Mark“If the Bank of Montreal gets its way, Christians will not be able to work with any major corporation in this country. ”

So warns an article posted by Canadian Values.

The piece goes on to describe the increasingly aggressive approach of the Bank of Montreal on behalf of various anti-Christian groups, all in the name “diversity” and “tolerance”. The one group that cannot be tolerated in practice, of course, is biblically obedient Christians.

Another article posted back in October provides additional insight:

BMO executive vice president and general counsel Simon Fish said that in the future, the metrics will influence who the legal group chooses to do business with. He added that the TD Bank Group has also committed to requesting metrics from the firms it deals with.

“The banking industry is a major employer of legal services in Canada and is in a position to move the needle in the corporate diversity space,” said Fish. “Law firms have never before been challenged in this way. This initiative will be an evolution for the industry with the goal of making a difference in the way we do business with suppliers.”

Fish added, “This policy we’re announcing will have traction. Firms who wish to do business with us now clearly understand that there is a bona fide opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over other companies vying for our business, not just by complying with our request for diversity metrics but also in our assessment of their diversity performance relative to their peers.”

The bank hopes its diversity efforts will give law firms another reason to ensure their teams include people from different ethnic groups, members of the lesbian and gay community, those with different physical abilities, and a balance of men and women.

This should come as no surprise to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. The anti-Christian stance of most large corporations in America and throughout the West has become more and more openly hostile to those who would dare stand and live for the one true faith. As we have chronicled here with some regularity, the American Corporate roll-out of an economic system remarkably similar to the “mark of the beast” model described in Revelation has been going on for some time now. (See: Corporate “Mark of the Beast” Rollout Continues)


It is no coincidence that institutions like the Bank of Montreal play such a major role in this Corporate/Statist transformation of culture throughout the West. Fueled by the magical (and wildly unbiblical) power to craft “wealth” out of thin air in the form of fiat currency, banks and elite bankers have been given the power to move the culture where they will it to be. With the power to craft “money” out of thin air, they have for many generations now been able to build, sustain, and grow the otherwise unsustainable systems that make up the heart of the progressive beast that is now devouring western civilization. Public schools, gigantic armies on unending wars, and an ever-growing entitlement State are only possible through the abomination of such fiat currency. (See: Fiat $Slavery – We’ve been bought and paid for…with nothing.)

The Welfare/Warfare State that is modern America could never have even begun to come to fruition apart from this utterly satanic economic foundation.

Until and unless Christians bring the Great Commission to bear on the realm of economics and actively strive to tear down enemy strongholds and obey Christ the King in matters of business, work, wealth, and economics, this culture is (and should be) doomed.

This beast is ravaging our land and our people because we, the Church, have allowed it to do so.

Lord willing, His people will be moved by His grace to confront and correct His enemies through His life- and culture-resurrecting Gospel and Great Commission…while there is yet time.


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