“But I can’t do that!”

This is the typical response of most American Christians to the simple, clear biblical command that God’s people educate their children in an explicitly Christ-centered manner throughout each and every day (see: Deuteronomy 6:5-7).

This typical Americanized Christian response is enabled and promoted throughout our dying culture by way of our State-managed “education” systems, our Corporate-managed pop-culture, and our negligent, State-licensed 501(c)(3) “church” leaders. Thanks to a State-centered view of life in general (and children’s education in particular) having been encouraged to metastasize throughout the culture over generations of abdication by the church, most professing Christians in America now actually believe – or pretend to believe – that they “can’t” do what God has commanded and equipped His people to do in the vital life- and culture-shaping realm of children’s education.

So when these people say that they can’t do it, what they really mean, whether they realize it or not, is that they won’t do it.

They can do it.

They can obey God.

But they won’t.

And since their local church leaders tend to merely echo rather than confront and correct what they hear from more overtly pagan sources sprinkled throughout the secular culture, they have grown very comfortable in not doing what God has clearly and lovingly commanded them to do (which is, by definition, sin) where the shaping of children’s minds is concerned.

They’re so comfortable in their rebellion that they tend to lash out at those who dare attempt to confront and correct their anti-Christian approach to children’s education in accordance with the Gospel (usually with full knowledge that their “church” leadership has their back on this, since most American “churches” are openly committed to supporting the State-controlled “education” of children in accordance with a philosophy of the pursuit of knowledge first introduced by the serpent in Genesis 3).

So what are these American “Christians” really so afraid of?

Well, many things, actually.

For one, they’re afraid of losing many things that they hold dear.

They’re afraid of giving up things that our paganized culture, Corporations and churches tell them that they “deserve”.

Before we get into our list of ten examples of these things, let’s be plain about two simple, obvious, yet often religiously ignored realities:

  1. The economic factors often quickly cited (and included in the list below) as reasons why one “can’t” do what God commands with regard to children’s education are, 90+% of the time, a matter of choice, not necessity. The vast majority of those who claim that they can’t obey God because of this or that economic constraint are, in fact, living in a way that does allow for the radical downsizing or lowering of certain housing/auto/vacation/cable television options in a way that would make all of the necessary “economic space” available.
  2. In those instances where there is a real economic constraint beyond the ability of, say, a widow or similarly challenged person to navigate, then it is the duty and obligation of family and [*ahem*] the Church to step in, step up, and take care of business.
    Obviously, I am referring here to the true Church – the supernaturally saved and empowered Bride of Christ – in stark contrast with the weak/phony counterfeits littering the landscape, each of which tend to excuse, validate, and even support the satanic model of children’s education, rather than confronting it as they are commanded to do in accordance with the Gospel and Great Commission.
    Just think of how many so-called “churches” with gigantic facilities, ornate furnishings, and huge staffs of “professionals” are financing those buildings, furnishings, and salaries by enabling and promoting the “American Dream” model of success (which is built upon the modern pagan approach to children’s education) over and above the Gospel and Great Commission of Jesus Christ. The reason most of these “churches” won’t confront this issue in accordance with the Word of God is that they are personally enriching themselves and building their little “Christian empires” through the promotion of a satanic model of the pursuit of knowledge.
    Who needs the Aztecs or ISIS or a gang of Satanists to do the child sacrifice thing when we have an American “church” like this?

With those two clarifications noted, on we go to 10 Things Americans Won’t Sacrifice To Save Their Children From Public Schools:

