There’s nothing like a good puppet show…at least when everyone is clear that what they’re watching is, in fact, a puppet show.

Parroted lines and contrived plots can be fun in the proper context.

Otherwise, they’re pretty much disastrous.

Which brings us to 2014 America, where the Republican/Democrat Two-Step-to-Statism Show has been going on for generations now and is still given legitimacy by most Americans – including most professing Christian Americans.

The latest example the long line of Left/Right harmony in practice comes courtesy of the current incarnation of the amnesty “debate”.

If you thought that the Republicans would at least wait ’til 2015 to break the campaign promises made in late 2014, well…

Remember the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Then ask yourself, “Howsabout fooling be 100 times? Or 1,000?”

That ought to help put things in perspective.

A recent reminder of our embarrassingly consistent desire to play the role of fool came in an article published by The National Review this week, in which Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has “suggested that House Republicans are on the verge of breaking their campaign promise to fight President Obama’s administrative amnesty, judging by the legislative text currently being circulated.”

In theory, this is supposed to be “news”. In reality, it should be anything but.

The bottom line is this: The same people who own the Democrat/Left wing of our contrived, controlled political theatre system also own the Republican/Right wing of the same beast. Since those people want amnesty for illegals, it will happen…by any and all means necessary.

They will advance it through the promotion of alternative appeals offered through their Left and Right wing puppets, but, at the end of the day, the goal is the same. The Corporate/Statist/Globalist elites are ultimately going to steer this ship wherever they want it to go…at least for as long as we play along.

And by “we”, I mean Christians.

Real Christians.

As in, supernaturally saved, miraculously and comprehensively transformed New Creatures in Christ.

This idiotic nightmare can only go on for as long as we allow it to do so. Should we decide, by the grace of God, to demonstrate true faith by actively proclaiming and applying the Gospel-fueled Great Commission of Jesus Christ, the gigantic anti-Christian systems of the enemy would all come tumbling down, and much more quickly than most could even imagine. Think: The Berlin Wall and former Soviet Union, only bigger.

The very gates of Hell cannot prevail against our faithful proclamation and application of the Gospel-fueled Great Commission, so we have nothing to fear from this or any other pagan system that poses and pretends to be an invincible giant…and we have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing it to dominate our culture. The anti-Christian beast currently striving to enslave and intimidate would be but another Goliath if only we had the faith in action of David.

And that is precisely what our King has called and equipped His people to be through His Great Commission. (See: Matthew 28)


While secular (aka “anti-Christian”) conservatives and Republicans and Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have no appetite whatsoever for submission to the lordship of Christ as the one and only true solution to our rebellion against God, we as Christians are called to proclaim and live another way. We are called to live and proclaim true light in this present darkness, so that our culture might be resurrected and restored through repentance, one supernatural salvation at a time.

While Republicans may once again unsurprisingly break the promises made to secure the votes of a duped population, we know that Christ will never break His promises. We know that His Word cannot be broken.

So when will we insist on serious, studied, proven Christian men as leaders of our nation?

You know, the kinds of men that every secular source – “conservative”, liberal, and everything in between – tells us that we cannot look for in filling these roles.

I mean, when we vote, we’re supposed to “hire a President, not a pastor”, right?

The idea being that a “good leader” need not necessarily have clear, deep knowledge and appreciation of Scripture in practice.

Nothing could be more preposterous.

Nothing could be more ridiculous.

Nothing could be more insane.

Nothing could be more unbiblical.

And nothing could be more American.

Until and unless we openly, clearly, and earnestly demand explicitly Christian leadership, we will get (and deserve) precisely the opposite.

Until we actively demand that our leaders begin and end their case for any political or economic action based on the life-giving truth of the Word of God, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the puppet show that is distracting and entertaining us into the slavery and death of Statism…which is and has always been the endgame goal of the two headed dragon that is our “two party” system.

May God grace His people with a zeal for the proclamation and application of His nature in every realm of His creation through His Gospel-fueled Great Commission right here and right now in America and beyond…while there is yet time.


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  1. I could not agree more. I write my congressman, write the speaker of the house, pray, petition, vote. And now I trust God to take care of it all, myself and my family included.

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