Here’s the super-simple, painfully obvious problem at the root of our present economic evils and all of the cultural and civilizational evils that they fund, fuel, and fortify: Some people create “money” effortlessly out of thin air, while everyone else does whatever they are told to do in order to chase after microscopic portions of this artificial wealth.

That’s it.

That’s the bottom line on bottom lines in our fiat currency world.

That’s how supposedly “broke” States, governments and privileged (“too big to fail”) banks and businesses are able go on and on and on forever through perpetual bailouts and the relentless printing (or typing) of more fake “money” into existence by those who have…*ahem!*…claimed for themselves the power to print (or type) “wealth” into being.

If it sounds like a big deal – almost too big of a deal to be true or to even want to wrestle with – that’s because it is.

Some people type trillions into existence.

You spend your life – literally – chasing after a few bucks an hour for the rest of your days.

Some people choose which governments and banks and businesses and asset types (like stocks) are “too big to fail” and thus deserving of ongoing access to the spigot of “free” fake “money”.

You spend your days trying to build something by the sweat of your brow so that you might make an honest return on your hard earned investment and leave your children in a stronger economic position than that into which you were born.

If this sounds a bit like a “I’m trapped in a bad video game” scenario, that’s because it is.

Some people really do type “wealth” – as much as they or their allies need – into existence without anything resembling effort.

The rest of us really do then chase after this fake “money”.

We sell our time for it.

We sell our relationships for it.

We give our children to the Corporate/State system for “education” so that we can have more time to chase after it.

It owns us.

Which means that they own us.

Which is the whole point, from their perspective.

It’s very much like being a managed player in someone else’s video game.

Or, put another way, it’s like living in a video game in which some have the power of the cheat code – a code that in this case allows them to “hack the game” and magically create as much wealth as they want at any moment, while the rest of us poor “legal” players have to work, work, sacrifice, and work for it.

Any way you slice it, it ain’t good.

It isn’t pretty.

But then, unbiblical bondage and slavery never is. Which is why God despises fiat currency and calls it an abomination. (See: Proverbs 11:1 and Why does God despise the US dollar? Here are seven reasons)

I’m touching on these things today because as the Greek situation (which follows last year’s Cyprus situation) unfolds, we need to pay attention. We need to stay frosty. We need to look at the things we’ve been ignoring for far too long and finally begin to apply the life-giving Word of God to realms of business and economics as we watch and experience satanic economic models crash around us while trying to take as many people as they can down with them.

As Zero Hedge reported this week in Greeks Laugh As Bankers Beg Depositors To Return Money:

President of Greek Banks Association Louka Katseli appealed at the citizens to return their money to the banks. “Banks are absolutely trustworthy,” Katseli told Mega TV “as guaranteed by the ECB and the Bank Association, but they would have been even more powerful if 40 billion euros had not been withdrawn in the last months.

Katseli, a former PASOK Minister, appealed to citizens to return their deposits  to the banks “now that the banks are open” after a three-week holiday and capital controls.

“Let’s all help our economy,” Katseli urged Greeks and added “If you take your money out of your chests and houses – which are not safe in any case – and deposit at banks, this will enhance liquidity.”

“There will be no need to “haircut” deposits in the future if we all act responsibly,” she added -cheerfully I suppose.

Katseli’s appeal triggered laughter among Greeks and one stressed with hint to capital controls “Oh yes! I will bring my money back to the bank and get it back 60 by 60 euro.”

Another one noted “Ah sure! Banks will never see my money again, I prefer to buy tonnes of peanuts with it.”

Here we see the obvious lunacy of “the professionals” atop this titanic wreck of an economic construct.

Even though the power that the masters of fiat economics have granted themselves may seem infinite and may seem insurmountable, it is anything but.


Because in God’s creation, God’s Nature is binding and anything counter to His Word cannot last. It cannot endure. It may “fake it” well for a while, but the present satanic economic construct under which we are now pressured to labor will inevitably come crashing down. (See: Fake it ’til ya break it: What the Greek implosion tells us about America’s future.)

And anyone with the aforementioned two brain cells to rub together knows it.

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When this fake wealth Jenga Tower of Babel finally does come tumbling down, there will be great opportunities for true liberty, freedom, and prosperity the likes of which have not been seen for many, many generations here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA. Even so, those great breakthrough opportunities can and will only be fully seized by those who submit to Christ as King in practice where economics are concerned.

At the end of the day, all of the “outrage” and anger over recent Supreme Court decisions will produce precious little in the way of serious reform or decentralization of power in America. There will be no real push for true decentralization as long as “Christian conservatives” are every bit as dependent upon big government All-American Statism to provide or secure their pensions, Social Security, Medicare, State-run children’s “education”, unemployment, disability, food stamps and the like (to say nothing of the “conservative”-adored concept of perpetual war overseas by way of a gigantic military perpetually funded by a “broke” government). All of these addictions are enabled to continue on through the power of relentlessly manufactured fake money. Until that “money” loses its power, the addicts – “Christian conservative” or otherwise – will continue to line up to be fed and “taken care of” by their beloved American State.

But once that spigot runs dry, watch out!

It’ll get very ugly very fast here in the “home of the brave”.

The gig will be up.

The false claims of conservatism (and Christianity, too) will be laid bare in many ways as the culture convulses like a heroin addict in detox.

The dependence-crafting monster that is the American Corporate State will shrivel up and die…and it will try to take as many as possible down with it into the abyss.

While that will be a very painful and challenging time, especially for those who prefer to “not think about it” now, it will also be a time of matchless opportunity for many who do pray and think about these things now. (See: Greece is the word. (That nobody wants to hear.).)

So as Greece does its thing – or, better said: As the fiat money masters do their thing to Greece and its purposefully crafted State-dependent masses, pray for them and pay attention. The same principles apply to “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA…only on a much larger scale.


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  1. I love your comment about rubbing two brain cells together; it has always amazed me that supposedly intelligent Americans could fall for all this ever increasing national debt and not wonder when the end will come. These same intelligently-illusioned people would never dream of running their household finances in such a fashion , but will fight to the end in defense of those who do. The left says spend more for education, the right says no, spend more for defense. The left says more welfare and free phones, the right says no, spend more on supplying weapons to those who will someday use it against us, all the while we are spiraling down into the abyss of debt that even the "Donald" can't repay. But have you ever tried to convince one of these folks that it will all come crashing down some day? My guess is that they know the truth but they just want to make sure that they get all they can before it's over; sort of like looting without the stigma attached!

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