  1. Comfort – As Americans who’ve been raised in a State-centered, socialistic culture for generations now, we’re very comfortable giving our children up to State-certified  “professionals” to do our work for us. It’s the norm. Why rock the boat…especially when by just doing what our pagan State, Corporate, and church cultures tells us, we can have so much of what we so naturally and so selfishly desire, like…
  2. Ease – Oh yeah, this is a biggie. How much easier can it get than just handing off your kids to the State for “education”?
  3. Time – We need our “me time”, don’tcha know. And our hobby time. And our TV time. And our rest.
    The sheer amount of time that would be taken up in obeying the Lord and loving our children in educational practice is just not something that we as Americans are inclined to give up.
    At all.
    And since our 501(c)(3) State-certified “pastors” won’t push us to do so, why even think about it?
  4. Nicer-Than-Necessary Car(s) – The vast majority of those who claim that they “can’t” obey God and love their children in accordance with Scripture on the subject of education could get away with driving a much less luxurious car – or cars – than they are driving now.
  5. Bigger and/or Better-Than-Necessary Home(s) – The thought of voluntarily transitioning down from a nice home in the suburbs to maybe a mobile home or a humble rental elsewhere for the sake of honoring God and loving our children in educational practice isn’t something that we as Americans are known for. Quite the contrary. Even the proposition of such a material downgrade for the sake of educating children in accordance with Scripture is the sort of thing that will more often than not inspire shocked stares of incredulity from those on the State-sanctioned path of children’s education.
  6. More and/or Nicer-Than-Necessary Vacation(s) – We have to go to the beach, right? Or Disney World. Or the County Fair. Or the State Fair.
    These are necessities.
    But Christ-centered education for our children?
    Not so much.
  7. More and/or Nicer-Than Necessary Stuff – Gotta have HD TV. And video games. And motorcycles. And boats. And computers. And smartphones. And high quality clothes. And jewelry. And digital cable. And high-speed Internet. And decent food, grooming, and vet access for our pets.
    But Christ-centered education for our children?
  8. Career Advancement Opportunities – How else are we gonna get more and more cool stuff, bigger and better houses, and longer, more luxurious vacations if we don’t sacrifice what we need to sacrifice – like our children’s Christ-centered education – in order to advance our careers?

    article continues below


  9. Social Perception – Have you seen the way most Americans view and treat those families crazy and/or dedicated enough to actually do what needs to be done to personally provide an explicitly Christ-centered education for their children? Even most churches tend to be made uneasy when these folks show up – which should be no surprise considering the way that most churches are openly opposed to Christ’s clear commands on the subject of children’s education.
  10. Effort – Doing hard and challenging things like educating your children requires effort. Lots of effort.
    Lots and lots of effort.
    Lots and lots and lots of effort.
    Which is reason enough for it not fitting in with the modern American (and modern American church) approach to things.
    Add in the fact that in many instances you might have to give up the other nine things listed here too, and you can see why Christ-centered children’s education is something that repulses most Americans and most American churches.

Only the true, undiluted, everything-touching Gospel can change this…which you will not find in or near most American churches these days…which seem to be on every other street corner in a culture rocketing to hell before our eyes.

I wonder if there could be a connection there.

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3 Responses

  1. Churches are also promoting the public school system of someone else teaching the children with segregating the children from the adults in church services and Sunday school. Family's will not keep their children with them during the service and the children are sometimes forced to go to children's church during church. One woman told me she liked having the children separate because some families cannot control their children and would disrupt the service and some adults would stop coming to church. So we separate our children from the adults and let peer pressure and someone else teach our children. Christian parents are soooo lazy and always want someone else to do the work for them. Buy the way I homeschooled my children and kept them out of youth group and most of children's church. I thought at one time children's chirch was ok, but no more, time to end this practice.

  2. Rather than relitigate the arguments pro-and-con Christian children in the public schools, I’m going to categorically state a proposition:

    You cannot place children for 13 years under the tutelage of a system whose foundational worldview is atheistic materialism, whose creation myth is mechanistic Darwinian evolution, whose sacraments are safe sex and abortion on demand, where marriage and family are whatever combination of people seems right to the people involved, where basic biological differences between male and female are denied, and expect that those children’s spiritual condition will not be adversely affected.

    This proposition doesn’t even address the fact that in many cases the public school system fails in even its basic mission of graduating minimally literate, numerate young adults.

    Families will have to either make a lot of money to afford to send their children to a private school, assuming a suitable one is available. Or, one parent will have to stay at home to home school the children.

    Churches will have to unlock that building that sits empty for six days a week and get involved in supporting Christian schools, and pass up buying that new espresso machine for the coffee bar to help families with the tuition. Churches will have to stop treating homeschooling like some kind of bizarre hobby for a few weird families who can afford for one parent to stay at home and not work outside the home.

    Christians who do not have school age children will have to dig in and help families who do with the financial end of their child’s education [OUCH! Just left off preaching and got started meddling].

    Educating children in a private school or at home is of course not a guarantee that they will grow up to be Christians. You can only do what you can do, at some point it is up to them. God calls us to do what he’s called us to do, the results are in his hands. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide if God is really calling you to get your children out of the public schools. Just like it was up to Lot to decide if God was really calling him to get his family out of Sodom. Pro-tip: don’t look back.

    1. Very well said Nick! I hope parents of public school children read this article and are awakened by the truth.

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