If the conflation of Christianity with America has indeed been one of the most effective tools for the advance of Statism (as discussed in Part I), and if the “America Idol” has been enshrined and worshiped for generations now even by most professing “conservative Christians” in our land, then it stands to reason that there would be many clear, telling marks and wounds left to show for it. If the America Idol is real and has been reigning here for a while, the signs of its iniquity should be all around us.

And they are.

The trouble is, most “conservative Christian” types don’t see those signs – the many cultural consequences of rebellion against God smoldering all around us – as the natural, predictable results of rebellion against God. We tend to see them instead as the consequences of rebelling against the Founding Fathers or abandoning things like “conservatism” and “good values/principles”.

The first reason that many interpret these things this way is that they hate God. They are unbelievers. However conservative or Christian they may claim or even imagine themselves to be, the notion of Christ reigning over every aspect of their lives is as vulgar and horrific to them as it is to any Muslim or pro-homosexuality advocate. However well groomed, polite, well mannered, generous and successful they may be by the standards of the world, they despise the proposition of Christ’s complete reign over them.

This is important for us to keep in mind for a variety of reasons, most significantly as a way of prompting us to keep the Gospel at the center and forefront of every pursuit.

The next major reason for mass (purposeful) confusion where the root cause of our culture’s unfolding demise is concerned is that most true Christians in America have been thoroughly programmed by State-controlled “education” and immersed in Corporate-controlled pop-culture. Most sad (and most negligent), however, is the role played by the professing Christian church and professing Christian leaders in this climate, the vast majority of whom have openly enabled and even encouraged Christian immersion in the worldview-shaping systems of State-controlled children’s “education” and Corporate owned and operated (for profit, of course) pop-culture.

Once we  – first in the church and then inevitably in the rest of the culture – removed Jesus Christ as the necessary, explicitly identified and honored personal starting point for anything, we consigned those things to death.

Things like education…politics…economics…law…

Anything separated from Christ dies.

…which is why the systems that be are all dedicated to separating everything from Him.

And they sell it most effectively to “conservative Christians” in America through the star spangled banner, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and the like.

Because those things are untouchable.

They are unassailable.

They are sacred.

They are holy.

They are our gods in practice.

We dare not test them in light of Scripture or anything else.

We test everything else – including Scripture – in light of them.

This America idolatry is why most professing Christians in America now freely and happily ship their children off at the age of five (at the latest) so that they might be indoctrinated by the State, for the State, using a model for the pursuit of knowledge lifted directly from the serpent’s tongue. (See: Redeeming Children’s Education: Confronting Our Satanic Approach to the Pursuit of Knowledge.)

This is why most professing Christians – including “conservatives” – are now comfortable with or even outright fans of things like Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, and Medicaid.

This is why most professing Christians – especially “conservatives” – are now overwhelmingly and enthusiastically behind perpetual war abroad and the growth of the Orwellian “security state” at home, all for “our own good”, of course.

Politics, government, law, economics, family, sexuality, art…once any of these things are separated from Christ as their explicit, honored, and necessary core, they begin to die and bring death to all that they touch.

Just as we see all around us now.

These seeds were not planted in the ’60s. They were planted in the 18th century, if not earlier.


When men to whom we owe much and ought to thank God for in so many ways decided to allow for the worship of false gods in this land, they assured its destruction.

Conservative principles cannot save us. They never could.

“Christian principles”, as defined by many who would separate them from explicitly centering on the person of Christ, will do no better.

We cannot work our way to salvation.

We cannot have true, lasting peace, prosperity, or joy apart from His personal nature as revealed in His Word and expressed through everything in His creation.

There are no sound economics apart from Christ. There is no sound law apart from Christ. There is no beautiful art apart from Christ.

And there is no valid pursuit of knowledge apart from Him as its explicit, honored, and essential source and objective.

America’s Founding Fathers did many wonderful and amazing things.

And they did many sinful things.

The sooner we test even them and even their accomplishments in the perfect light of Christ’s Nature as revealed in His Word, the sooner we will actually be able to repent of their failures and build upon their successes.

Only when we tear down our favored and most cherished idols will we able to finally begin to recover and revive this culture. Only when we actively seek,proclaim, and apply Christ as Lord over all in practice right here and now will we be able to make strides well beyond anything the Founding Fathers could even imagine possible.

Until we repent of our idolatry and put the Founding Fathers and all things America into a proper, Christ-submissive perspective, we are only going to continue to witness – and enable – the fall and death of all of the things that we claim to hold dear.


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