“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.” ~ 1 Timothy 6:10

This passage, as many, tends to suffer from one (or some combination) of three treatments at the hands of people looking to avoid what it is clearly communicating:

  1. It is perverted by people who want it to say something other than what it does.
  2. It is actively denied by people who cannot abide by what says.
  3. It is passively ignored by people who want to pretend it is somehow unclear.

As for the frequent perversion of this passage, the most common incarnation has “the love of money” made into the “root of all evil” instead of “a root of all kinds of evil”. Just ditch two little words – “kinds” and “of” – and the whole meaning is altered.  This is done for various reasons, most centering on laziness and/or jealousy of those who have material wealth.

Actively denying the passage, whether in its perversely rephrased form or not, is also common, but passive dismissal tends to be the preferred route of most unbelievers (many of whom boldly claim Christianity) with this and any other passage that just doesn’t fit with what their looking for in a truth, a religion, or good fortune cookie content.

So dismissed, distorted, and disregarded has this passage become that we tend not to ponder and appreciate those very important and perfectly chosen words so often lost in the shuffle of our (often purposeful and self-serving) mistranslations.

“All kinds”.

All kinds of evil.

The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.

That seems like a big deal, doesn’t it?

The more we ponder this passage, the easier it is to understand why its light is so, um, religiously avoided in our culture.

Think of America’s gigantic, wide-open, public child sacrifice (aka “abortion”) industry, for example.


The horrors there (to the tune of roughly one million little babies systematically massacred annually in the “land of the free” and “Christian nation” of America) are drenched in economic motivation.

I will not elaborate much on this here, other than to note that billions of dollars are being made up front by some baby murderers so that other baby murderers (mothers/parents seeking to kill their children) might be freed to enjoy what they have been sold as the great economic benefit of murdering their own children.

The sacrifice of American children on the altar of the American Dream is a long-running, well documented, and thoroughly satanic phenomena.

It is also a direct confirmation that the warning of 1 Timothy 6:10 has metastasized into a terminal Category 4 reality in America.

The systems built, expanded, and advocated by the Progressive elites who own and operate everything from our federal government to the two controlled puppet parties dominating center stage in our contrived political theater have always been aimed at taking us to where we are now and leading us into a future of State/Corporate servitude. The totalitarian State is what we have chosen as our endgame by embracing the idolatrous love of money described in 1 Timothy.

Making matters all the more pathetic is the fact that the “money” we have been conditioned to worship and spend our lives chasing after isn’t even real. It is in and of itself what God calls an “abomination” (see: Proverbs 11:1) – a magical, phony “wealth” that we allow a few elites to craft out of thin air so that they can then direct and control all of society and civilization beneath them. (See: Fiat $lavery – We have been bought and paid for…with nothing.) Our love of this money has indeed inspired all kinds of evil…including a great many that are being purposefully deployed by our would-be masters in order to rob us of everything that we could and would have if only we would submit to the lordship of Christ in practice.

Another of the great evils that we have enabled is also a form of child sacrifice.

Or maybe “sacrifice of the young” is a better way to phrase it.

For generations now, “good conservative American Christians” (along with their liberal, more openly pagan unbelieving counterparts) have actively enabled, defended, and personally benefitted from wildly unbiblical economic constructs that were never going to work. They were never going to succeed. They were doomed to failure from the get-go.

Yet for a season (meaning, in this case, generations), men and women of America experienced a counterfeit prosperity so convincing that they began to believe that it was real. Then, to keep the delusion going, they couldn’t help but keep electing the same Corporate owned tools again and again. They dutifully submitted and subscribed to their preferred Corporate owned venting mechanisms (Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc.), and they told themselves (and others) that, as a result of their participation in the system on the system’s terms, they were “doing all that they could (and should) do”.

They played by the rules and thought that was enough…and they were always very careful to avoid dealing with the fact that “the rules” they were “dutifully” playing by as “good citizens” were rules written by the system and for the system that was using their support to secure the future enslavement of future Americans.

For those who were came along early in the game, life was good. Or it sure seemed so, anyway. Generation after generation following the embrace of the Federal Reserve and the magical abomination of an elite money-crafting class, American families were systematically led further and further away from a Christ-centered perspective.

