You are owned.

You are someone else’s unearned possession.

You are the controlled commodity of sinful, self-serving men and women.

And so am I.

We are in the same camp together.

We are slaves to the same masters.

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This is inescapably true for the most obvious of reasons; so obvious and so painful that we can barely stand to take a serious glance at the facts, much less a hard stand to address them.

The painful, obvious reality in question is this: The “money” that you and I have been conditioned and programmed to spend our very lives coveting, pursuing, and protecting, is a fictional construct crafted by others out of thin air.

We arrange our lives, spend our time, and sacrifice many responsibilities necessary to the creation and preservation of healthy relationships, families and cultures in pursuit of paper or digits on a computer that we have been propagandized into believing are of actual, objective value, when nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, while we are encouraged to sacrifice everything up to and including our very lives in pursuit of this manufactured “money”, there are others who are on the manufacturing side of that equation. They simply print (or type) “money” into existence.

They do not work for it.

They do not earn it.

They do not sacrifice their time, talent, relationships or responsibilities in order to pursue or preserve it.

They simply craft it out of thin air.

This makes them our masters; it makes us their slaves…all by design…

Biblically literate Christians would understand this, and therefore would have never allowed this to happen.

But we are not biblically literate, much less biblically submissive, here in America. And for our proud rejection of Truth we are paying the great price of slavery…en route to even greater horrors…


A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is his delight. ~ Proverbs 11:1


Of all the things that can be said on matters of economics, many of which I hope to cover here in future posts, Lord willing, the one thing I’d like to encourage you to prayerfully, purposefully focus upon now is the defining core attribute of what we are presently programmed to consider “money” in this culture. This defining core attribute is it’s fiat nature.

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You may have heard the term “fiat currency” before. This phrase is meant to convey the notion of a currency whose value comes through the proclamation or dictate of its issuing authority, and nothing more. It has no objective, intrinsic value. It is merely said to have value by someone…and everyone else is then expected to fall in line and play along…or else.

While there are many motives, reasons, and ideas behind the promotion and propagation of fiat currencies, the primary purpose of fiat currency is to enable fiat slavery.

We must not dismiss or lose sight of this vital truth, however painful or worldview-shaking it may initially be.

The fact that some create out of thin air the very thing that all others then are made to chase after at all costs is, in effect, a very real form of ownership. It is slavery.

The horrors of fiat slavery via fiat currency should be anything but surprising, since the whole system is pegged to a standard of wealth measurement that is as far removed as humanly possible from the standard so lovingly and clearly provided by God in His perfect Word.

Where God commands an objective, fair standard by which the labors, wealth, and pursuits of all are to be measured equally, the purveyors of fiat currency directly undermine and oppose this standard and thereby fundamentally corrupt everything related to it. They destroy, bit by bit, the God-given beauty and power of work, the work ethic, business, and all things economic.

Rejection of God’s Word on economic matters inevitably corrupts all things economic.

Rejection of the principles of Proverbs 11:1 in favor of fiat currency must and will always lead to fiat slavery.

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This is why the Lord refers to such phony “money” as “an abomination”.

This means that God despises it.

Which then means that we should, too…for His glory and most certainly for our benefit.

I hope to dive deep with you here into many details, consequences, and biblical solutions in this critical area of life and civilization, but, for now, please pray and ponder the notion of fiat currency fueled fiat slavery. Seek the Lord so that we might, by His grace, be led from this bondage and into the true peace, freedom, and prosperity that can only come through conforming to His nature as revealed in His Word.


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