Yes, God made your smartphone (and everything else).

What do stars, trees, seas, and iPhones all have in common? God made ’em. All of ’em. 100%. He made the iPhone just a surely as He made the sun and the oceans, however much we’re inclined to pretend otherwise. One reason we tend to dismiss and avoid the notion that God really and truly […]

Everything orbits the Son.

Whether it’s the earth and its moon or the little yellow star around which they twirl, everything ultimately revolves around Christ. Whether Voyager in space or Enterprise in the minds of men, everything ultimately serves Him. Whether art or science or economics or law, everything ultimately lives through Him. That’s the creation in which we live, […]

Would the Great Commission seem impossible if we believed in God?

Imagine, if you will, the following game-show scenario: The production features ten intelligent, honest, and sincere adults. These people, though they are very well educated in every other area of inquiry, have absolutely no knowledge of the Bible or Christianity whatsoever. One last bit of info on our ten hypothetical folks: They have a perfect […]

God’s Chosen Race: Christian Articles of Racial Supremacy

In this age of the Obama Cult, Jeremiah Wright-style religion and the rapid expansion of man-centered Statism in America, it is important for all to know that biblical Christianity does indeed advocate racial superiority.

It is a racial supremacy that stands opposed to every core tenant and sacred rite of the religion of liberalism.