Ever wonder why it is that folks who make the most mind-numbingly moronic economic decisions on the most grand, globally impactful scale, tend to barely suffer any sort of meaningful personal consequence for their world shaking acts of stupidity?

Every wonder why certain people, businesses, corporations, and governments can again and again and again pursue the most obviously risky sort of behaviors and then, when “the gig is up” and the house of cards finally collapses, the folks that made the moves and decisions to pursue the insane approach to economic growth, wealth, and power, are rarely, if ever, held accountable for their actions?

Or maybe, like many, you prefer to just try not to think about it.

Put it out of your mind.

Hope it doesn’t hit you or your family too hard.

Leave it for future generations to figure out or deal with…or maybe just leave it for Jesus to fix later Himself, if you hold to certain popular notions of “the end times”.

These can be very understandable defense mechanism approaches to facing (or avoiding) a problem that is so huge, so significant, and – most importantly – so dark, that it’s just too overwhelming to deal with…or so we tell ourselves.

Again, I can certainly relate to that approach, and the fear (aka “lack of faith”) that drives it. It has a lot of appeal. The trouble is, it is inherently deceitful (being rooted in self-deception and denial) and, as such, it has no place in a faithful Christian life in action.

We do need to ask and answer the questions as to why the present socio-economic system is led by people who act radically and dangerously to shape the world as they see fit while acquiring incalculable riches for themselves, all while remaining personally immunized from the consequences of bad (and often catastrophically bad) decisions and policies that they may pursue, advocate, or enact.

Why are some businesses (and governments) “too big to fail”?

Who determines which businesses and individuals fall into this category?

What are the consequences of having an elite class of individuals (and their businesses/corporations) literally protected from the consequences of bad decisions?

What are such protected folks likely to do with that unnatural power?

What is the impact of a system headed by such people and philosophies on the concepts of work, the work ethic, accountability, and economic responsibility?

And, most importantly, what do we do about it?

All of these questions go to the heart of the Christian worldview, whether most Christians realize it or not, because all of these questions go directly to the coherence of worldview in action – aka “life”.

We cannot expect to preserve, encourage, or restore a solid work ethic, good business practices, or any other core component of sound economics until and unless we repudiate and repent of a system that has been purposefully put in place by an empowered few in order to enslave and control all others. Our embrace of a fundamental perversion of the concept of “money” has allowed some to claim for themselves the power to create wealth effortlessly out of thin air for the express purpose of using that “money” to dictate and manipulate every aspect of the lives of all others on this earth.

So long as we slap on the blinders and just go along with that program – a program designed to accomplish and preserve our enslavement – then we are at least as much to blame as anyone else for the darkness this system brings to us, our children, and our children’s children.

As Christians, we should be the first and most vigorously opposed to this system – a system build upon a foundation described by God as “an abomination” (see: Proverbs 11:1).

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As Christians, we should obey our Lord, proclaim His Gospel, and pursue His Great Commission, which has us teaching others to do all that He has commanded in every realm of His creation…including the economic realm and including America.

Lord willing, by His grace we will soon free ourselves of the crippling injustice of “too big to fail” institutions headed by men and women deemed “too big to jail” by the governments that they have bought and paid for…with “money” that they’ve made out of thin air.


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