BoilingFrog650pwWhat if God was real?

I mean really real…not just “real to you” or “real to me” or some other self-centered silliness.

What if He was not only real, but had spoken…with clarity and in detail?

What if this actual, real God had spoken with detailed clarity as to how certain areas of life and civilization work?

What if He provided us with His perfect knowledge of these realms in the form of loving commands so that we might avoid the darkness and pain that comes through rebellion against unbreakable truths, and enjoy the genuine peace, joy and prosperity that comes through good choices?

We might want to listen to what He had to say about these things, right?

And by listen, I don’t mean merely allowing our eyes to read or ears to hear the written or spoken words in question. I mean listen…and obey.

Our land (and particularly the professing “conservative Christian” wing of American culture) is loaded with folks who routinely read the Word…and simply ignore or dismiss what they don’t like as they go along. In contrast to that popular approach is true faith, which, by God’s grace, produces actual submission to revelation contained in the Word of God, no matter how challenging or painful that revelation may initially be. After all, the more painful or challenging the truth, the more desperately in need of broken repentance and restoration we are, right?

If we actually believe that He really is God, and that He has spoken, then the only rational thing to do in response to the presentation of His Word on anything is to listen carefully to what He has said and then apply it in practice.

In other words, if we are His – truly His – and our faith is more than a trinket or a veneer, then, by His grace and through His Spirit, we will actually strive to do what He has told us to do.

Weird, huh?


(If you think this is me being a bit over dramatic and/or snooty, just try asking a “good conservative Christian” if they think the First Commandment prohibition against allowing for the worship of false gods in the land is compatible with the cherished American First Amendment proclamation of  “a right” to do just that. Most who are asked that sort of question are so idolatrous of America and its Founding Fathers that they will not even allow themselves to acknowledge the clear meaning of the First Commandment of God to man, sensing that it condemns the idolized American “virtue” of a “right” to worship false gods. They will do anything to avoid Scripture and defend their idol – including pretending to not understand what Scripture says…even when it is written so clearly and so simply that small, honest children routinely have no trouble understanding.)

Now check this out:

A false balance is an abomination to the LORD,
but a just weight is his delight.

That’s taken from Proverbs 11:1, one of many passages in Scripture giving us clarity as to what is required in a healthy economic foundation, among other things.

This one simple point is so vital and so important that it would be hard to overstate its significance. The impact of disregarding this crystal clear truth from God is also hard to overstate.

The meaning here is simple. It’s clear and unambiguous; there’s nothing confusing or wishy-washy about it. It is also profound.

False balances are an abomination.

And what is our “money”?

Well, it is the ultimate false balance. The ultimate abomination in the context of Proverbs 11:1.

Why is this so?

Because our “money” is pure fiat currency, meaning that it is literally crafted effortlessly out of thin air by an elite few. They do no work to earn this “money”. They sacrifice no time, no resource…their creation of unlimited pseudo-“wealth” requires nothing in the way of meaningful sacrifice on their part.

How long does it take these folks to make, say, $10,000,000?

Well, how long does it take to type “$10,000,000”.

What? You mean that you can’t just type money into existence?

Me neither.

But they can.

That’s all that is required for them – a few keystrokes or some similarly effortless investment and, Shazam! – they are empowered with all the “wealth” that they need to buy anything, including politicians and governments. Through their magical Monopoly money making powers, they are able to control and effectively own all others who operate within the systems run by, through, and for their effortlessly created fiat currency. That’s the plan, anyway….and, for the time being, it is humming right along.

And it’ll continue to hum along on its path to increasing State slavery and Corporate servitude for the masses until and unless the Church takes up the Word of God and actively engages the enemies of Christ in the economic realm.

One of the many reasons why the State- and Corporate-controlled systems in which we are immersed strive so mightily to keep Christ from being the essential core of things like children’s education is that fundamental economic truths contained in passages like Proverbs 11:1 are to be silenced at all costs.

If the theft, deceit, and outright slavery perpetuated through the self-appointed money-crafting class was to ever come to light, there would be hell to pay. And while for unrepentant supporters of such systems there will indeed be hell to pay at some point, the particular consequence that the money-crafting elite criminals want to avoid here and now is practical, real-world justice.

