Inflation kills.

It enslaves.

And purposefully so.

As Christians, we’ve been called and equipped with God’s essential, life-defining Word on all things, including economics. As such, and as a part of our Great Commission mandate to make disciples who do all that He has commanded (see: Matthew 28), we ought to take a look at the destruction and wreckage wrought through the perversion of economics and see an incredible opportunity to bring light into the darkness and life back into economics.

While we’ve been conditioned to accept inflation – that is, the devaluing of the dollar – as a normal, “it just happens” kind of thing, the truth is that it is anything but normal, anything, but automatic, anything but accidental, and anything but good…for us, anyway.

Inflation, as we experience it now, is the purposeful, systematic theft of the fruits of our labor through the manipulation of what is known as “fiat currency” – Monopoly money that is created effortlessly out of thin air by an elite few and then granted an exclusive title of legitimacy by the same elites who made it up in the first place. These elites are able to do this because – largely through their use of earlier forms of fiat currency and related economic tricks – they have managed to essentially purchase the governments and systems atop the fiat currency Ponzi Scheme pyramid under which you and I labor and are increasingly enslaved.

The purpose of this system from the start has been to drive the masses into complete Corporate/State dependence, thus empowering the elite atop the Corporate State as never before.

The elites directing the system of systems perpetuating the economic conquest and enslavement of the masses have been patiently working for many generations now, with each generation taking steps toward Statism that would have been unimaginable two or three generations earlier. Slowly, but surely, the march continues.

Even now most professing conservative Christians in America are so well and thoroughly programmed that they have a hard time even imagining a real path leading away from such rank socialistic systems as Social Security, the IRS, Medicare, and State-controlled children’s “education”.

These systems at home are the fruits of fiat currency. They could never exist without it.

Another black fruit of our “abomination” of a dollar is the fruit of perpetual war – war that would never be funded by any honest, biblical approach to currency or economics.

Yet here we are, in the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA, with war after war after war abroad being “paid for” alongside the endlessly expanding Welfare State. The Warfare and Welfare State simply could not exist if honest money and biblical economics were embraced.

But we have decided to cast aside biblical truth for the ways of the world, so we have perpetual war and perpetually expanding welfare…all “for our own good”, of course.


We harp on the consequences of “abomination-based” economics here at FBC for many reasons, including a love of true, biblically inspired free market economics and the hope that, through repentance and submission to the revealed will of Christ on economics, we might one day soon enjoy the opportunity to work hard and benefit from the fruits of our labor in an honest and beautifully biblical manner.

One step in that direction is to understand what inflation is and what it is not.

Recently, ZeroHedge posted The Beauty Of Deflation: It Reinstates Lost Liberty, which does a fine and helpful job in chronicling some of the nasty attributes and purposeful consequences of inflation.

As the Euro situation continues to erode and the Banksters atop the Ponzi Pyramid Magic Money Sysytem inch us toward war in Ukraine, it is incumbent upon the people of Christ to bring light, truth, and a clear call to repentance, so that looming disasters might be avoided, past wrongs might be acknowledged (and corrected, where possible), and the future for our children and grandchildren might not be defined by the debt being created at this very moment to artificially inflate the asset bubbles (particularly stocks and home values).


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