10 Things Americans Won’t Sacrifice To Save Their Children From Public Schools

“But I can’t do that!” This is the typical response of most American Christians to the simple, clear biblical command that God’s people educate their children in an explicitly Christ-centered manner throughout each and every day (see: Deuteronomy 6:5-7). This typical Americanized Christian response is enabled and promoted throughout our dying culture by way of our State-managed “education” systems, […]

Isn’t our robotic future exciting? (Or: Should Christians fear or embrace technology?)

China has announced plans to construct an all-robot manufacturing plant. And this scares some people. There are good reasons for healthy concern (not to be confused with fear). A whole lotta folks and families are about to have their economic worlds – and overall worldviews – fundamentally rocked. They’re going to learn the hard way that the “reality” […]

Toybox Christianity: Trading the comprehensive splendor of the Gospel for a cheap, shiny little plaything.

  First off, in a spirit of full disclosure and a God-given desire for the pursuit of truth, the whole truth, and nothin’ but the truth, I am compelled to report that: I love toys. Which is why I hate Toybox “Christianity”. Through its happy/smiley/fluffy promotion of rank, self-serving spiritual immaturity, apathy, and laziness, Toybox “Christianity” retards and destroys everything […]

Will American Christians get even lazier in Heaven?

Will American Christians get even lazier in Heaven? That’s a tough one. First off, is it even possible to be lazier than the average American professing Christian? Perhaps, but only with supernatural assistance. Don’t laugh! (Okay, laugh a little, but after that please pull yourself together and continue reading…) If we stop to think about it, […]