If Ebola didn’t scare you yesterday, Governor Perry’s response to Ebola should have.

Only a neutered, thoroughly domesticated and intellectually hobbled American population could be expected to endure, much less embrace as positive, the tragic/comedic spectacle that was yesterday’s address by Governor Rick Perry on the emerging Ebola crisis in Texas.

Before diving too deep into the Governor’s presentation, let me say that I can only imagine the challenges facing folks like Governor Perry as they try to deal with something like this. The last thing I want to do or encourage anyone else to do is to act in a hypercritical or nitpicky manner. That approach is inherently hypocritical and self-righteous, which is exactly the opposite of what we are to strive to be as Christians when we voice proper judgments or offer sound criticism (see: Matthew 7).

That said, the problems in Governor Perry’s statements are not primarily about style or fine-point mistakes and miscues.

They’re about promoting the ignorance and vulnerability of the masses for the sake of control through rank propaganda.

Here are some noteworthy quotes from the Texas Governor:

“The disease cannot be transmitted before having any symptoms. I have full confidence in the medical professionals…”

“This is a disease that is not airborne and is substantially more difficult to contract than the common cold.”

“We have experts with us here today. . . There are few places in the world better equipped to meet the challenge that is posed in this case.”

“We have the health care professionals and facilities that are second to none.”

“The public should have every confidence that the highly trained professionals involved here will succeed in this very important mission.”

“The highly qualified men and women of Texas Health Presbyterian are doing everything in their power to deliver the very best care for this patient.”

“This case is serious. Rest assured that our system is working as it should.”

“Professionals on every level of the chain of command know what to do to minimize the risk to the people of Texas, or this country, for that matter.”

Again, I understand the desire and perceived need to assure the public that “the professionals” are on it and there’s nothing to worry about it. I get that part; I understand the desire to promote peace through confidence in general.

My problem with actually taking that course in this case centers on one word:


The reality “on the ground” in Dallas (and elsewhere) is that practically every substantive claim that Governor Perry made with regard to the competence and effectiveness of “the professionals”, “systems”, and “highly qualified men and women” in question has been rather dramatically proven to be utterly unwarranted.

Yet again and again, it was “professionals” this and “very well trained” that. And again and again, the inclusion of such trigger terms begged some ridiculously obvious and unsettling questions…like…

“Why are we accepting flights from Liberia or other Ebola ravaged nations? Which highly trained professionals are responsible for making those decisions?”

“Why is our southern border open to pretty much anyone who can crawl across it?  Which highly trained professionals are responsible for making those decisions? And which highly trained professional is responsible for that particular decision in Texas, Governor Perry?”

“Why was the Ebola patient in question examined and released by the ‘highly trained professionals’ at the hospital so that he could wander around the Texas countryside for days?”

“Why was the Ebola victim in question released by these ‘highly trained professionals’ even after he openly admitted to having just returned from a funeral in Liberia?!”

“How exactly do you know that Ebola ‘cannot be transmitted before having any symptoms’? How do you know that Ebola ‘ is not airborne’? Are you hearing these things from the same highly trained professionals that released the Ebola patient in question after he told them that he’d just arrived here from a funeral in Liberia?”

Is anyone else hearing this stuff?

I mean really hearing it?

Is it just me, or are things like Governor Perry’s press conference the equivalent of watching live coverage of the unfolding judgment of God upon America?

Think about it: A terrible *ahem* plague has come to a land in open rebellion against God. That land and its people are defined by pride and they claim loyalty to God while denying His authority at every turn. They cherish and adore their “right” to freely worship any god they choose (a “right” they say is God-given, to boot) in open rebellion against the words on the Ten Commandments plaques and monuments that they like to sprinkle around the country like lucky rabbits’ feet. They freely (and happily) feed their children to the State for explicitly Christ-less “education” in direct violation of God’s clear pronouncements on the subject of children’s education. Their culture is driven and defined by a contrived materialism enabled through the use of phony money that God despises and calls “an abomination” (see: Proverbs 11:1). And they are being purposefully led from war to war abroad while their increasingly imaginary freedoms at home finally and fully disappear.

We are clearly a people begging for the wrath of God to fall upon us.

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And while Ebola obviously qualifies as a likely “judgment of God” against America, I would argue that Governor Perry’s presentation fits the bill as well.

After all, wicked leaders are just as clearly recorded as are plagues as signs of God’s judgment upon a proud and rebellious people. Wicked leaders are our hard-earned and well-deserved punishment.

My hope and prayer is that God will grace Americans with repentance and submission to His lordship while there is still time, and that we will then find ourselves finally desiring and finding men who will lead us by and to the Word and Person of King Jesus.

In the meantime, Christians should take this as but the latest (and perhaps loudest) indictment of the “leave it to the pros” mindset that has been rammed into the heads and hearts of our domesticated population through generations of  submission to State-controlled “education” and Corporate-controlled pop-culture.

We should demonstrate our fidelity to the Word in this remarkable time by preparing ourselves for what seems to be coming as a part of His perfect plan for the restoration or destruction of America.

I hope to share some preparation thoughts here soon, Lord willing. Feel free to subscribe using the sign-up field in the upper-right corner.

Remember: He has each and every one of us right when and where He wants us…we are blessed and honored to stand for Him in such a time and such a place as this!


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