So what does it look like for a culture to proudly, arrogantly, and openly mock God?

Well, just check out this headline from CBS:

Satanic Temple Approved For Capitol Holiday Display

And what culture would dare to openly mock the God of creation in such a flagrant and vile manner?

Why ‘Merica, of course.

[insert “U! S! A!” chant here]

The article was published today right here in our oh so proud land of “freedom” – including, of course, the freedom to openly worship any false god in direct violation of all o’ those Ten Commandments plaques that professing Christians in America fight to have on display everywhere but never seem to actually read, much less obey.

In the CBS piece, we are informed that, “Florida’s Capitol will have a new holiday decoration this year.  The Satanic Temple will be among its nativity scenes and secular presentations.”

How sweet.

How tolerant.

How very American…and how perfectly ironic that the persistently ignored text on all of those Ten Commandments plaques is the very thing that would have lovingly prevented anything resembling a Satanic Temple display from finding its way to open public display and…*ahem*…worship.

The post goes on:

Lucien Greaves, spokesman for the Satanic Temple, said in an email that “the difference seems to be in the fact that this time around we arrived with lawyers.”

The temple, which threatened to sue after being rejected last year but never took action, is scheduled to put up its display Dec. 22.

The approved display will banner the phrase “Happy holidays from the Satanic Temple” atop a diorama of an angel falling into hell.

“We hope that, this holiday season, everybody can put their religious differences aside and respect that the celebratory spirit of responsible hedonism is available to all,” Greaves said in the email.

And there we have it.


What “it”, you ask?

Why, the judgment of God, of course. It’s on full display here. Again.

God has spoken with clarity: We shall not allow for the open worship of false Gods. At all. Ever. Period.

And what is America’s ever-so proud response?

Something like: “Thank you, and boy, do we ever respect you and like you and all, but we just disagree on this one. We know you’ll understand since you’re such a nice, good, gracious and forgiving God and all…”

Or: “Look, we like some of your commandments and are fine with putting them into our law, but this one at the top, um…not so much…”

Or: “Nope.”

So you can see the problem.

We have – from the very beginning – taken the first and most important of the Ten Commandments and overturned it entirely as though we could somehow skip the defense of His exclusive name and nature entirely and move on to the other, more pragmatic and appealing commandments. In typical man-centered fashion, we wanted the benefits of God without God Himself. And we put it in writing…writing that we now worship here in America.

Can idolatry get any more rank and obvious than this?


Yet we seem to be so very blind to it here in America.


What has prevented us from noticing this raging, glaring mockery of God’s nature as revealed in His Law and inscribed on all those tablets and plaques that hypocritical evangelicals fight tooth and nail to have scattered around government grounds and State-controlled children’s “education” facilities dedicated to immersing our children in the satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge? (See: Genesis 3 and The Satanic approach to children’s education…as embraced by most professing Christians in America.)

The answer to that one is simple.

Painful, but simple.

It’s pride.

Good ol’ American pride.

And that “good ol’ American pride” along with its now multi-generational unbiblical traditions have become the religion in practice of even most professing Christians in America.

So, once again, it is the professing Christian church that is most responsible for the culture’s embrace of Socialism in practice. Even most American professing Christians will defend the preservation of rank Marxist/Socialist systems like Social Security and Public Schools…all while amazingly considering themselves to be “conservative”, to boot.

The main reason for that, of course, is because most of those automatic defenders of Socialism and Statism were themselves trained by the State in, you guessed it, public “schools”.

See how that works?

See how we got here?

See where dismissing the Word and Law of God has taken us?


It all began with the rejection of our personal, real world, right now obligation to actively defend the exclusivity of God as the personal source of all true, lasting liberty and freedom.

From there it has led, as of this moment, to the open presentation of Satanic Temple holiday displays on government grounds.

And it will only get worse – much worse – from here…until and unless we repent and submit to Christ the King.


It’s not tricky at all, really, now is it?

Yeah, as we mentioned earlier, it’s definitely painful, but not hard to see at all.

So will this proud America repent and submit to the King of Kings?

Or will it be broken under the weight of His inescapable, unbreakable Word?

The answer to these vital questions, Christian, is first up to us. If, by God’s grace, we openly, clearly repent of our rebellion and support of rebellion, however “patriotic” or “traditionally American” that rebellion may have been, then – and only then – there is hope.

Only then can we credibly take up the Gospel-fueled Great Commission to make disciples who will do all that Christ the King has commanded (see: Matthew 28). Then we can and will see even this most dark and dying of cultures miraculously resurrected…one supernatural salvation at a time.

So let’s get to tearing down enemy strongholds and bringing every thought captive to Christ our King (2 Corinthians 10:4-5)…beginning right here and now with our personal commitment to repudiate the notion of a “right” to worship false gods and taking up our personal obligation to defend His exclusive nature as the explicit, essential source of all true freedom, liberty, peace, and prosperity.

Soli Deo Gloria…and let’s roll!


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