Rosie will be two in March, and some of her favorite things in the known universe are “hot soup” and “fingapuppets”.

So it should come as no surprise that she found a way to combine the two.

“Hot soup” has been a Rosie fave ’round here for a long time now. Watching mommy make things like “hot tea”, “hot coffee”, and “hot soup” has definitely made an impact.

With the arrival of her play kitchen in December, she’s seized the opportunity to get in on the action as often as possible. She “cooks” and serves up “hot soup” from her kitchen pretty much daily now.

The fingapuppets (which I bought for a buck at Target, by the way) are now stored by Rosie in the favored pot on the stove-top of that play kitchen. She regularly serves up fingapuppet soup, bringing little plastic cups with a finger puppet and a plastic spoon to any and all who might look hungry. (With a max of five servings, since you only get five fingapuppets for a buck at Target.)

Rosie still plays with the puppets in other (non-soup related) contexts as well. She puts all five on one hand and walks around the house. She pulls on the arms of the little guys and giggles. (Two poor fingapuppets are now borderline paraplegic as a result.)

It’s been cool and funny to see Rosie do what she’s done with a dollar’s worth of rubber finger ornaments.

She’s able to do these wonderful things because she sees just enough of reality upon which to build and imagine.

Imagination is a beautiful thing. It’s one of God’s greatest gifts to us. As image-bearers of His Nature, it is a unique and precious blessing for us to cherish and cultivate.

Imagination, like every other good and beautiful thing He’s given us, becomes a dark and destructive force when severed from Truth.

Deception (including self-deception) is often accommodated and amplified through imagination that has been separated from Truth.

One presently unfolding manifestation of such deception is the current situation in Ukraine.

One year ago, the West acted aggressively to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine. That government was pro-Russia and was in the process of making serious moves to strengthen ties (particularly economic ties) with Russia at the expense of the West (especially the European Union).

Back in February of 2014, just as the West-fueled “Ukraine Revolution” was ramping up, the BBC (and may other agencies) reported on the leaked transcript between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, in which they discuss, among other things (and in vulgar/crude fashion), who they are going to install atop the new “Ukrainian government” after the “Revolution” is complete.

This report was but one of a mountain of flaming, neon-highlighted, wildly waving gigantic red flags attesting to the Western/American hand behind the Ukraine Revolution that overthrew that nation’s elected government and installed the subsequent West-leaning puppet regime.

Yet who even knows about this anymore?

Who remembers this vital bit of context concerning the presently unfolding Ukraine saga, which could well lead us to (another) war?

How many Americans are even aware of the fact that we overthrew an elected government on Russia’s border so that we could boot the pro-Russian Ukraine government out and install a pro-West puppet of our liking in its place?

Doesn’t that sound like something only bad guys would do?

You know, bad guys…like “the Russians”.

But there we were, overthrowing the elected government of a sizable nation on Russia’s border.


Well, there are many reasons, none of which you and I are meant to contemplate, of course, which is why we are hearing nothing about the American role in turning Ukraine upside-down. What we are hearing is story after story after story about the evil Russians and their diabolical leader who is apparently bent on reviving the Soviet empire and, as such, poses a grave threat to Europe, America, the Solar System, and the Galaxy. Or so we are told.

Before we get any more into answering the “why?” question, consider this:

If Russia overthrew the elected government of Canada and installed a pro-Russian puppet government in its place, what would we think? What would we do?

Would that be provocative on their part?

Would it be extreme?

Would it be dangerous?

Would it be practically begging for war?

Of course it would.

Which leads us nicely back to “why?”

Why are we doing this thing that, if Russia was doing it to us, would be at the very least used to stir our people and shift our systems into full blown war-prep mode?

Again, there are many answers…many reasons as to why our ruling elites are leading us down this path…


Our fictional, abomination-fueled economy is teetering along like the zombie that it is, just waiting to be tipped over and finally revealed to have been fundamentally dead for a very long time now.

War (and the threat of war) is one of the greatest and most often deployed diversions known to the Statist. As the saying goes: “War is the health of the State.”

But little of this seems to matter to masses of thoroughly programmed American drones as both halves of two-headed Progressive Dragon that controls the secular Left and secular Right, along with all of the many media propaganda outlets and “experts” at their disposal, work tirelessly to whip us up into a frenzy over what those “evil Russians” are doing…on their border…in a country whose elected government we overthrew and replaced with our puppet.


This is indeed some serious fingapuppet soup in which we now find ourselves…all by design, and all to serve the ever-expanding interests of the Orwellian American State.

May God break us of our many prideful delusions and inspire us to repent and believe, submitting to Christ as King in practice so that this land and its people might be spared the hell into which we are now being led by our godless elites…


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