One of the more, um, flamboyant manifestations of the wrath of God pouring out upon a proud, unrepentant America, is our culture’s embrace of an “anything goes” approach to sexuality, which has metastasized into an anything goes attitude on the very concept of gender itself.

We see it everywhere – in Starbucks commercials, Apple ads, and in June parades all across “Christian” America every year. We see open corporate approval and sponsorship at a level that most would have thought unimaginable even just a generation ago. We see so many drag queens on so many shows, in so many ads, and featured in so many stories that things like drag queens just aren’t really that big of a deal anymore.

Which means that we are in the process of taking the next step down…and after that, the next.

The creepy, comically tragic place in which we find ourselves in this quickly fading moment is but one passing rung on a ladder that goes much further down, and we are now as a culture in the process of skipping the rungs entirely and happily sliding – rocketing – our way to the bottom.

Welcome to Romans 1 America.

While the “good conservative” folks in the professing church are the first (and loudest) with their expressions of shock, outrage, and horror at all of this drag queeny stuff, it’s the very same professing church that is most responsible for all of the anarchy now descending upon us – including the anarchy of Gender Chaos.

After all, America is all about liberty, right? It’s all about freedom, right? It’s all about “live and let live”, right? It’s all about the “freedom to worship any god you want”, right?

Americans – including most professing conservative Christian Americans – now proudly define all of these terms – liberty, freedom, life, and worship – based upon their feelings, traditions, and opinions without any necessary submission to what the Word of God might have to say on any of these subjects.

Oh sure, when the Bible speaks clearly in a way that we like or condemns something that we don’t like, then yeah, we’re on board. Hence, the selective outrage at flagrant homosexual rebellion against the Word of God…not because it is rebellion against God, but because it rubs against our traditional sensibilities, feelings, and personal preferences. That is the modern American conservative Christian way.

And that is one glaring example of how it is the professing church in America that has brought the judgment of God upon our culture. (See: Judgment begins with the Church…not the Democrats.)

If how we pursue our business, politics, and entertainment is our business, and Jesus’ Word on those subjects isn’t really binding at all, then why not sexuality, too?

Why not!?

If, for example, we can ignore Christ’s crystal clear commands on the subject of children’s education and choose instead to freely send our children off to State-controlled “education” systems explicitly consecrated to the satanic view of the pursuit of knowledge introduced by the serpent in Genesis 3, then why can’t we allow a person take the same approach to the Word of God on the subjects of sexuality and gender identity? And why are we any more surprised by the many obvious catastrophic consequences of sending our children to the State for anti-Christian “education” than we are at the human carnage caused by the embrace and spread of pro-homosexuality and pro-transgender worldviews?

Put another way: What are we smoking?


If Christ’s loving commands in the realms of economics, business, and children’s education can be tossed out the window – even while those doing the tossing loudly claim to love the Lord who wrote them – then why can’t others toss out the Word of God on the subjects that they want a little leeway on?

See how this works?

…and how it doesn’t?

Make no mistake: the sheer hypocrisy of the “good, conservative, Bible-pitching/ignoring” church is not lost on the watching world. (And it’s certainly not lost on God either, in case you’re wondering and/or pretending to the contrary.)

The world and its defenders have learned well the lessons of the professing church when it comes to how simple and easy it is to dismiss the lordship of Christ in practice whenever it suits one’s moods, desires, traditions, or whatever.

In Trouble In Transtopia: Murmurs Of Sex Change Regret, posted yesterday at, author Stella Morabito does a disturbingly good job of chronicling the deceit, hypocrisy, and outright delusion of the “transsexual” movement, and the damage done to many who have bought into that particular manifestation of rebellion against the life-defining Word of God.

Along the way, she collects some heart-wrenching quotes of admission on the part of those who have been duped into believing some of the most patently absurd lies ever told, including former tennis champion “Rene Richards”, who was one of the first to go through sex-change surgery and was a secular sensation in the 1970s:

If there was a drug that I could have taken that would have reduced the pressure, I would have been better off staying the way I was—a totally intact person. I know deep down that I’m a second-class woman. I get a lot of inquiries from would-be transsexuals, but I don’t want anyone to hold me out as an example to follow. Today there are better choices, including medication, for dealing with the compulsion to cross dress and the depression that comes from gender confusion. As far as being fulfilled as a woman, I’m not as fulfilled as I dreamed of being. I get a lot of letters from people who are considering having this operation…and I discourage them all.’ —Rene Richards, “The Liaison Legacy,” Tennis Magazine, March 1999.

The tragedy chronicled in Ms. Morabito’s article is easy  – and very painful – to see on many levels. Yet arguably the most tragic reality permeating the article just under the water line is the one that we in “conservative Christian America” have been conditioned to miss entirely: Our ultimate responsibility for all of it.

The culture is in this place because we brought it here.

We led the way.

Until and unless we actively seek to apply the Nature of God as revealed in His Word as the standard by which we define and cultivate everything – including family, work, education, economics, politics, law, and sexuality – then we are destined to continue leading this culture to its death. Until we repent of our rebellion and take up the Gospel-fueled Great Commission mandate to make disciples of all the nations, teaching those disciples to “do all that” Christ the King has commanded in every realm of His creation, we have no credibility, no viable plan, and no hope to offer anyone.

May God grace His people with the humility to submit everything to Him and the strength to stand accordingly in every area of life…right here and now…while there is yet time, all by His grace and for His glory.

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