Is America a zombie culture just “waiting to explode”?

  Is America a Zombie Nation? Are we basically a hollowed-out husk of a culture, shambling around mindlessly feeding ourselves on what our base, selfish instincts tells us to grab onto without much, if anything, in the way of restraint? It would seem so. “We the people” actually believe – and will proudly tell you if […]

The Zombie Appeal of American Churchianity

(This is a continuation of Zombie Religion and McGospel Salvation: So easy a dead man can do it., which you can read by clicking here.) . Like any good network marketer or pyramid scheme advocate, the wise American Churchianity religionist knows that the last thing you want to do in the process of courting a […]

Zombie Religion and McGospel Salvation: So easy a dead man can do it.

The Sticky Sweet Poison of Easy Believism .  “If you love soft preaching, you love a hard heart.” ~ Doug Wilson . “Sermonettes make Christianettes.” ~ A.W. Tozer  . In November of 1970, George Harrison released the single My Sweet Lord, a folk rock tune that would rocket to the top of the international charts, all […]

Waging War on the Church of the Living Dead

  (This is a continuation of yesterday’s post, The (church built) Zombie Apocalypse is upon us…, which can be viewed by clicking here. Not a lot here will make sense if you haven’t read part one, so I would recommend checking out The (church built) Zombie Apocalypse is upon us… before diving into Part 2 here. […]

The (Church Built) Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon Us

“I don’t read the Bible very much, and I really don’t want to.” She spoke calmly and clearly, sitting there as we talked over the kitchen table the way we had a hundred times before. Then, between sips from a favorite black coffee cup, she almost casually elaborated, “And I don’t feel bad about it […]

The Zombie-Driven Church: Finishing Off the “Wounded Sinner”

When I was a kid, I had a thing for zombie flicks. I adored them.

They never really gave me the creeps or kept me up at night because I always knew they weren’t real. Unfortunately, there’s been something of a resurgence of the zombie concept lately and, in this instance, they are quite real.

Obamacare Supporters Begin to Eat Opposition

According to the Los Angeles Times, a 65-year-old Obamacare opponent had his finger bitten off by a hopeful, change-friendly proponent of the President’s plan for socialized medicine. The incident occurred at about 7 p.m. Wednesday during a fight at a rally in Thousand Oaks, California.