State-controlled “schools” and Corporate-controlled pop-culture increasingly defined the culture (including most churches) in an increasingly secular light.

Each American generation of the twentieth century took a massive step downward and away from Christ as Truth.

And with each successive step, we found new and more vulgar ways of treating our young. Now, in 2015 America, we not only literally butcher millions of our own babies “for the love of money” on a routine basis, we also openly sacrifice the economic future of those fortunate enough to survive the womb so that they might be spent propping up the cumulative pride, lies, and rebellion of past generations.

We do this because we simply will not repent.

We will not submit to Christ as King.


And if our proud defiance requires the physical sacrifice of some children, and the economic sacrifice of all others, then so be it.

It is the economic aspect of our now-normal, now-routine sacrifice of the young in America that I would like to focus on for a moment.

In The Federal Reserve Has Declared The Winner In The Generational Financial War, posted today at ZeroHedge, Charles Hugh-Smith provides some helpful insight:

“Though it is exceedingly politically incorrect to mention it publicly, a financial war between the generations is being fought in the U.S. and every other developed nation that has promised social welfare benefits to its burgeoning class of retirees.

The war is being fought on multiple fronts: political promises, interest rates, housing, central bank policies and official rates of inflation, to name a few of the top battlefields.

Though no one in power will state this publicly, the Federal Reserve has already declared the winner of the generational war: the Baby Boomers won and Gen-X and Gen-Y lost. Fed policies insure the Boomers will benefit from financial bubbles inflated by the Fed, and the following generations will lose–not just this year or next year, but for decades to come.

Any nation that offers its retirees social welfare benefits (pensions and healthcare) faces a no-win demographic crunch: the number of retiring people entering the class of beneficiaries far exceeds the number of additional full-time jobs being created. In other words, it’s not just a matter of having enough young people to support the rapidly expanding cohort of retirees–there must be enough good-paying full-time jobs for the young people so they can pay high taxes to fund the retirees’ benefits and support their own consumption/saving.

Let’s cover the fundamentals of the mismatch between what was promised to retiring Baby Boomers and the generations that must support their retirement.

The fact is that the number of full-time jobs paying more than minimum wage has stagnated while the number of retirees qualifying for pensions and healthcare benefits has soared. In the good old days of expansion, there were roughly 10 full-time workers for each retiree drawing social benefits (Social Security and Medicare).

The ratio fell to 5-to-1, then to 3-to-1, and is now 2-to-1. That is not a ratio that is sustainable without crushing tax burdens on the young.

He later continues:

“There are a very limited number of financial solutions to this dilemma.

1. Taxes can be raised. . .

2. Slash benefits and limit the total Medicare costs per beneficiary. . .

3. Raise interest rates to 10+% to encourage saving and to generate a healthy return on pension funds and retirement accounts. The net result of 10% yields is the immediate collapse of the Fed-fueled asset bubbles in housing, bonds and stocks. All these currently bubblicious assets would implode.

This is also a non-starter, because the financial/political Aristocracy and owners of these assets would be devastated by the implosion of the bubbles.

4. Inflate bubbles in housing, stocks and bonds to boost the value of pension funds, retirement accounts, and government tax revenues from capital gains by pushing interest rates to zero and extending credit to speculators, financiers and marginally qualified borrowers.

The Federal Reserve has clearly chosen #4 as the only politically palatable solution. While asset bubbles create the politically positive illusion that pension funds can pay the benefits promised, retirement accounts are swelling in value and tax revenues are rising thanks to higher property taxes and capital gains taxes, this legerdemain comes with a heavy price:

Younger generations are either priced out of assets such as housing or they are forced to buy assets at inflated prices– prices that will inevitably implode as these stupendous speculative bubbles pop. When the bubbles pop, the young people who bought into the illusion that asset bubbles can expand forever will be underwater, and not for a year or two but for a generation.

The system rewards silence and complicity.”

This is where we are at.

This is but one of the many tragic, destructive consequences of our being given over to a love of money, rather than a love of Christ as Lord over all…including money…as He defines it.


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