Consider the following quote from Henry Ford:

“It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

The elite class, including law-, freedom-, and liberty-eviscerating Presidents and politicians, are accustomed to the greatest penalty that they face being something like losing an “election” and having to retire to their multi-million dollar mansions and materialistically fantastic lifestyles. The thought ot actual justice being done where these men and women are concerned is a terrifying prospect, and for good reason.

The ongoing systematic abuse and economic pillaging of purposefully uneducated (meaning biblically illiterate) masses for the sake of propping up the abominable systems by which we are now controlled certainly requires most severe punishment.

These people deserve that punishment, and they know it.

But how silly does it sound to us, the programmed, enslaved masses?


For them?!


…and there you see the consequence of submitting to unbiblical systems over many generations of time. We are now little more than compliant, complacent cattle because we will not man up and stand upon the truth of Scripture in practice.

In our cowardly surrender and apathetic state, we have consented to being the cattle upon which our money-crafting masters feed.

One example of this ongoing feeding and subjugation process centers on inflation.

Inflation is the increasing of money supply – in our case, printing or typing money into existence.

With pure fiat currency, there are no restraints as to how much can be created because there is nothing required in the way of investment on the part of the money-crafters. All they need is the will to have more money made available to them.

When they do decide to crank out boatloads of additional currency – as they are doing now routinely to prop up the asset bubbles that keep the comfortably apathetic (including many professing Christians) in their comfortably apathetic state, individual units of the inflated fiat currency generally lose value or purchasing power.

So it is that the money-crafting elites are able to steal even from those holding on to a dollar through this purposeful process of inflation.

What is that? What did you say?

Oh, you’ve never heard of this before? You thought inflation “just happened”, like gravity or something? You never had the truth taught to you in…State-controlled “education” systems?

Heh heh…no kidding…


Okay, time for me to stop ranting, but not before presenting a good clip on this subject from ZeroHedge.

In an article titled Central Banks’ 2% Plan to Impoverish You, posted earlier this week, we see a good, simple presentation of how the money-crafting slave-masters methodically steal and feed upon their victims through inflation”

Anyone with basic Excel skills can calculate the cumulative impoverishment caused by central banks’ “modest” 2% annual inflation. Here is my worksheet:
Column 1: year
Column 2: index starting with 100
Column 3: annual inflation sum (2% of previous year’s total index)
Column 4: cumulative total index
1    100.00  2.00  102.00
2    102.00  2.04  104.04
3    104.04  2.08  106.12
4    106.12  2.12  108.24
5    108.24  2.16  110.41
6    110.41  2.21  112.62
7    112.62  2.25  114.87
8    114.87  2.30  117.17
9    117.17  2.34  119.51
10  119.51  2.39  121.90Ten years of modest 2% inflation robs households of nearly 20% of their purchasing power. What was $100 in year 1 costs about $122 after 10 years of “modest” 2% inflation. Put another way, $100 in year one is only worth $81 in year 10.

. . . Two decades of “modest” 2% inflation robs households of one-third of their purchasing power. What was $100 in year 1 costs about $150 after 20 years of “modest” 2% inflation. Put another way, $100 in year one is only worth $66 in year 20. [bold emphasis added by FBC – SAB]

I hope that this information, painful and jarring though it may be, is ultimately inspiring to God’s people in a way that moves them to begin to ask hard questions and seek biblical answers for actual, “real world” application right here and now.

After all, that’s what our Great Commission is all about, right?

Are we not here and now as true Christians to see to it that all that Christ has commanded is actively obeyed? (See: Matthew 28)

So are we going to allow and enable, or biblically confront and correct a system that is aimed at the enslavement and subjugation of us, our children, and our grandchildren?

Are we going to surrender through apathy and laziness, or commit to repentance, restoration, and revival of the economic realm, so that God-glorifying work, business, and families might thrive right here in this land?

We have been given all that we need to pursue and attain true beauty, prosperity, and joy in the economic realm…if only we will hear and obey


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